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  1. A cheap ASO now has a purpose. Im going to start looking for one.
  2. I like glens idea. I haven't gotten extreme with unmounting my anvil but have used her beautiful curves to form stuff although I do get into some interesting positions to do it. Lol.
  3. Wash off the WD. Its not good for long storage. Others will chime in on formulas for oil treating it. I use lite house hold oil from ace hardware store in a 6 once jug
  4. He's a central minnesota blacksmith and metalworker with 2 employee's and his wife. Sells a good butchers block brush. I'm glad I bought one.
  5. Heres my small pile. Have to keep it inside. But theres a couple big rig king pins (hammers one day?) input shaft to a 13 speed semi tranny, coil springs from the front of a F350(they made all my tooling). Its just in the corner of my garage. Theres another pic of my new long stuff. Square stock, tube etc. Not alot , but its what I got. Then misc. small stuff in a box, then my box of mostly new rail spikes. Its not a huge pile, but Its more then what I need for now. :-)
  6. Leave the paint, its part of its history. I inherited my anvil from my granddad and it has some white paint drips on. I considered cleaning it off but decided to leave it cuz granddad probably dripped the paint on it.
  7. Neighbors are the biggest concern for smithing. Forging can create alot of noise. My anvil is very quiet in the scope of anvil ring but the wife can still hear me bettin on it. I have a detached garage and even with the doors shut she can tell when im forging. With the bog door open you can clearly hear it across the street. I sounds like thud thud thud. Not anoying but not silent. Then there's smell. I use coal and you can definatly smell it. Not a bad smell and usually not too strong but it still doesnt smell like a bbq grill. I can understand how someone would not enjoy it. Gas forges don't smell but there loud. Frosty has a story about people hearing his from a distance.
  8. Nice stands guys. Heres mine. Anvil is 250pounds and the stump is just as heavy. Took a little work to make it sit flat. Pretty much made 3 high spots on the bottom and screwed/glued 3 pieces of rubber conveyor belt to them. It doesn't move. In fact, it takes 2 of us to move it out of the way so we can work on cars in the shop. Ive thought of steel but for now the stump was easier to build. Ive had no problem getting close enough either.
  9. You take the shaft out of the cylinder and cut and square the end then stand it up right and use it as an anvil. That way you have the maximum mass under the hammer blows. And yes, it will look like a small target but will work. You'll improve your hammer accuracy quickly too.:-)
  10. Ive seen Brent Bailey on youtube forge with a 7 pounder. He makes it look like hes swinging a 2 pounder. Dudes an animal. Hes forging a 5 lb cross pien and gets the hole punched in 2 heats. Awesome. Hes really got his process down.
  11. I pray my biggest prayer for him and the family. How do you punish he who does not know the wrong he did. Very sad, the losing of the mind and who we used to be.
  12. Got this 10 ton porta power from my now past father in law 18 years ago. Fixed up the hydraulic quick couplers (it was hard plumbed) and have used it once this year.
  13. If you have a back up air source tear that one apart. If the cylinders are not scored then the prob is in the heads. Those are very simple reed valves and a rebuild will suit you just fine.
  14. I agree with scrambler. Rebuild. Those other compressors you list sound good but there to cheap for the cfm listed. And what is a 3 cycle compressor. Ive never heard of that.