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  1. First anvil

    Mellin------ ACME-----SUPER buy @ 50 !!!!! I came a cross a 90 lb years ago-----my "mobile anvil" !!
  2. My first----years ago,after much searching,a 150lb Trenton in pristine condition. Prices were just starting to grow ,anvil,2 sets of tongs and a good supply of spring steel---felt OK at $ 300.00 and a 2 hour round trip. My second----30 days later,force of habit had me checking the yard sale adds.Buried in a LONG list of household goods "anvil". Sale was only a few miles away with a start time of 9:00 AM-----I showed up @ 7:30. Guy was setting out a huge pile of stuff (junk) and I asked him about the "anvil"----his response ---"huh ?"------------"oh,yeah,that thing"-------disappeared into a jam packed garage----heard a struggle and the sound of steel dragging on concrete.Out it came ,I asked -----what do you want for it ? he instantly said "fifty bucks"------I took a quick look around to make sure no-one else was around and asked if he would take forty (hey,its the way of my people !)------his response---"well,I guess we settled on 45,but YOU have to load it" .Got it home in 10 minutes---------a 150 lb Trenton !!!!!!! a twin !!!!---not quite pristine,but beautiful shape.Have been very lucky on several others over the years.Trenton #2 as sold not long ago (thank you crazy pricing !!).
  3. Logging Saw

    TP--- Been on the East side for about 12 years----in a small world---about 4-5 years ago went to an estate sale on Parsons,didnt think it would be much driving by the front of the house on Parsons---typical pill box---in back,holy cow ! HUGE shop.Turns out the gentleman was an internationally acclaimed metallurgist /tester/fabricator---did alot of work for Battelle/Lockheed----went to see a listed "large vise" (priced above my pay grade)---ended up with the mother of all followed me homes----more than a ton of the biggest mixed bag youve ever seen including more than 100 lbs of Ti ---one 60 lb block labeled "LOCKHEED"-----30 BUCKS FOR THE LOAD !!!! and wasnt a drop in the bucket of "scrap" that sold !!
  4. Logging Saw

    SS----- Thanks !! I will see if I can track it down.
  5. Logging Saw

    T Powers---- Thank you for the input---I agree,one needs to be careful where your repurposing may take you ! Of the 8-10 old logging saws I have,could well be 8-10 different mfgs and perhaps 8-10 different alloys used------2 on the donor list.I think I should have started this thread on a broader base. Im sure many blades have been crafted from these old saw blades,was curious about others hits and misses. If you dont mind me asking---did I read that you once lived in Cols OH. ? Thanks again yt TP---- Had to re-fresh my fading memory-----went back and saw an old post about your past time in Cols./Parsons Ave.If I may ask----were you in the "metal" industry way back when ? (feel free to tell me its none of my business ?) Thanks yt
  6. Logging Saw

    Dont know how it happens----but it does !! ended up with a bunch of them over the years,some free the others I know I didnt pay more than a few bucks for----at least 2 in bad (good ?) enough shape to get carved up.Would love to hear anyones hits or misses using these blades in the past.Daswulf----next few days i need to post a "it followed me home"----curious to hear your input---I sense you also like to "adapt and adjust" !
  7. Logging Saw

    Thanks again for the input---the project will begin shortly.I have to think there are thousands of these big saws out there ,a few being used,a few hanging on walls,some collecting dust---and I bet more than a few have been chopped up and re-purposed. soon to be filleting yt
  8. Logging Saw

    Holy cow Ive got a dozen old saws with zero resale value---asked the most generic nebulous question---FULLY aware ALL blades and manufacturers are different I know I cant identify the specific blade material ----HEY,anybody have any GENERAL feedback on using GENERAL old logging saw blades ? daswulf and TP gave the best advise ---test and see what happens---simple enough and my plan----ABSOLUTELY no reason to make this so complicated.Thanks again for the EARLY responses.
  9. Logging Saw

    I have to assume you are just giving a flip answer---even branded saws in good shape have limited value---these have broken teeth and are not a "collector" item---the question stands---for those with something that will not be used and hold little resale value----why not re purpose ? baffles me why some cannot just address a simple question.The original question stands----does anyone have GENERAL experience in using old saw blade material ? a few have had helpful insight.
  10. Logging Saw

    Gents---- Thank you for the input--it is appreciated. Let the testing begin. My first donor is thin enough for project #1 ...3 filet knives of different lengths----with a bit of flex. Fwiw, I have more experience working with wood and glass (not making ANY claims !!) so all feed back is a help Thanks again !!
  11. Logging Saw

    Good day all----a general question if I may. And if it has been previously discussed, sorry!!! Over the years I have acquired a number of "vintage" logging hand saws---the big ones !! some marked some not .I have a few blade ideas in mind, wondering if these might provide good material-----YES, I know back in the day quality was all across the board-----just wondering IN GENERAL what success there has been in using these old logging saws. Further, if care is taken (temp wise) is further heat treating needed. Thanks in advance !!!
  12. Columbus, Oh Anvil

    Hello neighbor !----- I just posted a pic of a Vanadium # 150 I adopted a month ago----neighbor 2 houses down wanted it out of the basement !! 2 years ago the neighbor on the other side dropped off a 4" post vise his late father had and he had no use for----all this within 3 doors !!! The stuff IS still out there.Still need to post some photos of my "mother of all followed me homes"---Parsons Ave !!---coupla miles away. Good luck !!
  13. C1-----thanks !----been a long haul to get a few responses !!!!----wasnt trying to re-invent the anvil----had a big chonk o C1 that I havent really beat upon, just wondering if anyone else had used it ! ----would still like to hear some Vanadium anvil reviews !!!!!
  14. not at all---a week ago posted a simple enough thread----granted,the title was meant to attract eyes (do I grind off the top 1/2 inch)----but the question was simple enough---any opinions on Vanadium anvils---and anyone use C1 as a striking anvil.Nothing more nothing less.The thread was immediately re-reouted.Its all good,like I said,my title left that door open.I started this thread with 2 simple enough questions----any opinions on Vanadium anvils and anyone use C1 as a striker ? I asked as I was looking for legitimate responses. I thought the topics held as much interest as any.To those who gave an answer----Thanks !!!! And when I use the C1---I will give a review-----For those interested,read it----others can feel free to ignore it.Thanks again.
  15. Just asking if anyone had any experience using C1 as a striking anvil.Thanks again.