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    I have been making knives for 12 years. I am just starting with damascus .
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    Bowhunting, Archery, Knifemaking and riding my Harkey are my hobbies
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  1. Sorry I missed this message. Star Prairie is Northwest of Madison about 4 hours. New richmond is the closest larg ton and Hudson is about 20 miles South. You are welcome any thime!

  2. Hello, I just joined up here and I saw your name attached to your new press build. I would love to see it sometime. Where is Star Prairie? I am located Just south of Madison In Stoughton. Troy A.

  3. The blade is 4 1/2 " long 42 layers 1084 and 15N20. The handle is spalted maple and blackwood with a stainless bolster. The sheath has a snake skin inlay Your criticism and comments are welcome
  4. I get the 15N20 from Admiral Steel in Chicago. You can find them on line. You can also get it from any knife supply company as well as ask here in the forum there may be some available. The press is hydrolic with an electric motor.
  5. My press is up and running and I fianlly had some time to make up some pattern steel. The dark one is 42 layers of 1084 and 15N20, the other is L-6 and 1084 with 64 layers, they are both in a simple random pattern. Comments welcome. Thanks for looking.
  6. I figure right around 30 tons as well. I am fabricating a box to enclose the tank and hoses. I have been sqishing some 5160 and its like butter!!! I will see if I can get someone to video the press in action. Thanks for your input!
  7. She stands 6' tall 1' inside, 5" cylinder 5 horse motor with a 13.5 gpr pump. She squishes steel like crazy!!!!
  8. Howdy fellows, I have finally got all the parts and pieces together to complete my press. Question #1) What type of switch do yo recomend for a 5 horse 220 motor? Question #2) Is there a simple layout plan for the hydraulics piping? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. The hollw grind is deep front to back. I start with a sharp angle on the edge then ride the high point front to back, working bothe sides evenly down to my center line. By working the groove to the point and that deep it thins the overall tip. That was a full 1/4" blank when I started. I don't know if that answered your question, you can ask specifics if it did not.
  10. Please review and comment. Thanks
  11. mkustom

    New Bowie

    A Mule deer and Osage Handle, 7" blade 12" over all The blade is 5160. Comments welcome!
  12. I just picked up a motor, switch and control valve. I have to rebuild my pump and we should be able to start squishing!!pictures005.jpg
  13. I picked up a 16gpm Barnes two stage pump and it has leaky seals. I can get the seal kit but am wondering if any of you have ever rebuilt a pump? I am not the best mechanic. Is this a big deal?
  14. Well its been long time a brewin, but here she is. Stands 6'6" tall the frame is 3" by 5" tube steel 3/8" thick with 6" channel backing. The cylinder is 4.5". I am waiting on my order from Northern to complete.:D
  15. Hello, I am a knifemaker and amature blacksmith, I enjoy any time in my shop! Just thought I would say hi