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    I'm a painter/bodyman/mechanic in a autobody shop.

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  1. Kevin Olson

    It followed me home

    Hey bryson. That gear powered floor jack is awesome. It would be perfect for one of those old tool restoration projects I see on youtube.
  2. Kevin Olson

    Mystery Anvil

    More pics would be better. My 250 pounder is 32 inches long, 12 inches high and 5 inches wide. So you are looking at a big girl. 300 pounds maybe. Price depends on how good the edges are and the percent of rebound. Anvil prices are getting stupid high now. Right up to new prices. Whats the asking price? I would love to buy an anvil for 3 dollars per pound but unless your lucky I think it will be more than that.
  3. Kevin Olson

    Anchorage Ak. Earthquake 2018

    Just saw that. Hope all is ok.
  4. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC. Thats what it is. Just moisture in the air etc. My chimney top is of the type that I dont have a cap but a bigger section of pipe larger than the chimney that has a 1 inch gap between it and the chimney set 12 inches below the top of my chimney to 2 feet above the end of my chimney. It can pour rain and the forge is dry as a desert. Rain does not fall straight down. It hits at an angle inside the bigger pipe then just runs down the outside of my chimney. Beautiful design I stole from someone:-)
  5. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Went to detail clean the forge. Not good. Super sucker hood is all rotted. Got some replacement metal(stainless) for that then found the chimney was shot. Ugh! Coal is hard on thin metal. The one hole was covered by ash and stuff in the super sucker I uncovered by cleaning. I guess it sealed it untill today. Check your hoods, stacks etc. I though it was fine untill today.
  6. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Hey Das. That skier is awesome. Love him. I have not skied in in a few years so that guy brings back some fun memories. On a design note, your guy should be leaning foward more and not looking like he is sitting in a chair. And you have to keep those skis parallel. Dont want your guy to crash :-)
  7. Kevin Olson

    Hi from a new would be blacksmith

    Welcome to the addiction hobb. Its nice to hear from someone who does not want to make a sword for there first project even though you have a 3 burner forge.
  8. Oh my. Shes a beauty!! How big are the hardy holes. They look to very large
  9. Kevin Olson

    First gas forge build

    An "expert"said no ridgidizer. Cant wait for our "experts"to chim in. Maybe our doctor will have some advice on this.
  10. Kevin Olson

    Craft vs. Art

    There are blacksmith artists who sell for top dollar and make a living at it. I know a guy who lives north of Duluth minnesota that does it. He does not do the same thing twice.But he's found the right clinental for his art. Is art a one time creation? Maybe Wayne Coe can chim in on this. I can make simple beautiful metal flowers that I can barely get 50 bucks for. They are art, but like George, Im not an artist but a craftsmen that makes stuff. Im going to a vender show tommorro and bringing everything I've made. Multipule flowers, bottle openers and split crosses. Am I an artist?? The people that like my stuff say I have talent. All my stuff, even though it's just a flower, no one is like the other. They all have there own character. They are 1 of a kind but I have many of them. Maybe there are different levels of art.
  11. Kevin Olson

    New to forum and forging

    Hey J Morgan. I love your knives. And here's why. I made a letter opener from a rail spike with a pinapple twist. It was the first time doing a blade type of project. I did not like it. But I had it displayed with my other stuff at a demo. I sold it to a couple that had 300 knives and saw my opener as something they dont have. I actually tried to convince them to not buy it .Thats why I like your stile of your blades
  12. Kevin Olson

    Two deaths

    Prayers sent
  13. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Oh my beammeupscotty. Thats beautiful!!
  14. Kevin Olson

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Hey Snuffy. I was nervous to get making them because the blanks are 20USD each so I was afraid about making a mistake. But after watching Kens instruction video I got going and it went well.
  15. I use some heavy duty plastic bins but my future plan is to get a 55 gallon barrel with a removable top then mount it on some legs so i can get a bucket under it then make a door in the side. That way I could store it outside and free some space in my shop.