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Found 14 results

  1. So I am very new to blacksmithing, in that I haven't really done much of it. Although a few months ago after building a forge I went and purchased an anvil. I didn't know how much it weighed at first, the smith who sold it to me probably told me, but I saw 1 1 2 imprinted on the anvil and assumed that was the weight. Turns out I think it actually says 1 1 21 which may be the date? I'm not sure. Anyway it's a 155 pound pretty positive wrought iron anvil with a steel face. It has a few small pits on the face and one decent chip between the hardy and pritchel, and one side is pretty indented, but for me and what I paid it's more than perfect. I need to get the paint off to try and identify the other imprints on it but I don't know how. Incase anyones wondering I paid $300 which turns out to like $1.93/lb which with the wear on it I think is fair, if anything the smith gave me a first timers deal. At the very least it's market value so he wasn't trying to rip me off like the others. And yes, I'm pretty sure he told me what the maker was but I don't really want to call and bother him for something so menial. Plus I love the input on this site.
  2. Can anyone help identify or roughly date this anvil? Sorry for the poor pictures with vegetation, I only had a few seconds to grab a couple of pictures so these were the best I could do. Location is the South West of England so I assume it is from a UK maker? From the way the pritchel hole breaks out of the side I assume it was drilled? I’ve not seen one in that part of an anvil before. The face is approximately 14” x 5.75”, the horn is approximately 7” long and the pritchel hole is 1” in diameter. The anvil is too corroded to see any markings. Not much to go in but hopefully someone may have an idea of maker and age?
  3. Howdy all, I need some help with this anvil. I bought it today and did EXTENSIVE online research, and the only references I could find to it were on this forum (which were vague). I'm looking for any history/insight that any of you might have into the how old this anvil is, who made it, and any other bits of knowledge you might have. On the anvil itself, the words (barely readable) are as follows Lewis Warranted Best Tiedin (Is this a last name? Am I misreading this? NO results on google for tiedin. Doesn't even sound like a legit word to me) Thanks
  4. Hey guys......new to this site and wanted to share pictures of an anvil my grandfather has had for around 20-30 years or so. He got it from US Steel plant, where he worked, and brought it home. They were tearing down some buildings and were going to throw it away and he had it loaded on his truck to bring home. We mounted it on a steel work table so it could be swiveled and rotated. Never have had a reason to use it, but it is one of the biggest and coolest anvils we have ever seen. Each "leg" of the anvil is a different size. They are all the "half-moon" shape.It is also extremely heavy, so no worries of anyone stealing it!! haha. I'm hoping someone here can help us identify it and tell us more about it.
  5. I am helping an 80-year-old man clear out his mother's estate. We found a letter from the President of US that deeded his family the land before Washington became an estate. There are boxes and boxes of stuff in the attic wrapped in newspaper from pre-1900. The shop is full of old tools and I am having a difficult time finding information about some of them. I'm not an estate dealer or anything like that, just trying to help this old man out. I came across an area full of old ax's. Most I have cleaned up enough to find the names and can identify them, but I am having a difficult time finding anything on the one that is marked "Sowers & Smith Cast Steel." Does anybody know anything about this company? The ax appears to be in pretty good shape and the blades on all of them are super sharp with no knicks. Can anybody tell me the approximate value?
  6. This has been split off and put in its own topic. Hi all. I'm new at blacksmithing so I don't know how to identify anvils by style. I was wondering if you could help me identify one: It is only about a foot long and I didn't see any markings. Also is squared sides or rounded sides more useful in an anvil?
  7. I notice the attempt to rapair on the square side, it shows somebody welded a square piece of steel probably to replace a broken end and a missing hardy hole.
  8. Hey y'all, I'm pretty green to the world of blacksmithing but decided it was time to start buying some equipment. I had the chance jump at me to buy a fairly nice looking anvil for a good price at a farm auction and took the plunge. Thing is I can't find a whole lot about it. It appears to be forged but I can't find a reliable maker's mark on the whole thing. All I am able to see is the chiseled initials JTH. On the reverse side is chiseled 1-1-18 followed by 7115. Now the first set number initially screamed hundredweight marking, 158lbs, except that the anvil sadly only weighed 102lbs on the scale. No Pritchel hole is present. The horn also looks like it was tacked on as an after thought, it looks welded or something? Anyway any help would be much appreciated!
  9. I was wondering if you all could help me identify an date and anvil. We've had this in our shop for at least 25 years. it was a gift from a local farmer who is a close friend. It weighs 145 pounds, rings like a bell and has a rebound of about 85%. On the right side I can make out "Peter" and then a bunch of jibberish (to me) and a "0" or "O" on the lower right side. At the lower front side is "BB". Those are the only markings I have found. Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to share. Doug.
  10. Hey folks! I've done lots of reading of this forum and it has been incredibly helpful to me as I am just starting out, so thanks for that, first and foremost! I've been searching for an Anvil for the last few weeks without much success. Last night however, I managed to find a guy who was looking to sell his anvil for a pretty good price and I jumped on it immediately. It weighs 25kg and has a flat horn (as can be seen below). I've looked with all my might for stamps and other branding but to no avail. I should also mention that I live in South Africa and the guy I bought it from spun me a story about how the anvil was incredibly old (which I didn't really believe) but if that was true (and because of the country's heritage), it would make sense that it would either be British or Dutch anvil. I would be incredibly grateful if someone were able to identify it as such an anvil or just let me know that I've bought a weird ASO. Thanks!
  11. This item has been sitting in our workshop literally for decades. No one knows what it is, what it is from, what does (gathers dust well, makes for a very sore big toe) or was used for. We just don't know! Can you help with some info please? Has a mounting lug at what is presumably the bottom, stands about 3'6" tall, about 20" wide and 6" thick with radiused holes in it as shown in the picture. Thanks in advance, Jim Deering.
  12. Hello to all. I am trying to help identify an anvil for a friend. I am 90% sure it's a Mouse Hole anvil, mainly because of the pointy feet. could not find any markings except a couple letters on the side, the only distinct thing being the letter "s". I am guessing the anvil weighs around 250 lbs; the dimensions are 28" long X 5.5" wide X 12" high. A bit of saddle in the face as well as some chipping, but rebound seemed good. Can you all confirm that this is a mouse hole anvil? It is going to an auction. And the camera was doing weird things. Not sure what's with the blotches of light. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Hello to all, thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I have recently come across what I think is a healthy pile of wrought iron. I believe all pieces are wrought except for the spike on the right in the second pic(3 in last pic). I would try to cut and bend or spark test if my angle grinder was not on vacation...(funny how tools go on then never return from vacation)All show grain where rust was knocked off. Looking for a more practiced eye to confirm my guesses. Just a thought, if wrought doesn't harden, could I bring it up to temp, quench and try to bend in vice? Should still bend,? Or have I missed something, still new to all this. Thanks again. Sorry so many pics...lots of different pieces to identify.
  14. Hello, I have been using a railroad anvil and I feel I should move on to something bigger. I spotted this anvil in my local craigslist and I contacted the seller about whatever markings there may be on it but he has yet to get back. Could you guys help me identify the brand and what type of body this anvil has? To me it appears to have steel welded to the top but I honestly don't know. I also do not know the dimensions or if the face is very concave as it's somewhat hard to tell. What do you guys think? It is also going for $2-$3 a pound! http://worcester.craigslist.org/tls/4556620165.html
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