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  1. 62 cents a pound for a Peter Wright ! WOW! Thats practically free. You got a great deal. Have you done the rebound test?
  2. Hey greenspkr. Do you know the hp of your bike. I know the zx14 sport bike is around 185hp. Is it tuned down some for the concourse? Even detuned that must be fun when you twist the go fast handle!
  3. Same to you slag!! Me and Suzi are makin bbq deviled eggs now then gonna cook a ham in the morning to bring to the party. Everyone have a good one!!
  4. Had to do a search for pole lathe. Is that your hobby? The Minnesota state fair had a blacksmith shop which had a lathe like that on the left of the entrance and the blacksmith on the right. Very cool building. I would spend hours in there. Then the state fair boneheads tore it all down and put up some modern overpriced vendor %$#@
  5. I hope for the best for all effected by the fires. I am into radio controlled car racing and the IFMAR (international federation of model car racing) are holding there worlds national race at a track east of Los Angeles. This is a huge race for rc racers. People come from all over the world to race for the top spot. They do this every 2 years for 1/8 scale on road cars in locations all over the world. They posted that Wednesday qualifiying was cancelled due to high winds affecting the cars stability. Wow!! These cars are only 1.5 feet long and very low to the ground and the wind blows them around!!! No wonder those fires are so hard to put out. Its like a forge with a blower the size of a house.
  6. 125 year old leather. Wow. That must be some good leather! What a wonderfull survivor! I wonder how it was stored all these years? It must of had an easy life. Nice functional piece of history. Enjoy!!
  7. A prayer is sent for Lynne.
  8. I hear ya. Fans in windows with something to seal around the sides of the fans. Fans blowin in and fans blowin out. It takes alot of airflow to cool a building. Maximize airflow through the building at night when it cools down and maybe even close windows during the day if its cooler inside than out. Controlling humidity is important so the building does not get wet which causes problems but dehumidifiers make some heat so theres a tradeoff between dry air and heat in the building. I think its better to be dry then cool. Thats just my when opinion. Last year my A/C went out I did the fan thing but after a few days the basement started to get wet and stinking. Dehumidifier dryed it out so it smelled better but it warmed it up to. I went with dry.
  9. I might try a swivel shackle like he made(ya right) and forge a couple chain links also. My forging fantasies do not match my skill level though. Although, if I dont try, I will not know what I can do! :-)
  10. Totally stole this idea from Joey van der Steeg. He had a YouTube vid makin one with it all forge welded. Wifey got a new kayak and I thought I would make an anchor for it for when she was fishin. I cheated on this. The mig welder helped alot :-) Very far from perfect but had alot of fun making it! That's why we forge, right! Turns out it is not heavy enough. It was great fun to make. It will look good hanging in the shop!
  11. To the posters above. Your words hold true to what it means to serve our country. I tried to write a poem but decide these song lyrics sum up my thoughts instead. "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" Billy Ray Cryus