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  1. No it's an online course. I' d like to take that class in Tonopah though, it looks like fun. Wow, sounds like you where in a 'right place/right time' kinda scenario. I had a similar situation with the guy I bought my forge from. He gave me all the steel he had. Some re-purposed stock but a lot of new 5160 bar stock too. I though about trying to straighten the whole spring at some point but then found a video of someone trying to do it and thought better of it. I agree it seems a better idea to take it off in chunks as needed.
  2. I’m taking a class and we’re making chisels. I have several coil springs which would probably make decent tools but 4140 is what we’re supposed to use.
  3. @Thomas, I haven't tried local machine shops yet. Seems like when they're open, I'm at work and when I'm able to contact them they're closed. It's still a valid suggestion and I'll continue to try. I had forgotten about getting drops from them, thank you for that reminder. @A.R., thank you for the suggestions I'll check them out. -George
  4. Hey All, Any suggestions for places to buy new steel in the Las Vegas / Henderson area? I need some 4140 5/8" round and square bar and the only place I know of (Metal Supermarkets) doesn't have it that. Thanks, George p.s. here are a couple pics of my work area...
  5. Thank you guys for your input! I went ahead and picked it up. Turns out there was a little miscommunication and the anvil was actually in Henderson less than 10 miles away. (I've lived in Henderson for 3 yrs now and still habitually tell people I live in Vegas, sorry about that.) I've added my location to my profile so I don't have to worry about that particular slip of the tongue again. It is a bit small but that's kind of a plus for me right now. @Steven511 - I'll keep you in mind if I run across another decent anvil. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, I've rad that thread. I haven't added anything to my profile yet as I noticed immediately that I accidentally posted this in the thread I was reading (anvil reviews) instead of in Anvils, Swage Blocks and Mandrels :-/ and have been trying to figure out how to change it. I'm in Las Vegas, NV, the anvil is in Arizona.
  7. Hi Everyone. I've been reading IFI for a while and found so much great info on here I've never found the need to post. However I stumbled across an anvil for sale and Knew this would be the group to ask. I know from the pics it's a JHM. According to the seller it's 'vintage' and weighs 100-120lbs. It looks like it's in pretty good shape. They're asking $300. What do you think?
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