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  1. James, You've come a long way from the time I met you and your dad down in grapevine, Texas, however many years ago! You’re doing good, boy! Bill D.
  2. Chris, my wife has an old white rotary treadle sewing machine we bought from a neighbor. Diana sewed hers and the kids clothes on it even though she had an electric machine. She said it had attachments that let her do things her electric machine didn’t. Nowadays she has expensive computer driven machines but she likes using her old black singers.
  3. Mom’s old lamp was always in the basement of the “new house” when I was a kid. It is a miracle it was never broken! My wife fixed it up and put a new chimney and a glass shade on it for mom one year and it brought a lot of memories out that mom told us. When mom passed we got the lamp and we really value it. As far as I could understand they had one kerosene lantern and this Aladdin lamp on the farm without electricity. I know they had a battery powered radio and a treadle sewing machine. Quite a shift from living in town to the farm! Think “Green Acres”!
  4. My wife collects Aladdin lamps(including the one my parents bought when they moved out to the farm). One thing I found interesting about them is that Aladdin brand lamps were first sold in 1909! So the people in the 1800’s didn’t have the benefit of the bright light!
  5. On my anvils that are mounted on stumps, after I flattened the ends of the stump I screwed in three short lag bolts in until the head was against the bottom of the stump. That way the wood is up off the slab and the stump has three points of contact. Always figured maybe the stump wouldn’t rot if it was off the floor. BD
  6. Please don’t be too hard on mr D. He’s kept it going a lot longer than most people would have. I don’t doubt he will start it up again but he needs to get his self gathered back together first. Bill D.
  7. Quite a few years ago I bought a three foot length of H-13 and another three feet of Atlantic 33 flutagon. I marked them and set them back to “save” them for special projects. Over the years I have came across them and I feel guilty for not using them! My advice to anyone who buys it is use it up and don’t save it!! bd
  8. Ok, I understand and appreciate the answer! I guess I had never heard the term! Must be a slight oversight in my upbringing! Thanks again! Bill D
  9. First of all, I love the knife! Now I must show my ignorance and ask, what is a “slip joint” knife? How does it differ from a standard folding knife? Does it lock the blade somehow? Obviously I’m not a maker of folding knives! Thanks in advance Bill D
  10. Very nice hawks! You do great work! Bill D
  11. Chris, I have three of these stands around in my shop. With the weight of the salt fork swage block they seem to be a fair compromise of stability and portability. I also have a vise mounted on a bench welded to the building for when I really have to get serious! But the portable vise gets the most use! hope this helps! Bill D
  12. Hey, Chris! I resemble that remark! I don’t care how you tie your shoes, as long as you tie them right!(my way) InBill D
  13. I’ve had a couple of the power hacksaws. Like has been said, they are mesmerizing to watch saw! I always used bimetal bandsaw blades that I got free from the machine shop. They always had some which had bad areas or broken. I cut them to the length I needed and drilled holes in them. They were tough but drillable. My biggest problem was finding one fine enough to saw thin wall tubing but, hey they were free! hope this helps! Bill D.
  14. Steve, pretty cool! I like it. B D