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    I'm a painter/bodyman/mechanic in a autobody shop.

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  1. Small tool that you would make again.

    Do you have a pic of that Thomas
  2. Peter Wright Anvils

    Yes. Good anvils. You will see some PW's with a sway on the face. This isnt really a bad thing it just means that the wrough iron they used to forge that area was lower quality and softer. If you can choose between a flat face or sway I would grab the flat one. The middle will be harder and not absorb the hammer energy as much as the swayed one. Can a smith tell the difference between the two when forging is up for debate and probably small. But theory says harder the better.
  3. When you tell the wife the small cabin you stayed in on your anniversary would make a nice blacksmith shop :-)
  4. need prayers

    Thank you all. This is a good group!
  5. Joining in from Southern Minnesota

    Welcome aboard. You should join the guild of metalsmiths of minnesota. We have beginning blacksmith classes. Theres a location in Cleavland MN near St. Peter that I read might still have some openings if you move quick. Its not free but well worth it. Welcome to the addiction:-)
  6. need prayers

    My lifelong friend and boss at our bodyshop Erik had a seizure monday night and has been in a medicaly induced coma ever since. Pray for him. Thankyou. Kevin
  7. Show me your Forge

    Whats that outcroping in the center rear of the forge. I love the block walls in your shop. What kind of building is it. Garage, warehouse etc.
  8. Borax Fluxing Multi Layers

    John R. Hang on man. To all the posters, remember the thread by Glen dealing with newbies asking guestions. The experienced must pass the knowlege forward. To John R. Do research on this forum. Dont get upset if someone seems to be giving you grief. It may just be the way it reads to you. There's alot of good people here. We're here to help and not to kick you out of the blacksmith brotherhood.
  9. That is tragic. My heart goes out to him. Just looked up the news about it. Lots of firefighters involved. The article said possible electric malfunction. Im going to go check all my electrical now.
  10. Made some tongs but don't quite know if they have a specific name?

    Yup. V bit tongs. Someone here is going suggest that you stand your hammers on end. This will give you more mass under the hammer blows making it more efficient.
  11. End of day relaxing

    Nature is beatiful isnt it! Makes me realize that the hustle and bustle of city life is really not important. Wish I could get to my mom and dads in northern Minnesota more.
  12. Three Nail Forge - Clean up

    Where did you get the cleat. That things awesome.
  13. Hello from Worcester, Mass!

    Hey Joe. You should tell the members how to say worcester. My wife was there on business and got grief for saying it wrong. They were nice ladies and teased her all day about it.
  14. It followed me home

    I find it funny that after starting this addictive hobby how I see the world differently. Like you, I'm always looking in corners etc. Hopeing to find that piece of scrap to build something out of. We have a gentleman that collects our scrap from our bodyshop and I always check out his truck for cool stuff :-)
  15. Flattening hammer (easy way)

    Yup. Looks good. Easy to make. Are they mild steel