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  1. Pnut, on the inner tubes, the red stripe tubes contained natural rubber and were much more lively and shot further than the strips cut from blue stripe inner tubes which were made from butyl rubber. Even the red stripe tubes didn’t shoot near as far as the surgical tubing on the slingshots. I also had one of the wrist rocket slingshots after I got older.
  2. Billy Bones, just a question about using inner tubes on slingshots. Do you know the difference between red striped tubes and blue stripe tubes? When I was a kid red stripe tubes were getting scarce around the farm but with the natural rubber in the red stripe tubes, they would shoot faster and further. Bill D.
  3. When I was a kid, some of the farmers would rig up hot wires by taking the hot leg of 110volt and run it through a lightbulb and then attach it to the hot wire fence. I was too scared to touch it but I guess nobody died! Not for lack of a good opportunity! I think the wattage of the bulb dropped the strength of the shock? Bill D.
  4. Could you start another spring with the thicker circular saw blade and leave the center area thick and taper both ends down to .03 or so with a gradual slope? Perhaps make the circle a little larger? That would make the tapped hole supported with thicker material and being longer would spread out the movement of the spring. As far as heat treatment I have read (no personal experience) that for gun springs, use a small container just big enough to hold the spring with oil just deeper than the spring width. ( think shoe polish can)Heat the spring and drop it into the container. Then to draw the
  5. Going back to the original question, could the metal be flat bar which was sheared out of plate? When I ran the machine shop, sometimes when we ordered hot rolled strips sometimes they would send us sheared strips and the edges looked similar to the picture. As best I can see on my phone! Bill D.
  6. Twisted willow, what part of Oklahoma do you live in? I’m down in the Lawton, Duncan,Chickasha area basically equal distance from each. I’ve never seen a vice marked Original Trenton but I didn’t pay all that much attention to them I guess. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the same jaw size vises might weigh quite a bit differently. Some blocky and others very lightweight. I never noticed a big difference in the selling price because of weight. Hope this helped some! Bill Davis
  7. My forge is nothing but a hobby shop. I have(had) a job and was very opposed to making my shop into another job. I named it “ Lazy Ass Forge Shop” specifically so it would not be taken to seriously. We were raising mule colts at the time. A lot of people got good laughs out of our name. Bill Davis
  8. I would certainly be proud to fix something like that for my dad (god rest his soul) or receive something such as that from my son!!!
  9. I haven’t had a store-bought haircut in about 46 years, my wife’s mother cut it while we were dating and after we married, my wife has cut it! When I had chemo, my hair/head started aching. We trimmed it down to 1/4” or so and for whatever reason it quit hurting!!! When it grew back, my hair grew back fine but still had color so I guess I’m lucky there!
  10. I believe it’s a tool for installing and/or removing the rim from wood center car wheels (think model t) I can’t explain how it works but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is! Hope this helps, Bill Davis
  11. I found a picture of the finished abana chain from the year 2000. There were 975 links and it weighed an estimated 200 lbs. the pictures aren’t as clear as I’d like but here they are
  12. This is a picture of a “whole” vice/anvil. hope this helps! Bill D
  13. Well, frosty, I don’t enjoy the side effects but the side effects of not taking the stuff don’t look good either! bd
  14. Frosty, the treatment I’m getting right now is Radium 223. They watch over it like it’s plutonium! The dr said the rules are very strict. He also said that one sheet of paper is adequate shielding for it. They inject it into an iv when I get it. Fun, fun, fun!!! bd
  15. Diana says she has some pictures and info somewhere! We are having a discussion as to whether it was Missouri or missippi that had their name on their section of chain!
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