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  1. So I didnt want to just go and buy a set of tongs. Wanted to do some of the work so I got a set of Ken's Custom Irons. Made the scrolling tongs and flat tongs today. Not great but I'm happy with them. Might play with the jaws on the flats. I also got my new anvil mounted! The stands for my buffer anvil and vice turned out pretty good. Will make the other two tongs in the set then try my own. Love this stuff!
  2. I actually pirated the meme, search engine copy. So I didn't use the site itself. Like you I dont like the invasive sites.
  3. Might not be exciting to anyone else but I'm pretty happy about it. Even made me a little handy tool to make bending them go a lot easier!
  4. Can I use this brick for the floor?
  5. Not too much, didn't know better. When I finally found this site and started to get educated I discovered my folly. Any suggestions for saving the forge body? Coating the interior with Plistix perhaps? Pull out the walls and ceiling and do a blanket? Looks like I will probably build 2 T burners.
  6. I had not, I googled it. Pretty xxxx cool.
  7. Yep, i have been on armor archive. Eventually I would like a kiln for that purpose. I was trying to find a route that would allow me to blacksmith then tinker with armor to get started. It is probably a pipe dream.
  8. Heat treating, made it just big enough for elbows and knees. But I want to be able to do black smith work. I might get some soft brick and cut it to line the sides and top of he interior. Say an inch of soft brick on the sides and top. Then a removable back to shorten the interior. So when I want to heat treat a piece I can pull out the soft brick and use the forge that way.
  9. Ok so I began on my new forge a few weeks ago. I purchased the burners from TScustomsFORGES a while back. I have included pictures. I built the forge itself using reclaimed steel from some heavy duty steel shelves, so free. The brick I got from a local industrial refractory supplier. They gave me suggestions on design and said to wrap the brick with some blanket and then gave me almost a half a box of blanket for free. I have a lot left over. They also gave me a good deal on the brick and I can get more as needed. My inner chamber is 6x6x18 so right at 648 cubic inches.
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