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  1. EXACTLY the reason I post so infrequently------and MY insights are fascinating,hilarious,thought provoking AND insightful. Oh,and modest.
  2. burger------- I may be wrong----but it appears the spike you have in the hardie hole may be tapered for trouble-----a few good smacks could seperate your heel. yt
  3. There are wiser minds than mine----but one guess has to be that the face was milled at one point.
  4. Side note----appears your tool in the hardy is a straight taper----may not be wise----might only take a few whacks to lose your heel.
  5. luckily,have several options on that front----was pure curiosity----Im sure all types of remedies have been attempted,was opening the discussion to anecdotal stories-----anyone have luck building up w/weld ? attaching a new tip ?
  6. Not sure how long my new Wilkinson (?!) will be under my roof, but Im guessing as long as it is,will probably keep its shortened stature. But it got me thinking ----to restore the horn,options are probably 1) build it up w new weld 2) weld on a prosthetic 3) get out the grinder. Just curious----any anecdotal stories for "re-horning" ? hits ? misses?
  7. Rusty----you may be on to it----found an old auction photo of a Wilkinson,could be this ones brother,sans nose job. Trademark seems to reflect "Queens Cross" ----also seem to be able to read "PATENT"---- Thanks !!
  8. Well, As I said----I posted a few photos of anvil yesterday ( a new new one) and I was hoping for a bit of help with an id. I seem to be having some issues re-posting the photo of what is left of the makers mark----I will continue to try. If I have made this too difficult, please disregard.
  9. I posted a few shots yesterday of a recent find ( a new new one)------not much left of the makers mark----first clue----2 overlapped ovals, apx 1 1/2'" x 1/4 " --------looks like 2 bandaids crossed on top of each other-------any ideas ? THANKS !!!!!
  10. Well----they ARE out there. Always said clist is home to alot of uberpriced gear---Still, I have a handful of things I check for on a daily basis. Less than a year ago,a 5 minute old post led to a 130 lb Hill at a super price------About 1 1/2 months ago another post popped up. 70 lbs,a nose job---and 10 minutes away! Sent a response and waited---no message back for a day--- 2 days---3--------after awhile I assumed the anvil was sold and the seller just forgot to remove the post.But I still sent a message....every day. "hello----if you still have the anvil,I would love to take a look ! " not m
  11. Right angle grinder with wire brush----spot on for the job w no damage----BUT----EYE PROTECTION IS A MUST -----these things can be evil !
  12. Looks like this chilly sat morn is gonna warm up !---best o luck-----please show before and after photos !!
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