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Found 18 results

  1. Just bought an anvil and can't find a whole lot about it online. The only identifying marks are "USA" and "IAF". Some say it's just an ASO but i don't know and no one seems sure. The USA mark is protruding out of the rear foot and the IAF is stamped in the front. Check the pics, it's in great shape, has decent rebound, rings ok-ish, and is much better than the welded together scrap i used to use. And just for shiggles, what's the most you'd pay for it?(pretty sure I over paid)
  2. Hello everybody! As I've told in my previous post, I have found four other anvils besides the 'Acmenee'-one and here are some photos of them. I've figured out that the two UAT anvils are from a former Belgian manufacturer in Turnhout (see link below). Furthermore, I have one anvil with the initials 'H.G.W' on it as well as the weigth (188kg?) I think. Does someone know more about this particular company? The last anvil is the smallest one and has no markings of the manufacturer on it, the only thing I see are the numbers '194' on one side and '104' on the other side of the anvil (weight i
  3. I'm considering purchasing the Peter Wright anvil in the top of the picture. The only comparison I have is my own which is the one in the bottom of the picture. Top is 241 lb and bottom is 96 lb. There is a noticeable difference in shape. The heel on the 241 is shorter than the 96. There is a difference in shape in the waist area. I am also concerned with the face. It doesn't sit far above the table like my 96. Any help in explaining the difference is appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone! I just acquired my first anvil! This was a super exciting day, I've done some blacksmithing before at Les Forges de Montréal and I loved it! Having a blacksmithing area in my shop was a dream and I have no choice but to build a forge now that I have an anvil! I don't have much information about my anvil, it's a 110lbs anvil with no pritchel hole, a big parting line on the middle and no branding, there's some pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/SM4Emon Any idea on what type of anvil it might be? I don't care so much if it's not a high quality one, it's my first anvi
  5. Howdy all, I need some help with this anvil. I bought it today and did EXTENSIVE online research, and the only references I could find to it were on this forum (which were vague). I'm looking for any history/insight that any of you might have into the how old this anvil is, who made it, and any other bits of knowledge you might have. On the anvil itself, the words (barely readable) are as follows Lewis Warranted Best Tiedin (Is this a last name? Am I misreading this? NO results on google for tiedin. Doesn't even sound like a legit word to me) Thanks
  6. A pretty 70 lbs anvil with absolutely no markings. Bought in RI from a woman who states it was her father"s. The underside shows a slight cavity of the pour. The waist looks like a weld. It has been painted several times. Does anyone know who might have made it. The bottom line of the horn is unusual and straight.
  7. Hello everyone Is there someone who can help me identify the brand of this anvil please? It looks like the first word is crafted but the rest i can't read it. It is not mine. Only an anvil on an ad. Thanks
  8. Hey all. I finally got my hands on an anvil. Now need help to identify it. I don't believe it to be cast iron because the face rebound is spectacular using the ball bearing test (about 90%). And there's from what I understand "handling holes" on the ends under the horn and heal which seems to be from forging it. I will wire wheel it when it gets in my possession. Anyone know from the shape or style who made it? As a side note.. when tapping the horn it doesn't have a great ring. Overall a quiet anvil WITH awesome rebound. Thinking a Fisher? It weighs in at 128 lbs but has 130 stamped
  9. Picked this up at a yardsale in northwest GA for 20 bucks weighs 100.8 lbs all markings are worn off except a square on the side but can't make anything out in it. The body seems like cast iron with a steel plate on top.
  10. Fred DeAntoni‎CBA-California Blacksmith Association July 20 · This is my brother-in-law's anvil. He got it from a friend who passed away a few years ago. It is supposedly from Pearl Harbor, unknown age or exact weight but it looks nice and big to my eyes. The sad part is he doesn't blacksmith (yet). No shot of acquiring it since he rightfully has an emotional attachment. Any ideas of,make? I looked at the anvil a little closer today. It has a large 1-1.5 inch x 1-1.5 i
  11. The owner of this anvil knows only that it's from his grandfather's farm. He doesn't know the brand, nor the exact weight (thinks it's about a hundred pounds). It needs repair as a 5" long, 1/2" thick chunk of the face has broken off. Can you help with the identification of the anvil manufacturer, and any other particulars such as probable weight, quality of construction? What would be involved (e.g., cost) in repairing the anvil? Could you suggest a fair value for the anvil as is? (Location is Oakland, CA). Full disclosure: I'm a rank beginner in black smithing and am in the market to b
  12. Hello, This is my first post and hope I'm on the right forum for my question. I recently bought a 225 lb anvil (224 lbs on certified scale) I can't identify. I used paint remover and a hand wire-brush to reveal stampings of any kind but nothing is readable. The only marking I can be fairly certain of is a "6" stamped into the lower center of the front base. It has semi-circular divet in the rear base under the hardy hole which gave me the idea it might be an American Star. It has a delamination crack under the rear table near the hardy hole. Rebound is good except in that area. If I end
  13. Just found this today. It was painted and I wire brushed and oiled it. The only marking I can see is the raised 8 underneath the horn. There is 2 handling holes, one under horn and the heel. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. I was hoping ya all could help me identify this anvil my dad came across. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
  15. I have this anvil, and suspect it is made from swedish cast steel ... but it seems to have english hundredweight marks (which may be a contradiction?). It has a very hard face (10inch drop, 9 inch rebound). Unsure if it has an emblem on the side that has been flattened from someone upsetting on it? Any ideas of the anvil maker? Many thanks in advance!
  16. Hello guys! I'v read a couple posts and thought someone here may be interested in helping me out. So, i'm in the middle of clearing out my grandfathers house and found this huge anvil (no idea how he got it, crazy xxxxxxx)... Iv attached pictures... The only identification i'v found was a number 13. What do you guys think?.. xxxx, if it ends up being worth millions il give you guys a cut ;) Thanks!!!!
  17. Hey guys, I just bought myself a new anvil for $250, the other day and I'm trying to identify and age the anvil. some pics below. Sorry for the bad lighting, took these pictures at night. thanks guys any help is appreciated.
  18. Just picked this anvil up on Craigslist. It was covered in junk and surface rust. A little elbow grease got it cleaned up. I weighed it at about 137lbs. I can't figure out who the manufacturer is. It has a nice ring and a very good bounce back. Please help if you can.
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