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  1. Portable Blacksmith shop

    The pickup weight is right but almost 10k on the trailer. Seams a bit much. You would definatly feel that when taking off from a stop. Do you have to put your foot into it to get it to go?
  2. Leaf work, cracks at top of stem

    Yup. You have to set the leaf down over a bigger radius. I had the same problems with my leaves. Build a hardy tool with an edge with a radius of a pencil. It looks way too round but will work. Like Judson says, practice.
  3. Old or New?

    If you can afford the new anvil then buy it. Unless its a cheap cast iron piece of junk. But you just spent all your money on an anvil. You still need a forge and tools etc. Do as Jasent and JHCC have recomended. You can get into this cheaper that way. Ebay is a risky option for getting an anvil. You have to see it in person and test it. I bought a 16lb sledge hammer from ebay for 35usd shipped, and bored a hole in a stump to hold it and it is surprising how well it works. You have to learn basic blacksmithing skills before doing historical weapons etc. Such as drawing out, square tapers, spreading, 90 degree square corners, punching, drifting etc. All this can be done on on a simple piece of mild steel, etc. Look for a blacksmithing group in your area. They will have more knowledge and resources then you can get on your own. And I think there might be a smith or 50 in the UK that can help. Welcome to the addiction!
  4. On a side note. Don't hydraulic shafts have a chrome coating that could be dangerous to burn off?
  5. Anatomy and a brief history of simple side blast forges

    I see that much air blowing the flame into the chimney means there's an equal amount of air flow into the shop. Where is it coming from?
  6. For Those Who Metal Detect

    Whats a mine tag?
  7. My 4 year old son

    Prayers sent
  8. Any blacksmiths in Puerto Rico?

    I was hoping you would post again. Im not in puerto rico but I have a question for you. Hows it going down there. The news is saying still alot of people without electricy. And they keep talking about aid and help going there. Have seen any of this? Do you have a place to live? Is the food truck going to be fixed? Sorry for so many questions but the news reporting might not be accurate to whats actually happening there.
  9. Friend's husband in ICU

    He's on the list. My friend is still in icu. I feel for you.
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    JHCC. "Andy" hammer. Is that an inside joke or was my search here faulty?
  11. Newbie

    She's a beauty. Clean her up with a wire wheel on an angle grinder remembering to wear proper safety equipment. Those things are Dangerous! I coat my stuff with Fluid Film from Lowes. Works good and smells good. And it came with a hot cut hardy. Very usefull tool. Enjoy and welcome to the addiction
  12. I feel for ya bro. Between siding and roof projects on my garage and my daughters broke down car takin up all the space in my shop due to an engine problem I didnt fire the forge all summer. I would look forelorningly at the lonesome anvil shoved back in the corner almost hidden by car parts and my heart would hurt. Finally, all projects got done and when I was pulling my anvil out of its spot of rest I saw that my beauty looked like yours. Poor old girl. Quickly brought her back to life though with a wire brush and sone hammerin and coated her with some Fluid Film protectent.
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Wow. Lots if work in that one. Love it. I like the height adjustment. Those leaf legs are great. Hows the handle attached? Nice job.
  14. Small tool that you would make again.

    Do you have a pic of that Thomas
  15. Peter Wright Anvils

    Yes. Good anvils. You will see some PW's with a sway on the face. This isnt really a bad thing it just means that the wrough iron they used to forge that area was lower quality and softer. If you can choose between a flat face or sway I would grab the flat one. The middle will be harder and not absorb the hammer energy as much as the swayed one. Can a smith tell the difference between the two when forging is up for debate and probably small. But theory says harder the better.