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  1. Bluerooster.. Yes, RPC's are pretty easy to setup.. My dad made one that used a pull cord to start the motor.. He then made one that used a pony motor.. The one I have is 40hp and uses starter caps to fire it up. I'll post a photo of it when it's moved.. It's a phoenix JW513 Love to have you over for some classes.. The classes will be covering tons of stuff. Some will be Tool and item. Some will be progression, some will be mulitiples, some will be sets.. Some will be advanced technique, tool making, etc. etc.. The choices will be pretty good.. I'm hoping t
  2. Bluerooster.. Doing this kind of thing is metal is tough.. It can be done, but.. It's kinda the same thing as doing the hot upset.. Putting the tapered hole in is the problem with only access from one side.. this becomes chisel work..
  3. JW513, Not sure if you have read the thread, but have documented nearly all of it.. Lots of photos never make it here to the thread.. Dig safe is not needed here as we have no underground anything.. Well other than a spring or 2.. I will contact them once things are in place to give them heads up.. ( I did have to submit a plot plan and location to National grid). Good thing I documented too, when I was looking for the "down draft hole after the floor pour I had no idea where it was.. I was only a couple inches off when I went looking.. I used the photos to find it..
  4. So, if you are really looking to have it be a 3 piece design, you can go another way as well.. Nice sketch.. Have you ever gotten a punch stuck in a hole when punching it hot? If you only need one clear end... Like a 1/4" rod all on it's own then you can forge it slightly undersized and drive it into the hot end you are punching.. It will take a little experimenting but you can actually use it as a hot riveting system that is blind.. To Add to Georges information... Thread the rod while it's round then file to square.. threading a square rod is no fun.. Well unless you
  5. Here you go.. Good primer for peen use. I prefer a narrower rounder peen but this is explained in another video I think..
  6. the way I used to do it is this.. use a longer straight single sided cold chisel with a taper only on one side.. of the square. You need to chisel all 4 sides but you will end up with a really nice square hole.. Something that is overlooked many times is even in the 1700's they had special machines and punches they used for making such things.. For us simpletons the chisel is the easiest way. Ideally showing a sketch of what you are after might yield better suggestions.. Today drilling and then rotory broaching would be ideal and pretty easy with a metal lathe.. But, w
  7. Oops sorry 390ft. That would have been a few feet short.. Just typing error.. Thanks I actually lamented over ordering the right quantity for the last few days.. It's been very stressful to drop the hammer on it.. measured 4 times, read the Regs. Looked at examples.. Funny how it all works. Your comment scared me enough to go look at the purchase order. Phew.. Yup 390ft..
  8. I honestly don't know.. There are a bunch of little things that play in.. At his point I've read the National Grid 750 install information several hundred times and its interesting that I still find more tidbits of information. The largest problem are the inconsistencies in information and then a lack of a way to verify it, and also not seeing good examples in use because 400amps is not given out often for residential nor marked 400amps seeing a clear/clean example is tough to find. One town over they use PVC for all of it.. NEC reads that it can be used all the way, yet in to
  9. 30" deep is code here with 24" burial depth. There has to be a sand or soft bed for the conduit. Glenn straight shott from corner of building to pole.
  10. So little update time. I called the electrical inspector and asked him if it was ok to run the trench, conduit and pull the wires without a permit. He said yes. So once its been installed I just need to call him to come inspect.This will speed up the process some. The budget will be exhausted once the wire, conduit and extra materials arrive so thinking I might lease a propane tank for the mean time. To purchase a propane tank and pay someone to install it will run about 5200.00-5400.00 3800 for the tank, 660 for the lines, 600.00 for regulators, and misc then about
  11. Thomas as usual your thought process is wonderfully simple but complex.. What a briliant idea to use the old guide books. I'd love to find a true Swedish pattern anvil for my shop.. Something in the 400lb range.. I really love the narrow faces with lots of mass under it.
  12. Old Crew, While getting 3phase for the shop would be a handy thing, I have a 40HP RPC.. It will run everything I have and then some all at the same time.. the only problem with an RPC is you can't start all the loads at once and ideally the largest load should be started first. Not a problem.. Eventually there might be another hammer and a hydraulic press in the mean time, there is a 7.5HP for the 200fairbanks, a 10HP for the compressor and then assorted smaller 3ph motors/machines.. Having the RPC was always part of the plan and reason why I bought it so long ago.. For
  13. Met with the National Grid engineer today.. He approved the 400amp (320amp real amp) service.. I gave him a tour of the building and showed where wires were going to run, the breaker panels and such. I asked if he had looked at the metersocket and he just asked if it has a bypass.. Which yes it does.. I also contacted my Electrician (the guy who is going to pull the permits and do the connection work..) he's ok with me doing the site work.. So the engineer said they will have to put in a new pole since the one that is there is old and I will have my own transformer.. Should gi
  14. jlpservicesinc

    Kyoketsu shoge

    Your welcome.. I would only go with a mild steel ring.. the rings take a beating in use but mild steel will handle a lot of abuse and still keep going. I've never bent one and we used to live train back in the day and if used properly never sustain any real damage.. You can't see it in the photos but the ring has a few gashes in it.
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