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    Blacksmithing, playing drums, making salsa
    I'm a painter/bodyman/mechanic in a autobody shop.

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  1. Kevin Olson

    Anvil Harem

    Thats cool njanvilman. I have kinda of a scrap yard i visit once in a while that has a firetruck inside for sale. Dont know what it is but its cool. My grandad had a powerwagon for use in his logging operation 40 years ago and my nephew turned into a hot rod. Very cool remembrance of grandad! He loved his loud exhaust stacks on his crew cab work truck! Sorry to get off topic.
  2. Kevin Olson

    Anvil Harem

    Hey njanvilman. Thats to many for a harem. You have 2 to many:-) Is that a firetruck in the background
  3. Kevin Olson

    Show me your anvil

    Hey ninjarex1. Your comment about you talking to your anvil hits home for me. Mine is from my granddad and I talk to him all the time :-)
  4. Kevin Olson

    quick adjust vise

    Here is a pic of the of the bottom. That plate is the original swivel base and I just love that swivel tightining nut with handle.
  5. Kevin Olson

    quick adjust vise

    Thomas. Thanks. With my eyes it looked like 1830 but looking at the pic I, like you, saw the 1880 then found the patent and its the same vise. Thankyou. This little thing is built heavy duty to. It has 3 1/2 jaws. Bottom of the vise to the top is 7 inches and length without handle is 12 inches. Its much more robust in person then the pics show. I want this thing so bad I can taste it :-) Hope I can buy it!
  6. Kevin Olson

    quick adjust vise

    This is in the back of a van we are working on in the bodyshop. Looks to say MARBEY'S but the s looks like an 8. Then there is an unrecognizable letter then &K. It also says "pat may 11 1830" . Its really hard to make out. Im at work and trying to do this quick and google finds nothing and I have never searched for patent info before so Im just stumbling around with that. Maybe some one here has seen one of these. To operate it , the handle goes straight up which releases the screw so you can quick slide it on or out then a quarter turn on the handle locks then tightens the vise. Really a neat vise. I am going to see if its for sale when he picks up his van.
  7. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Hey HojPoj. How many layers and how many petals on each layer. I did mine with 3 layers with 4 petals on each but yours has more petals
  8. Kevin Olson

    Anvil twins..

    OMG Bart. You are one lucky dog.
  9. Kevin Olson

    Howdy, signing in from Houston

    That's like a Rolls Royce. If its not leaking its empty. I know this cuz my buddy has one
  10. Kevin Olson

    Howdy, signing in from Houston

    Adam. Welcome to the addiction of blacksmithing and to the Iforge Iron Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Keep goin on and maybe your boy will see the passion too. Hard to get past the high school girls though. :-) Keep doin kool stuf and he will notice. I'm glad you got your sweety back. And dont worry how you look cuz we have some interesting folk here. In the end, its just a hammer on hot iron and making beautiful things!
  11. Kevin Olson

    RR Spike Hardie Tool

    Das. Your words of wisdom are like poetry.
  12. I'm green with Hay Budden envy:-) She's a beauty. Have the edges been welded and ground?
  13. Kevin Olson

    my Post vise collection

    Nice collection. I have envy over your indian chiefs. The 1st vise I got was a chief and I picked up 2 more in the last couple years. So needless to say I have a thing for chiefs. Oh.. And littlestown bench vices too!
  14. Kevin Olson

    Les Paul Guitar

    Das. Thats one very cool maytag les paul !!!!! How much dies it weigh? I just watched a video of a guy that built a strat with 1200 glued together colored pencils. Pretty neat.
  15. Kevin Olson

    Post Vise Help

    Im glad it turned out. Im glad I had access to a press to fix mine. Are you really forging with charcoal briquettes instead of lump charcoal. My understaning is they dont work well.