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  1. Howdy smiths, I saw this posted locally for $65. I know very little about bellows except that they are big collectors items and usually sell for alot. Some nut job made this one into a table, and even though I wouldn't use it if I bought it I'd probably try to resell it. Does this look like something that I could make money on in its current state? Should I buy? Thanks
  2. What tips/tricks/advice have you learned as a blacksmith and made your own? (anything from "I drizzle Yankee Candle wax over my coke so my forge smells good" to "Coors light is the best quenching medium")
  3. As far as connecting with a blacksmith in your area, I would try looking up different facebook pages (International Blacksmithing, Blacksmithing for Beginners, etc.), posting on the page, and asking if there are any smiths near you. Also, it wouldn't hurt to go by the local farrier and make friends. You could introduce yourself, tell him where you are in your craft, show him pictures of your setup, or even ask if he could get together for a pint so you could as him some questions. I'm about 8 months into blacksmithing and if I've learned anything, its that 1) the blacksmithing community i
  4. Thanks! I'm happy with it. I've started to wire wheel it and it's bringing the life back already. As far as the BLO, does the anvil need to be heated at all for it to dry and not be sticky or literally just dab and wipe?
  5. Howdy all, I need some help with this anvil. I bought it today and did EXTENSIVE online research, and the only references I could find to it were on this forum (which were vague). I'm looking for any history/insight that any of you might have into the how old this anvil is, who made it, and any other bits of knowledge you might have. On the anvil itself, the words (barely readable) are as follows Lewis Warranted Best Tiedin (Is this a last name? Am I misreading this? NO results on google for tiedin. Doesn't even sound like a legit word to me) Thanks
  6. Thanks all, I bought! It's a 250 Lewis anvil (if any of yall have heard of that brand).
  7. Will do, I'll check the weight. Could you give me the quick rundown on the ring/rebound test?
  8. Howdy folks, been looking for an anvil and I MIGHT have hit the jackpot. This guy says he has a Lewis anvil (doesn't sound like he know's exactly what he's got), and he's selling it for $1 per lb. I need some better pictures, but from the ones below, can y'all tell if it's too pitted/chipped on the top to be worth the buy? thanks
  9. So let me get this straight...the best course of action would be: Use a 3 terminal power cord...connect EITHER of the two black blower wires to EITHER of the white/black wires...connect the green wire to a screw on the blower chasis...plug the 3 terminal plug (that those the wires converge into) into the foot pedal...and then plug the foot pedal into an outlet. Sorry, like I said, I'm electrically challenged.
  10. Hey Robert, I'm probably gonna call Fasco tomorrow and get tech on the phone to see what they recommend. Here's the photo of the inside of the box. There are literally no markings inside and again, both wires are identical in every way.
  11. That's the problem though, the 2 wires on the blower don't distinguish between hot and ground.
  12. No problem. So you literally just run the third wire to a screw on the outer casing? Also, with a 3-terminal, would wires from the top 2 terminals on the each wire to the 2 blower wires and then the wire from the bottom terminal on the plug fasten to the the casing?
  13. What exactly do you mean by a fashioner and how would you attach it?
  14. Thank you Wayne, that's exactly what I was looking for! So just to be sure, the blower needs to be wired to a 2 terminal, non-polarized 115v power cord?
  15. Howdy smiths, So here's the short of it: I have a Fasco B24220 AC blower and I want to wire it to a foot pedal which will plug into a standard outlet. My trouble is, I'm electrically challenged. Any advice on electrical specs/wire/foot pedal I can buy to accomplish this? Here's the info on the wires connected to the blower (which which happens to be a NON POLARIZED AC MOTOR?): CSA CL1251 OR AWM I A/B 1258C 600V Ft-2 E29326 AWM 125*C 600 V Style F 3173 18 AWG Suitable for Switchboard Wire. Thanks and Gig'em! Micah
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