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  1. Ray Kirk at rakerknives also has 15n20 for sale. HE has it listed on his website and will also sell you bigger pieces that you can cut whatever size you want. his material is band saw material that never got the teeth put on it. Mike
  2. You're better off getting some from Alabama Damascus. Brad Vice has a good product and knows what he is doing.
  3. Bob Engnaths whole knife catalog used to be filled with line drawings of every conceivable style of knife that he would grind for you. Always good .
  4. I really like that color green. Some look off and just aren't the right shade. Excellent job.
  5. www.riversidemachine.net has a self contained up lift press that is a winner
  6. i agree with dlpierson about the ceramic. it goes reduce drag and makes tapering a handle so much easier. Mike
  7. Very nice . it's always a pleasure to see your work.
  8. You can see it but just barely. When you cut through the cable to ladder it , it just brings some of the other wires to the top and doesn't show up very well.
  9. Check out Ray Kirks site for 15n20. He has some 4 and 6 inch wide that he sheers to width for you or you can buy larger pieces. he found some unworked 15n20 that hadn't been made into saw blades yet. Nice stuff. check him out at Raker Knives & Steel Mike
  10. Never heard of any that is in rod or square. A chance you can get some L6 or their equivalent from Admiral steel. Almost the same amount of nickel as the 15n20. Only thing that I know of. Mike
  11. It is so slick that it slides over it. It will wear at a more even rate to keep you from getting score marks on your blades.
  12. mcraig the only thing I would add is go to ELLIS'and get you a ceramic platten to glue to yours. you wont believe how much difference it will make to grind on.Mike
  13. Ray Kirk has somethat is virgin material. IT is 4or 6 inch wide material that never had the teeth put on it yet. He has it cut in certain sizes or will sell you a larger piece.
  14. Sounds like something she was taught by Ed Fowler on his technique to solder guards.
  15. Couple of different ideals is to use a carpenters pencil and mark where you do not want the solder. Solder will not stick to graphite. I also have some yellow ochre powder that you make a paste with and paint on areas you do not want the solder to go. it is available from Jantz Knife Supply.
  16. Really like the high layer stuff. man you need to make more.
  17. me miller

    new knife

    Not bad! I like the flow of your blade.
  18. Your segmented handles always come out looking so nice. Keep up the outstanding work. Mike
  19. Sir, i can say you picked one of the hardest stamps to make sure it lines up right. You did an outstanding job of keeping it straight. Very nice. Mike
  20. Really like the green color. What type or color of liner did you put between the tang and the molar??
  21. go over to theknifenetwork and there is a whole sub forum devoted to the North Carolina knife guild
  22. me miller


    From your other post with just the scales on it - this doesn't do justice to them until you show them on this nice knife. Makes beautiful handles doesn' it
  23. very nice - always looks great to have spacers divide a solid handle - nice grinds on the knife blade.
  24. See if you can find House Handle Co. in Cassville, Misssouri. They used to have hammer, maul, and tomahawk handles. mike
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