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  1. use a nail if no other material is available. Drill hole through both scales and the tang inset nail then dill for second nail. Take scales off heat treat then put nails back through the above and peen nail ends to hold it all together.
  2. I got the Jet equipment through Wholesale Tool. My store was in Tulsa, Oklahoma but there are other ones around the country.
  3. I went with the Jet bandsaw after my chinese bandsaw wore out after 19 years. Only change I did was to mount a 6 by 12 inch 1/4 plate on it for a cutting table. The Jet model was so much heavier duty than what I had always used.
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  5. I have a set of scribes like Robert Mayo has and works great. I have also in an emeergency used the next section size drill bit to scribe a line . On 1/8 inch use 3/16 drill bit and flip and mark both sides.
  6. a good reference is on cashenblades.com under his forging tutorial.
  7. You also need to check out the vertical forges from Uncle Al. Cheaper in price and will use less gas. Knife Making Supplies Al makes excellent forges
  8. Depending on how many you have to store most of my 50 foot cords or the 100 foot one are in 5 gallon plastic buckets. Cut a hole in the side for the male plug and coil them down inside . Walk up to the outlet and plug it on then pull the female plug only as far as you need to use it. Nice even coils when you put it back in and doesnt have any kink problems.
  9. You might check to see if you can locate Floyd Medlin who either lives in Buffalo or Boliver. It has been a while since I lived in that area but he could help. He forged and did stock removal both. Mc Ginnis down at NIXA should be able to put you on to the his school of knifemaking- forging and stock removal both. Found that MCGinnis is having a two day knifemaking seminar in Sept . phone 417-581-6689 Ozark Knife Makers
  10. You could also have a solid mount base and then an adjustable idler on a bracket on the wall behind it to slide up and down the wall for the correct length you need. You could use different length belts i this maneer with the idler where you could lock it iin place.
  11. That is just neat as heck. Wish i had one in the back of my pickup also.
  12. Should have said sideways in a can to fill it then cut off side.
  13. One thing you can try if you are after different patterns is to get some antirotational cable. Inner strand is turned one direction and the outer goes the other way. Makes a lot more definitive snake pattern on the finished blade then trysome with your accordian cut. One thing I always thought about was to cut pieces and lay diagonal in a can and then cut slices so just the end wires would be on the blade side. Mike
  14. One way is to paint with fingernail polish and leave his name uncovered. After the etch use acetone to remove the polish. you could do as you thought and over part of it with tape.
  15. The only place that I have seen boxwood is in some of the Woodcraft stores and occasionally in some model hobby shops that do airplanes. Mike
  16. Check out elliscustomknifeworks site will have precut pyroceramic glass . You need to check also that you have a botome lip to h hold te glass in place so an accidental release does not go into the wheel. Most use j b weld to hold it to the platten.
  17. It was nice to see Chuck's work in the New Knives 2008 Annual. Way to go Sandpile very nice work. Mike
  18. How about green Palmoliove dishsoap for a lubricant. One of the few items that still has an animal fat in it. Use on drill press .
  19. Very nice . Has the snakewood been treated with anything or do you use the straight wood? Thanks Mike
  20. Ibelieve Daniel Winkler did some that looked almost like a hasp texture on some of his damascus blades. Terry Primo did some that looked like they had been peened to give a textured look.
  21. I really like the stag on this one. You nailed it. Mike
  22. Is it copal amber? It is a very nice blade. Mike
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    Yeah it looks like it would do the job.
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