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    I'm a painter/bodyman/mechanic in a autobody shop.

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  1. Nice score Steven on that chief! I believe in the addiction. I have 4 also and very lucky they are all Indian Chiefs. Some call it hoarding but I found them all on CL and got them for very fair prices (100 usd for the 5 1/4 and 60 or less for the others) so I don't feel bad about getting them.
  2. Are you feeling well Joe? You used an angle grinder for that cut. I didn't know you had any power tools :-) I always enjoy your vids. Nice project!
  3. Well done pnut!! Stories like yours are an insperation for all who need to make adjustments in life. And Lorelei Sims is the first blacksmith book I recieved and the good wife gave it to me on Christmas.
  4. Those are nice. Looks like you put alot of work into them
  5. Thats so cool that you found that book. It was produced by the Guild of Metalsmiths in Minnesota back in 90 or 91. At a guild meeting last year the subject for the meeting was that book and the history of it. Some members brought in some of the original pieces pictured in the book. Very cool!! Nice find.
  6. Joe. I have watched all your videos. The anchor project was my favorite!! You are an insperation to smiths that love to not use power tools and do projects the old school way. And forge welding with no flux. Wow. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Minnesota USA :-)
  7. God bless the fire fighters. Heres a vid where they are driving through hell ! Youtube says it was posted Jan 2.
  8. 3.5 foot x 1 inch tent stake. The kind that are used on Big tents. I wish I would have heated and quench it for a sharper sound but I did not and it sounds very good anyway. Rail spike hanger and the clapper is an inner tierod from a rack and pinion.
  9. Hey Das. If it has point's replace the condensor. We were working on a 48 ford flathead with dual carbs that had similar symptoms. Carb cleaning did not help. We replaced the condensor on the practily new Mallory distributor. Problem solved. Only took 6 hours to figure that out. Ugh.
  10. Casters are cool. Easy to move to where you need to use them then tuck away for storage. I wish my shop was big enough to let things have a spot but I work on cars in a 2 stall shop and have to make room by pushing my stuff to the side.
  11. Vid works for me. Sure looks like it hits harder. I wonder if your getting more whip from the spring with this settup.
  12. 62 cents a pound for a Peter Wright ! WOW! Thats practically free. You got a great deal. Have you done the rebound test?
  13. Hey greenspkr. Do you know the hp of your bike. I know the zx14 sport bike is around 185hp. Is it tuned down some for the concourse? Even detuned that must be fun when you twist the go fast handle!
  14. Same to you slag!! Me and Suzi are makin bbq deviled eggs now then gonna cook a ham in the morning to bring to the party. Everyone have a good one!!
  15. Had to do a search for pole lathe. Is that your hobby? The Minnesota state fair had a blacksmith shop which had a lathe like that on the left of the entrance and the blacksmith on the right. Very cool building. I would spend hours in there. Then the state fair boneheads tore it all down and put up some modern overpriced vendor %$#@