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  1. Cannon Cocker, as in 0811, 0844, 0814s. 


  2. Hay Joshua, If you want to see a superb model of a small shop look up JLP services here on this site.
  3. You know, I never would have thought to do a Patent search, how could have I missed that. Holding 26 patents one would think I would have a bit of understanding how the patent systems work. Your sage advice will come in very hand next time I submit for another patent.
  4. Thank you for that picture. That is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Abby Babby

    Hauled 4 Ton Of Coke

    4 ton of Coke and you still have white on your T shirt, you truly are a skilled Smith.
  6. Looks like that rig is ready to roll. The only difference between your paint choice and what I would have used is Flat Black. My Dad wouldn't allow any other type of paint on steel so now it's a curse. I have to admit I do like the gloss. If I was ever at one of your demos I be like "Pretty hammer, Oh Shiny Anvil"
  7. Very nice. The best part of being a Blacksmith, you can make youe own hardware to secure your Anvil to the stand you built.
  8. So how in the world am I going to choose between looking at the gorgeous Anvil or your work, I'm going to get all dizzy trying to watch all this. The 25 gallons of water @62 deg F will have 5, 775 cubic inches, weight will be 208.5 pounds thats about 2, 273, 045 drops of fresh water in your tank +/- 5 drops. OMG I'm in full Hydrodynamic geek spiral. That a nice touch to support that upsetting block. Hay on some Anvils I have seen Hardy holes under the Bic, I am assuming that is there for some sort of tooling, am I correct in that assumption. Agine, superb build. Regards.
  9. I am actually lost for words. Your work ethic is like none other I have seen. Your engineering is solid and your execution is flawless. And you have a New Anvil! How cool is that?
  10. If at all possible use a round chimney, there is almost no turbulence and the evacuation of gas will be enhanced and faster. It is also much easier to clean a round one.
  11. Abby Babby


    Hadara, I looked at pictures in your gallery, stunning work.
  12. That is, to my eye, beautiful.
  13. Why not just cut open the floor and put the stands feet directly to mother earth. If you can fill the stand legs with sand that helps deaden the ring of the anvil and the stand don't bounce as bad.
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