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  1. Few times I used damasteel I etched with muraic acid then went to the ferric mixture. The muraic will etch and the ferric will color.
  2. I got a horizontal grinder last week made by Jerald Nickles. It uses a standard 2 by 72 inch belt and base is 16 by 24 inches.
  3. This is one made by Rick Menefee that I have been using for the last four years. 18 inch wooden wheel for grinding and a wooden wheel for idler. This for a 2by 72 inch belt.
  4. We are eagerly awaiting to see if the white linen worked out for you.
  5. Got any axe,hammer, or hatchet handles. They are probably hickory.
  6. Winddancer did you get your white linen micarta in? Was it what you wanted?
  7. Several years ago i wanted some red in wider strips. I had to wait until they got a whole sheet in but they cut me 4 by 39 inch strips so i could cut across instead of toward the end. i think they charged me $30 some dollars a strip. i thought it was a bargain.
  8. Yes that is the one. I don't really like the tan but the white,black, and red are good material.
  9. Check out Bingham.com bow supply look under riser material they have white linen in several sizes and thicknesses
  10. Make sure if you use more than one pin in the handle to "clock" them. Make sure the design is turned the same direction on both pins.
  11. You can also find drifts and fancy curly maple handles at Hawkinsknifemakingsupplies,com.
  12. Nice recurve design with very nice long clip. It will be good to see it as you work on it. Very enjoyable.
  13. Works great - does nice job on damascus and handles to shine them up and protect.
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