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  1. Wow. The labor involved to make them. I like the lathe too. Even when the shingle guy was just standing around the lathe guy just kept goin.
  2. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy fathers day. My plan is to go to the Crystal airport for their open house and fly in breakfast and get a plane and helicopter ride. But the weather might have everyone grounded :-( Maybe it will clear up I hope!
  3. Cast iron

    Im curious if has a reddish color after seasoning. If it does that would indicate someone put it in a fire and will never season correctly. So then its a piece do practice brazing on. Just remember to preheat it prior to brazing.
  4. Help wiring blower

    Steve, the motor does have a 120v ac input. And if read this right its a dc motor. So that 120v would get rectified into dc inside the blower. From there an electronic speed controller (esc) in the blower controls the speed of the blower. The esc get its control signal from his signal generator. The lower the signal voltage the slower the blower. The higher the signal voltage the faster the blower. Looks like a treadmill configuration. You plug a treadmill into your outlet but its really just powering a big dc motor. Edennis, I see in the blower diagram there is a mechanical wiring diagram that would eleminate your sig. gen. It says you can set the blower speed through a potentiometer in the blower. Try that configuration and see if you can raise and lower the the speed with the potentiometer.. If that works, it might be your sig. gen is not compatable or your wiring it wrong.
  5. It followed me home

    JT that thing is awesome. I see bending jig with all those holes to use. Also alot of vise envy going on here! Hey Das. That blanket(bed sheet actually) has been on that window for 15 years. But was a real hassle to try to tuck it up out of the way to get light in the shop. It was just thumb tacked to the wall. It was emotionally hard to take it down but I put a piece of it on the big door. :-)
  6. It followed me home

    WOW. Great find!!!!! Anvil envy ! Finally found some free CL blinds for tbe shop window to replace the Alf blanket my son gave me when he no longer had use for it. Love ya Alf, but we all have to grow up sometime. I'm 54 :-)
  7. pile of spikes

    This is just a few blocks from my house. I estimate its 80 percent rail spikes. Could be more or less because when I rode my bicycle there to check it out something happened to my brain turning it to mush at seeing all those spikes :-) WOW. What a load!!!!!! Now I have to try to find the right person a BNSF to get permission to salvage that pile.
  8. garage sale find

    Finally found a hammer at a garage sale. Unknown brand but the face is hard enough to be chipped. The file scates good. The pien is soft enough to be deformed by use. Defiantly some differential harding here. I finally have something to experiment with from a heat treat standpoint that only cost 2 bucks.
  9. Rest in Peace, Larry Langdon

    RIP Larry
  10. Alec Steele Rounding Hammer

    I think Alec is devoting all his time to his YouTube channel and has not made any hammers in a long time.
  11. Question on brass horn repair.

    Thats funny das. Back in 1980 or so my bubby the drum player had a cracked symbol and I said "I know how to braze, lets try it" Just ended up melting a big hole in it. Flame torch brazing. LoL. I was 16 then but I would like to try that again with the pulse welder.
  12. Question on brass horn repair.

    Your right das. As soon as i posted i realized that weding brass with brass might not work.
  13. Question on brass horn repair.

    Have you used the silicon bronze mig welder. We can run that through our pulse welder. Lays a beautiful bead. And I'm thinking with the instant heat a mig gives and with some wet rags the heat affect zone may be minimal plus you know it will be strong.
  14. Welcome SLS. When I was growing up we called that peavy a "cant hook" Don't ask me why, thats just what my dad and granddad called them. Love your workshop. At first I thought it was a postcard pic untill I saw the 2nd pic.
  15. Please Keep us in your Thoughts and Prayers

    Thoughts and prayers to you Robert