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  1. Friend and coworker overdose

    Hes added to my list.
  2. Wow. Thats a shame they are closing. Looks like they make some really nice stuff.
  3. Fire pot size

    Jesse. Go to the main page and look for the "introduce yourself" thread. In there is the "read this first" which explains about doin research before asking questions. You say you want legit which I see as wanting something less rudimentary than a ground forge but then you contradict your self by wanting to line it with refactory cement. Cement is not long lived in a forge and it has other issues also when used as a fire pot lining. Oh. And welcome aboard to the blacksmithing addiction.
  4. This is a suspicious post. The OP has 1 post and its a vague openended question. Anyway, Simple smithing, go and add your general location in the world to your profile page. There may be someone close that can help. Then look up the "introduce yourself" thread and read the "read this first" . Because right now you are not providing enough info for anyone to help you.
  5. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I like that one too. The pics don't do these justice. We did a spark test. There was 3 of us watching. I had a hard disk on a angle grinder and ground on an old file then the rod. I told the other 2 guys to look for spark length and how it explodes or not. I went back and forth between file and rod and we could not tell any difference. But then I dont have any practice judging sparks. There had to be something we were missing in the sparks because we fullered that one at black heat and it worked well. I was really looking forward to making a forged opener like I have done before which turned out great with other rods. Because the guy that brought the rods knows the owner of a Subaru performance shop and he has a box of rods he would give away.
  6. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Connecting rods from a Subaru WRX. I wanted to forge the small end into the opener but this stuff would not forge. It would eventually start to crack and just fall apart. Low red heat was better then orange heat and would get me farther along into the process but it would still start cracking. These are forged rods according to a Subaru forum but acted like cast iron. So we just cut the opener in the end and textured. The one on the left was done with a spring fuller at a black heat. I could not belive how easliy it fullered. Wierd metal.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Heres a little branding iron. My buddy saws his own lumber and wanted a touch mark for certain boards. Heats up nicely with a hand torch.
  8. Strongly considering a coal forge.

    I have read that a 5 gallon bucket weighs between 34 to 40 pounds. On my longest day forging I do not think I have used half a bucket. So your looking at roughly 15lbs maximum per day. So your 25 lb box should last a least 2 days. Now this is only an estimation based on my experience with my forge. I have never measured how much i use because I am just trying to picture a bucket half full and how many scoops I can get out of it
  9. It is December 25th 2017

    Merry Christmas! We are at 0°f. At 7:25 am. Burrrr
  10. Deb's Mother

    Your on the list Frosty.
  11. Student doing a project needs questions answered

    Your going to have to refine your questions a little. Are you wanting to ask full time blacksmiths? Because most people here are hobbiests and have day jobs. I work in a body shop painting cars and pretend I'm a blacksmith on weekends. I like making the cars look beautiful but hate being around the chemicals involved in the process. So you will have to define questions 3 4 and 5. 1....see screen name. From northern minnesota. , now in Minneapolis. 2. Always interested in the metal arts but really got into the addiction when I got my granddads anvil and forge after he passed. Put your general location in your profile page. There might be some of us in your area.
  12. It followed me home

    This was my granddads. Champion blower and cast iron pan. My dad does not remember him doin any forging so why he had it is anybody's guess. Dad said it was kept outside for many years but it sure does not look like it. It still has almost all of the original finish on it. Blower works very well and sounds good. Now I have to figure out a lining for it.
  13. It followed me home

    that lathe is awesome. How big is it?
  14. Hello fellow curmudgeons,

    digging your own coal. Awesome. Just dont cave it in on yourself. How about sone pics of the mine. Now thats some cool stuff. We love pics

    Ok. Here we go again. Ugh. Mods. Please delete this thread