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  1. Pig themed kitchen knife and cutting board

    love the san mai what is the contrast line 15n20 the first post said pure nickel, So I guess that makes it Go Mai not San mai
  2. Small Wired Cable Bowie

    That's the nicest cable Damascus knife I have seen Good job
  3. viking axe class

    It's a beauty!
  4. Adjustable hardie fuller

    Thanks for all the compliments and feel free to use the design that's why I posted it. I used a 1 1/8" stud so it was bigger than the hardie hole and squared it and pounded it into the hole while hot so it fits snug and doesn't spin in the hole. If you use 1" rod you might have to add some metal so it doesn't spin in the hole. Also the Round bar anvils I welded on are made from the shank of a long grade 8 bolt , I have done this with quite a few of my tools seems to work well being a bit harder than the mild steel the rest of the jig is made from. Dave I think I will use your idea and add a little flip nipple on the end of the top lever that's a good idea. thanks
  5. Just made this from scrap, seems to work pretty good and can be adjusted for different thicknesses of stock or pipe. I was going to try and make a bell from pipe and needed a proper fuller , I did not have the material for a guillotine fuller and it had to be able to handle different sizes of pipe. This is what I came up with.
  6. Gnarly Branches Railing

    I would love to put something like this in my house but so little time. So I guess stainless steel cable it is. Very nice work.
  7. For fun

    My wife also likes the look of handcrafted items but not so much making them. I think if you have a wife a never ending list is inevitable.
  8. Damascus Hunter with Integrated Bolsters

    Nice I could see those bolsters taking a while on the anvil. What kind of steel?
  9. Tong progression of a beginner hobby smith

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. No regrettably I do not have a power hammer yet. I have collected almost all of the materials and will start construction soon. I have found that 1/2" round works alright for light use tongs for delicate work but doesn't have enough material for general use tongs, like you said boss ends up to thin. I have seen some guys on you tube that have made upsetting jigs, that looks like it works well but takes forever without a jig to hold it straight. One thing you can do to conserve boss material is to punch a slot and drift the rivit hole round. Makes a wider boss. That's my take anyways Keep at it, as long as your out in the shop working on it even if your not happy with the end product it's all good practice. You will only get better. Again thanks guys!
  10. Finished my 11 th set of tongs tonight and thought I would share the progression from bad to useful. The tongs are listed in order from top to bottom in the order I made them. Like most misinformed beginners I made tongs as my first projects and pretty much failed miserably for quite a while . There was 3 sets of tongs that I made before the ones shown here but they were either scrapped or repurposed. I wish I kept them for reference. Well here they are tell me what you think. 1) first tongs that I still have flat bit for 3/8" made from 1/2" round never use these anymore 2) these tongs are for 3/8 round still use them but they are pretty crappy made from 1/2" round 3) box jaw I use these for holding leaf key chains they work ok but are pretty weak 4) bolt tongs for 1/2" to rr spike these are the first good tongs I ever made kind of turned a corner here. Made from 3/8x 1" flat bar. 5) small needle nose tongs use these for light bending and holding leaves and other delicates. Work well. Made from 1/2" round 6) flat bit for 1/2" ish. Work well. Made from 5/8 square stock 7) round bit tongs for 1/2 to 5/8 round ish stock these tongs have scarf welded reigns thought it would be quicker, not really with a gas forge but was a good learning experience. Made from 3" of 5/8 square stock forge welded to 1/2" round 8) flat bit tongs for 1/8" stock. Work well. Made from 5/8 square stock 9) hawk or axe head tongs. Originally started as large stock bolt tongs but didn't work out but changed gears and this worked well. Work very well. Made from 1/2 x 1 1/4" flat bar 10) bolt tongs for large bar stock. Work well. Made from 3/8x 1" flat bar 11) and finally scrolling tongs I finished tonight. Haven't used them yet but I think they turned out ok. Made from 5/8" square stock
  11. Fire groover

    Very nice knife. Your leatherwork is excellent and I like the spring clip and the size is good for an edc.
  12. Damascus pistol grips

    Super cool idea
  13. Show Me Your Hooks!

    Is that coat rack for your kids. Hang your coat up or I will beat you with this beating stick. looks nice
  14. Watch Torbjorn Ahman's video on YouTube on making a large leaf
  15. First belt axe/hawk

    Hey Finished this hawk this weekend, here are some pics with my last knife and in one of my throwing targets. Made the handle out of a hickory sledge handle. I have never worked with hickory before and found it quite hard to work with. All my planes and spokeshaves dug in quite a bit even my electric hand planer tore it up so I sanded most of it to shape. I also sanded the taper a bit to much so I ended up glueing and wedging the handle, not what I intended but looks good. I will see how that holds up to throwing. Next time I will get longer stock and cut it to length after it is shaped. As for heat treat I quenched it a couple of times playing around with it, it didn't get as hard as I was expecting. I think the carbon content on that pump shaft is on the low end 4130/4140 or something. Oh well it will be good for throwing and that is what I intended to make it for. It was a good learning experience and here it is