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  1. Very nice work . Looks more like an experienced hand than someone whom has just done a few. Keep it up. Mike
  2. Crane services or oil rig areas also can be a source for cable. Cranes if they get a kink in the cable have to unspool what is on it for insurance reasons and a lot of it is available for the asking.
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    Nice trapper and I really like the filework on the center knife. Mike
  4. If you can get them the "U" bolts from semitrailers are 4140. Nice 1 inch size and plenty of material.
  5. Pop's Knife Making Supplies! is a good place. Top grade belts and good A/0 belts that are cheaper
  6. If you are having trouble finding i, you can boost your old mixture by adding 5% muriatic acid to help give it a kick. I personally use it 3 to 1 mixed.
  7. It would be better to find some O1 or 1095 steel. A36 does not have enough carbon to make a knife. You want something that keeps a keen edge to cut cleanly instead of tear the wood. You can file them to shape then use different grades of sandpaper to clean them up. Heat treat them for them to keep the edge you need.
  8. When is the 4th book coming out or is it already. I never get to hear about the good things until it has been around for a while. Looking forward to the book. Mike
  9. Stag one is very nice and may I ask what type of sheephorn is on the third one?
  10. Take care of yourself and don't try to rush getting back on your feet. Those knives can wait for a little while longer. We aare ready for you to come back to our show. Mike
  11. Very nice and everything ties together to make a great group.
  12. Good looking users . Really like the work done on the hatchet. mike
  13. Green handle really sets it off. Everyone shows a lot of good effort and really are nice.
  14. Very nice. Have some friends in Northern Oklahoma that have not repaired their farm truck becuse of 7 deer hitsa so far this fall.
  15. Very nice T.C. Were you able to see the pictures of the Show. You missed a good one but we understand and hope you can come by another time. Mike
  16. I like the look of the spacers on each end of the stag. IT REALLY SETS THE OTHER OFF.
  17. Very nice knife and very good damascus. If I had to nitpick I would like to see the blade have more of a down slant to it. In the picture it appear to have the point above the handle.
  18. All I can say is every aspect of it is great.
  19. This weekend is the Oklahoma City Show. All Four of the Oklahoma ABS Mastersmiths will be in attendance and showing. Several of the Journeymansmiths will also be in attendance. We will also have The Sharpest Man in the World in attendance. Lin Rhea will be exehibiting his wares for sale. Admisson is free to the public Holiday Inn Airport 2101 S. Meridian in the Ballroom Nov.4 9AM to 5pm Nov. 5 10 AM to 4PM Come see the goodies
  20. Is it of slipjoint or linerlock design? Looks very comfortable and easy to handle.
  21. What is the old saying- mmeasure twice cut once. Mike
  22. I go with Thomas P. treadle or Rusty hammer anvil . Should be right size and mass for it.
  23. Flitz also leaves a nice film that makes fingerprints easy to remove and helps polish everything.
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    New Blue

    I especially like the way you have utilized your spacers to the best advantage.
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    New Blue

    Rich your work is amazing. I enjoy seeing it everytime you post. Your handle work draws the eyes to it with your segmented combinations. Mike