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  1. Hey Haven't posted in a while but had some thing happen a while ago that I thought I would mention. I have a cotton wheel on one of my bench grinders that I use for poishing and it sits by my other bench grinder and belt grinder. Anyways, It caught fire from grinder sparks the other day and I diddn't notice until I came back in the shop 20 min later and it was full of smoke. Just a reminder that they catch fire very easily and can smolder undetected. Also is something most people have at there grinding stations. I now take mine off when I am not using it. Cheers
  2. Nice knife. I like the sheath very nicely done.
  3. Well I gave this another try this weekend.I used some of the suggestions above which helped, thanks. The blade turned out with no weld flaws this time and I changed the profile a bit but I had a few problems with hardening. I assumed the file was 1095 and I have no idea what the cable was but I heated a little past non magnetic and quenched in warm canola oil. The core-file hardened I think but the cable Damascus didn't really harden and it seems I have kind of a soft ish spot in the San mai edge.Maybe the cable is weather hardening w1 maybe. I tempered in the oven twice at 450f and I straightened it a bit between cycles and during the last one. The pattern looks good and the San mai looks centered. So anyways I am gonna sharpen it and clean it up and see how the edge holds up, it's just roughed in right now.follows is a bunch of pics of the process. Last one shows pattern and the San mai is hard to see in the pic also I just dipped it in the acid long enough to see how the pattern turned out.anyways here they are. Pics are backwards
  4. I'm doing this same is thing right now cable San mai with a Nicholson file center. What do you guys figure I should do for tempering cycles it will be in a toaster oven. It's been a while since I made a knife and I think I assumed the file was 1095 but I can't remember what I did for time and heat. Any Imput would be appreciated.
  5. I like the shape. Is this done on a power hammer. Beautiful axe
  6. Seems like i see a lot of san mai blades with the core steel not all on the cutting edge. I will post an update when i figure it out.
  7. That's kinda what i figured id do. Also i think doing it that way keeps the middle layer centered. Thanks
  8. I have done a bit of forge welding, I learned how to scarf weld in my gas forge a while back, that was interesting. This is the first thing that I forge welded that was pre welded with a mig and everything else I have done was mild steel. I think what happened is I was working one side more than the other with the hammer and the anvil was stealing too much heat from the bottom layer causing the cold shuts on one side. Another try this weekend maybe.
  9. I installed this beam trolley this winter. I can back my truck under it to unload stuff then I can dolly it around the shop. It's gonna be usefully to build my power hammer this year.
  10. Built this sign hanger for our timber frame entrance to cover some of the less than ideal jointery at the peak. Oops. Oh well this tuned out alright
  11. Last weekend I had my first go at pattern welded steel but it diddnt turn out. When I first welded the billit I was quite optimistic but it kind of went downhill after that. One side turned out perfect but the other side had quite a few cold shuts in it. I ground it with 36 grit and then stuck it in some muriatic acid to see if the San mai was center which seemed to turn out. But after that I tried to grind out the cold shuts but ended up grinding right through the cable layer and exposing a delamination in the middle of the blade. The first pic shows the good side and the faint pattern,you can see the darker San mai at the edge. The others are the bad side and later the delamination. Core is a Nicholson file. Oh well better luck next time I guess.
  12. Both turned out nice. I made my first pattern welded blade the other day it was a cable San mai but it diddnt turn out. It had a bunch of cold shuts in one side that I tried to grind out but got to carried away and wrecked it. Oh well try again.