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  1. Great space. You filled it up nicely. Rent or buy?
  2. I have done all my own wiring up to code specs for MA. But unless you have an interest and willing to learn about electricity sometimes it's just better to hire the right person for the job. If money is tight this can be a problem unless you know someone. I installed a 100amp sub panel in the garage and oversized the lines for each main feed so there are only small losses to the electrical flow over the distance from the main breaker panel to the shop installing a 100amp breaker. 150ft of 0 sized wire X 3. The ground can be a little smaller. I have a 40hp rotary phase converter and a high draw welder of 60amps at max. I have a 240v 20amp outlet that has the 240V outlet for the special plug. yes it is a special plug. I don't remember the NEMA number but there are charts online. For code the proper plug has to be used. you can then buy some romex of the proper size i'd guess 10 or 14 (again there are charts online for a given distance) and put on the proper plugs with cord stain reliefs and a receptacle box. Do you have a 240V air conditioner receptacle?
  3. It's only 8.8amps. you could make a 240v extension cord. I use one of for my lift on a 20amp breaker. that beefy 30amp or 50amp cord is not needed.
  4. where is your breaker panel? do you have a sub panel in the garage?
  5. Boy, you are asking for a tall order of information with very little information as to funding, area overall and such. I am putting up a 40X60" shop and it would be large enough to do all you ask. But it would not be inexpensive. I see you all ready have a building but how big is the area? I knew a place that had a small cupola that used to pour cast iron. (still in building when it was sold. Missed it by that much..). More information is needed to give you a better answer.
  6. Years back I had enough callus and was forging enough that heat, sparks, flux, etc didn't even phase me. I remember one time when I was at the forge and one of my buddies came over to see me make something and I had forged welded something and it took like 5 heats so the flux was really oxidized on the metal, thick coating. I pull it out and whack a chunk flew off and fell between my hammer handle and hand at yellow heat.. I kept working as the acrid smoke from burning flesh rose to this guys nose. he practically hurled right there on the spot. He stammered and recovered after a minute or 2 , asking me if it hurt. when I showed him the burnt in piece of welding flux which was about 1/8" thick, he never made fun of me again. I really didn't even feel it but it was one of those priceless moments.. When the guy introduced me to some of his buddies it was part of my introduction.. This is so and so whom I mentioned that was one tough (fill in blank).. Was priceless.
  7. it also depends on if the blades are dull. Hitting an inclusion on only one side of the blade will make it cut crooked and not track properly. Did you post a manual for the saw?
  8. this type of vice joint is seen in German and some European vises.
  9. I use paint thinner. (Mineral spirits) my parts washer is 40 gallons and it has worked out to be the cheapest way of doing it. Sadly the best way to go is the oil eaters. Then there is no harmful waste products.. Well that is at least the hype. it also has some anti rusting agents in it. The mineral spirits when new was really nice because I could wash a part that needed to be welded, wash it, dry it and within an hour of so it would be ready to weld with no contaminants. Now I have some brake cleaner that snuck into the parts cleaner so it's a big no, no. Now I have to degrease/clean. Then air dry, then blow dry, then simple green. then air dry and then with a heat gun give it a preheat to get rid of the water. Then weld.
  10. No problem here. Your post was smack on target and great videos to boot. I would not have found them had it not been your mention. Thanks for that. I'll watch more later for sure.
  11. Not a direct response to your comment as there were no quotes. It was kind of a side joke.. wisdom vs smart thing. I have been told I am not funny with jokes, but slap stick I do all right. I thought the videos mentioned were great. There are actually a few of them on the subject and for sure applicable to the information.
  12. LOL.. I certainly don't have any experience.. I just watch a bunch of youtube videos and merely repeat what everyone else is saying.. It's more fun that way.
  13. I looked into buying a furnace for H13 just about a month ago. It was reasonable enough but the moving and setup and power draw would put me out of business quick.