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    I'm a painter/bodyman/mechanic in a autobody shop.

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  1. To the posters above. Your words hold true to what it means to serve our country. I tried to write a poem but decide these song lyrics sum up my thoughts instead. "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" Billy Ray Cryus
  2. I was in Redwing Minnesota last weekend and stopped by an antique store. He had lots of blacksmith stuff. He had 6 80pound anvils and wanted 550 to 600usd each. Uffda. No deals there!
  3. There was a user her that started a thread called "19th century brick forge build" and has a post on here in 2016. Then another guy showed his brick forge build. Its a photo essay of his build progress. Do a google search for what i have quoted above and include
  4. Frosty....Your story crushed my heart. I'm sad, but I'm not. If my pets can't get in I don't wanna go. Twilight zone episode.. Here's 1 of 2 cats
  5. Ah yup. Thats cool!!! What finish will they have for not rusting? Thanks for showing your project!
  6. Do ya have any pics of your knives. Everyone on IFI love pics. And welcome to this wonderful forum!!
  7. Kevin Olson


    Welcome to our group 4dam. I am very sorry you could not hook up with your friend that passed. Im sure he had alot to say. RIP. The early Alec vids teaches proper blacksmithing techniques. He learned from Brian Brazeal. As for dressing your hammer face, keep researching here. Have fun with your new addiction. .
  8. Got lucky today. Was doing a quick 10 second angle grinder wire brush on this holding it my hand with no gloves and it slipped. Just a grazing blow. But when it bit me I thought "you bone head , why did you not put gloves on per your saftey protocol, or better yet, put it in your vise" I was expecting to see alot worse. Think saftey even on a 10 second job!!
  9. Pipe swaged down and brazed to round stock. I first tried mig welding but the braze adds some color that i like. I like your guitars. I play drums but imagine doin a scap art drum set ugh!
  10. Finishing up a cat tail themed fireplace set for my daughters mom in law to be. Its going to be a surprise. She showed me a pic from over at anvilfire. You send him a rock from your place and then adds the art to it. I had no rock so the base is 14g mild that a friend help me to beat into a rock like shape then polished. The tails are mild steel with 1 being stainless. Still have to polish that one. The leaves are stainless angle textured cold so they stay bright. The corner this will be in is a little dark so I wanted some shine to it. The pic does not do it justus. Not pictured is the poker made from textured stainless rod with stainless cat tail. I thought it was to bright but everone I showed it to said its fine so I'm going with it.
  11. 94. Right on! Enjoy your time there!
  12. 450Lbs at 2USD shipped. Wow. That's practily free for that beast! I wonder why so cheap. Maybe its been through a fire and the face is soft. It would be nice to see it in person to check that piece missing in the face and do some tests for rebound , ring and delamination by the chip.
  13. Make sure its a propane rated ball valve and not and air or water valve.
  14. Im with dave on this. I started with mine on a dolly and even if i put blocks under it it still moved. I will be much better with a solid stand