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  1. Columbus, Oh Anvil

    Hello neighbor !----- I just posted a pic of a Vanadium # 150 I adopted a month ago----neighbor 2 houses down wanted it out of the basement !! 2 years ago the neighbor on the other side dropped off a 4" post vise his late father had and he had no use for----all this within 3 doors !!! The stuff IS still out there.Still need to post some photos of my "mother of all followed me homes"---Parsons Ave !!---coupla miles away. Good luck !!
  2. C1-----thanks !----been a long haul to get a few responses !!!!----wasnt trying to re-invent the anvil----had a big chonk o C1 that I havent really beat upon, just wondering if anyone else had used it ! ----would still like to hear some Vanadium anvil reviews !!!!!
  3. not at all---a week ago posted a simple enough thread----granted,the title was meant to attract eyes (do I grind off the top 1/2 inch)----but the question was simple enough---any opinions on Vanadium anvils---and anyone use C1 as a striking anvil.Nothing more nothing less.The thread was immediately re-reouted.Its all good,like I said,my title left that door open.I started this thread with 2 simple enough questions----any opinions on Vanadium anvils and anyone use C1 as a striker ? I asked as I was looking for legitimate responses. I thought the topics held as much interest as any.To those who gave an answer----Thanks !!!! And when I use the C1---I will give a review-----For those interested,read it----others can feel free to ignore it.Thanks again.
  4. Just asking if anyone had any experience using C1 as a striking anvil.Thanks again.
  5. KK-----I honestly think it may have never been used,ended up with me by helping a neighbor clean out their basement !!---This one has a clear ring and GREAT rebound !!!........MC-----Yes , I have done a bit of tentative research---and I hope I made the admission that I know "C1" is a pretty broad designation,dont know if I will be able to get a full test done,Thanks !!
  6. OK------Been a Trenton guy forever----just adopted a few new girls.I need a few opinions !!!!---the VANADIUM is near pristine,anyone have any working experience? My limited knowledge---sold by Sears in the 30s--40s ,solid cast steel and probably a number of mfgrs used.The first "upright" in the photo is one of the smaller pieces marked "C1"---IF that is all we know ---would "C1" make a good striking hammer ?-----second upright chonk with the hole was a counter-weight for a boiler door,WHATEVER it is ,it has a good ring and surprisingly good rebound.the pillow on top of the VANDIUM is a bit of Blackbird Ti from the mother of all "it followed me homes"---no anvil in its future,just giving it a bit of air.Anyhooo----any edumakated opinions on the VANADIUM,and C1 for a striker ? Thanks in advance !!!!!
  7. Can I hijack the thread ?-----HEY----IT IS MINE !!!!!!-----granted,new topics may be a bit more wordly than mine----but any thoughts on VANADIUM anvils---and how good is a chunk o C1 as a striking anvil ?!?!-----all in good humor ya know !!!!!
  8. TP---------Thank you for the information,I will definitely keep that in mind.If I may pose another question----I have a cut-off block which gives a 4in x 10in face when upright,apx 150 lb.The block is plant marked "C1"----I have used it for light work and the face is un-marked.I understand "C1" doesnt tell much,and it may not be practical to get a full scope analysis for a complete breakdown---does C1 tell you enough about how it will hold out for some heavy duty sledge work ? Thanks in advance !!!!
  9. As a long time Trenton guy----dont know alot about the Vanadiums.I do know Sears carried them in the 30s/40s.I understand they are solid cast steel and fairly good quality.Any opinions ?!?! She really is a beauty--90 ish rebound---sweet ring with no dull spots and the face still has the factory finish marks !!!!!!.As a teaser--------I need to get the camera ready for 2 "it followed me home" stories 1) my Trentons ---150 lb/90 lb 2) the mother of all scrap recoveries ---including 120 lbs of Blackbird Titanium.
  10. Just kidding !!!!!!!--------Hope I dont catch too much grief if I post a 2 fold "it followed me home" with only 1 photo !!!!....Just want to confirm,ya gotta keep yer feelers out.# 1-----Lived here 8 years and have never had the need to use the neighbors drive----2 years ago,first ever had to do a turn around in their drive--as I pull in, I see a pile of trash by the house--water pipe,rusty shelving AND IS THAT A VISE ?!?!----I get out and see a Columbian 204 1/2 M2----pristine---never used !!!!---call the neighbor at work and hear "yes,cleaning out the basement---scappers are on the way in an hour -----Great neighbors---just had to confirm how big of a tool guy I am !!!!------part 2-----more clean up---I get a call this time !!!!! 150 lb Vanadium steel ---PRISTINE !!!!!!!--------I wont reveal a price---they just wanted the basement cleaned out.GREAT NEIGHBORS !!!!!
  11. rare ti ?

    Frosty----Thanks for that reply,that is part of my plan.On the downside---the shop is over-loaded in ALOT of ways,lacking in others,such as anything able to do this slicing.The blocks are 4" thick !----I will get it done !!
  12. rare ti ?

    Thank you for the replies,my search continues.As far as use----?!----no idea----yet.
  13. rare ti ?

    Good day all-----part of my "mother of all followed me homes" was 2 60 lb blocks of titanium.This was part of an estate sale of a renowned fabricator/machinist/testor metallurgist ---the gentlemans widow confirmed he did a good bit of military and aviation testing decades ago and one of these blocks is marked for Lockheed.My preliminary scan shows ti @ 88.76 fe @ .607 v @4.77-------what are the chances this was destined for the SR71 ?----i have had a devil of a time confirming the specific alloy/alloys used back then----anyone have any insight/guesses ?----all just a curiosity on a quiet Sunday ! Thanks !!
  14. rasp vs file

    Biggun-----good info,thanks !!
  15. rasp vs file

    Thank you all for the input,it is appreciated---some testing on the horizon.Will add,I too just brought home a handfull of Nicholson BDs---HD had them in their double secret clearance pile----buck and change for the 10 inchers---these are hecho in mexico,not getting glowing reports on-line,but for the price I had to grab them.