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  1. materman

    Uses for Catalytic Convertor material

    I had the thought of cutting and sealing the ends so that the little squares in the material could theoretically work as dead air spaces. Figured i could mortor them back together with something like matrikote for this is what it looks like they used before, and then coat the whole inside. Figured combined with ceramic wool it might work great for a standard gas forge.
  2. materman

    Uses for Catalytic Convertor material

    Most convertors are worth money and he does sale the ones that are. But these are like a pre cat. Out of some diesel cars he parted out and the buyers just don't buy them, or only for $5. I figured they might be worth more then that as bricks or refractory, but just wanted to through it out here for people's thoughts.
  3. Had a question I would like to ask if I may. A friend gave me about a dozen catalytic convertors that he said one buyer only offered $5 apiece for and others wouldn't buy them period. I cut one apart to get a fill for there contents and found a nice block of honeycomb like material. I wanted to ask your thoughts as to whether it could maybe be cut into bricks for lining a forge or grinding up to make refractory for a smelter? The stuff is supposed to take some pretty high heat and thought I would post here to get your guys thoughts. Thanks for any input.
  4. materman

    Built a New Furnace

    Much appreciated! Was just building what looked ok in my head and was only using the pre existing hole in the top. One burner might be all I need, but put two holes in it anyway. Will look up the info mentioned, and again thanks!
  5. materman

    Built a New Furnace

    Thanks for your insight Thomas. Kind of new to this so any constructime criticism is appreciated. Top hole vent is 3", but should it be bigger?
  6. Finally got around to building a new furnace. I once in a while need to melt some aluminum for lift kits and the old charcoal furnace though it worked, it was kind of jack leg. Was in need of something to up production, so figured something a little bigger and better was in order. Had an old 100lb propane cylinder that was a little too pitted for propane, so decided it would make a good furnace jacket. Opted to mix my own refractory cement for I already had everything but the silica sand, so I will see how it works. Opted as well for only two burners for I don't think I will be using it for much other then aluminum. Actually the burners are homemade as well and am hoping to get a little heat going Sunday to get it cured. Kind of itching to try it out and see how it is going to work. Just thought I would post to give others some ideas maybe.
  7. materman

    Greetings from Missouri

    Greetings from the show me state and the reason for joining was because I need a whole lot of things shown me. A little about myself, I have loved fabricating with metal all my life and self taught myself to weld at a young age. As well I love to work with metal working power tools even though most equipment I have is scrap pile salvage (like my 1890ish metal lathe). But for some time now, I have had a itch to do some forging. Great great granddad was a life long blacksmith from the 1880s to the early 1900s and I figure it must be in my blood. Actually I have his original vise and petal powered sharpening stone. Again I joined to read up on the subject and maybe ask a few questions if I may. From looking around a bit, I see there will be a lot of reading to do for there is a bunch of content to glean from on the forum. I did get a burner completed this evening, for I have to build a bigger casting forge for some aluminum fabricating I am backed up on. If they work out good, a couple for a forge will be in order. Enough chit chat for now back to reading and brainstorming. Again thames for letting me become a member.