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  1. I actually pirated the meme, search engine copy. So I didn't use the site itself. Like you I dont like the invasive sites.
  2. Might not be exciting to anyone else but I'm pretty happy about it. Even made me a little handy tool to make bending them go a lot easier!
  3. Can I use this brick for the floor?
  4. Not too much, didn't know better. When I finally found this site and started to get educated I discovered my folly. Any suggestions for saving the forge body? Coating the interior with Plistix perhaps? Pull out the walls and ceiling and do a blanket? Looks like I will probably build 2 T burners.
  5. I had not, I googled it. Pretty xxxx cool.
  6. Yep, i have been on armor archive. Eventually I would like a kiln for that purpose. I was trying to find a route that would allow me to blacksmith then tinker with armor to get started. It is probably a pipe dream.
  7. Heat treating, made it just big enough for elbows and knees. But I want to be able to do black smith work. I might get some soft brick and cut it to line the sides and top of he interior. Say an inch of soft brick on the sides and top. Then a removable back to shorten the interior. So when I want to heat treat a piece I can pull out the soft brick and use the forge that way.
  8. Ok so I began on my new forge a few weeks ago. I purchased the burners from TScustomsFORGES a while back. I have included pictures. I built the forge itself using reclaimed steel from some heavy duty steel shelves, so free. The brick I got from a local industrial refractory supplier. They gave me suggestions on design and said to wrap the brick with some blanket and then gave me almost a half a box of blanket for free. I have a lot left over. They also gave me a good deal on the brick and I can get more as needed. My inner chamber is 6x6x18 so right at 648 cubic inches. I wanted it a tad bigger so I could also fit smaller armor pieces inside to heat treat as well as blacksmith work. My thought is I could add a brick or two in the back if I needed to make the interior volume smaller. I got it all together and gave the forge a try and not a great result. I ran it at the edge of the garage where the forge could vent any excess gasses and didn't run it for long because I was not getting a good burn. Seemed like there was a lot of combustion occurring outside the forge. As I said I shut it down very fast was worried about carbon monoxide build up. I tried varying the PSI throughout the range without a lot of success. The burner kit came with a 20 psi regulator. I am running a standard propane 20gal tank. I also tried varying the opening of the forge with firebrick. Seems like my burners are starved of oxygen. That and as I read these forums (that I just found) I may be rethinking my burners and will build my own based on Frostys design. I can take more pictures when I get home from work, not really sure what to be looking for. Any thoughts, did I royally screw the pooch, or just a little. Thanks guys.
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