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  1. What's YOUR forge made of?

    littleblacksmith, Hey man! heh, yeah that's Steephollow. Before yall's demo in February I'd been looking for a good forge setup, and I really liked theirs. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and since I'm having to start out with just a RR anvil, I figure I could make it up by making a long-lasting, decent-looking forge to start with. I've been to Bryan I&M and I sure haven't seen anything near as big as what I'm looking for. Am I missing something? Also, thanks for the heads up on the coke! I'll be coming by hopefully this semester to use some for my first heat. I'd love to come by your forge sometime soon as well.
  2. What's YOUR forge made of?

    ThomasPowers I appreciate it! I live in College Station, TX and I'm about 3 hrs away from the NTBA so I plan on going by and asking. I'm more of a touch it, see it kinda guy so I like getting my stuff from local stores and shops because I can see it up close. Too often I've ordered things offline and its ended up being different from what I was expecting. Even though there's alot of non-US members on the forum, it looks like probably the majority of members are in the US, so I'm hoping for some responses that recommend local shops and stores where they buy their metal, hardware, etc. from. I'm also seeking out local blacksmiths to see how they got their materials.
  3. What's YOUR forge made of?

    I'm in the processing of creating a new forge and I want to know what YOURS is made of. Any recommendations on where to buy fire pots, blowers, sheet metal, etc.? How's it working for ya? Also, for those with a forge but WITHOUT a welder, did you have your forge pieces welder for you? Thanks! (below is the kind of forge I'm going for)
  4. The Start of My Coal Forge

    Hey Henry, just reading back through you thread and I saw that you said your sheet metal only cost you about $28. Could i ask where you bought it?
  5. Will a Holset HX35 Turbocharger work as squirrel blower?

    Hmmm...maybe I'll just sell it and use the money to buy a real squirrel blower. Thanks yall!
  6. Will a Holset HX35 Turbocharger work as squirrel blower?

    Thanks for all the insight! This is the info I was able to find on it. Does it look do-able?
  7. Howdy! I was at the scrap yard today and found myself a Holset HX35 Turbocharger. It looked a whole lot like a squirrel blower, so I bought it! Only after researching it did i realize that it was primarily used for cars. HOWEVER, before I toss/sell it I wanted to be sure: CAN I USE THIS AS A SQUIRREL BLOWER FOR MY FORGE? Thanks!
  8. How did you find your first anvil?

    What exactly is the TPAAAT method? I've seen discussion surrounding it but nothing defining it.
  9. How did you find your first anvil?
  10. Grinder brands. Whose is the best?

    Howdy, (I looked around on the forum for discussion on this topic but didn't find much). I'm fairly new to blacksmithing and want to acquire an angle grinder for shaping my railroad anvil, cutting stock, sanding, etc. I AM WELL AWARE OF THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS NEEDED WITH THESE BAD BOYS as I have used them off and on before and have seen several of the horror stories described in the forum. That being said, what is a good quality brand of 4" angle grinder? What do YOU use and WHY do you recommend/not recommend it? Thanks and Gig'em!
  11. Cast iron skillet finish on cast iron brake rotor? Is it possible?

    @Daswulf The patina is really just an experiment. In the end, you're right, it won't matter at all, but I'd rather be looking at a forge with a nicer, black finish than a rusty old hunk of metal. Nice setup. And yes, I'll be using coal.
  12. Cast iron skillet finish on cast iron brake rotor? Is it possible?

    @ThomasPowers I agree regarding the oil finish. I've looked at rust bluing a little, but honestly it doesn't turn the metal very black. It's still at kind of a mid-range darkness grey color. What exactly do you mean by the scaling of the surface darkening though? Maybe I just need to call up one of the cast iron skillet makers and ask what their process is.
  13. Cast iron skillet finish on cast iron brake rotor? Is it possible?

    @Charles R. Stevens I've seen some examples of that and it's definitely given me some good ideas, but no demos that I have seen have tried to create a black finish from something shiny silver. Most steel that I've seen seasoned is the color of regular stock (dark, cold grey).
  14. Howdy Yall, As much as I have searched, I haven't been lucky in finding an answer to this question. I'm going to be making a brake rotor forge for my backyard and from everything that I have heard, these things are made of CAST IRON. However, after I clean the rust off, the rotor is shiny silver. I DON'T WANT THAT. I like the cast iron, black, seasoned finish and would like my brake drum forge to imitate that. There's no way that seasoning it would get it from shiny silver to skillet-black either, so I'm at a loss at what to do. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Brands and Blacksmithing advice?

    Not fully but I definitely appreciate the explanation. I'll be researching it. To be honest, I'm aiming to do only light stuff, and for the time being I'd rather have the benefit of using a larger surface area than the benefit of minimal flexing. I appreciate your insight! Is the young man you know down here a college student?