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  1. I would certainly be proud to fix something like that for my dad (god rest his soul) or receive something such as that from my son!!!
  2. I haven’t had a store-bought haircut in about 46 years, my wife’s mother cut it while we were dating and after we married, my wife has cut it! When I had chemo, my hair/head started aching. We trimmed it down to 1/4” or so and for whatever reason it quit hurting!!! When it grew back, my hair grew back fine but still had color so I guess I’m lucky there!
  3. I believe it’s a tool for installing and/or removing the rim from wood center car wheels (think model t) I can’t explain how it works but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is! Hope this helps, Bill Davis
  4. I found a picture of the finished abana chain from the year 2000. There were 975 links and it weighed an estimated 200 lbs. the pictures aren’t as clear as I’d like but here they are
  5. This is a picture of a “whole” vice/anvil. hope this helps! Bill D
  6. Well, frosty, I don’t enjoy the side effects but the side effects of not taking the stuff don’t look good either! bd
  7. Frosty, the treatment I’m getting right now is Radium 223. They watch over it like it’s plutonium! The dr said the rules are very strict. He also said that one sheet of paper is adequate shielding for it. They inject it into an iv when I get it. Fun, fun, fun!!! bd
  8. Diana says she has some pictures and info somewhere! We are having a discussion as to whether it was Missouri or missippi that had their name on their section of chain!
  9. Several years ago the Saltforkcraftsmen blacksmith club in Oklahoma “sponsored” a chain build for the Abana conference. We requested links and chains from blacksmiths and welded them together into a long chain. We took it to the conference In Flagstaff I believe and completed the assembly there. I wish I could remember more but with all my meds, I can’t remember many details. I remember we hung it on one of the tents and carried it into the gymnasium for the auction. My shop was the main assembly area so I got my share of forge welding chain links. I remember there were a couple Damascus links
  10. Hi Trueblood! I have no idea about your metal but I caught your name! My mom’s maiden name was Lowrey, I know it is spelled at least three different ways. Her Cherokee family is from north east oklahoma. I guess it doesn’t matter but just thought I’d bring it up!! Bill D.
  11. Charles, I’m still griping about stuff, but, at least I’m still around to gripe! My wife is as mean as ever! This week she has moms house rented to a bunch of ladies for a quilting retreat. She’s cooking for them so she’s busy! She enjoys it though! Hope y’all are doing ok! Bill D.
  12. Hello, Mr Stephens! how are things in Bradley? You have certainly shared your forge ideas with lots of people. For that, I thank you!! Bill D.
  13. Possums are the one animal around here that are on my immediate hit list. I leave snakes alone and skunks are even grudgingly tolerated. Possums are carriers of a protozoan called sarcosistis horses (and mules) pick up the eggs of the Protozoa from eating grass where the possums poop. If the protozoan goes into the muscles of the horse basically no harm done but if they get into the nervous system or brain the horses are seriously damaged. I’ve had a horse and a mule which were infected? In their nervous system. Watching the damage done to these animals was enough to turn me into a possum hate
  14. Thanks BillyBones! It probably has a lot to do with the dry sand around this part of Oklahoma! The “trees” that grow around here are just scrub brush in other parts of the country!
  15. Billy ones, I have got to ask. What does honeysuckle grow like in Ohio? Here in Oklahoma, all I know the honeysuckle I know about is a multi limbed bush/vine that has small stems. Could you mean honey locust? People around here use boisd’arc and honey locust for bows but as far as I know, not honeysuckle. just curious, Bill Davis
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