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  1. Ok folks, I did a forum search prior to posting and came up dry. I suspect the feature's not working properly at the moment because I'm pretty sure this topic was discussed before, so pardon any duplication. Why do many knifemakers favor use of a liner between the stock material and knife scales? Is it mainly for aesthetics, or is there a functional purpose? The engineer in me says it helps offset the stress between the wooden handles and the steel that expand and contract very differently as a function of temperature, which would cause premature separation, especially whn the metal stock is on the thin side and somewhat flexible. Thank you in advance for any feedback and insight!
  2. potential? what if the oxides don't eat my steel?
  3. Steve: what is the drawback of being too hot with high-carbon steel? (other than the obvious risk of melting the surface a little, which might be fine before taking it to the grinder?) Thanks
  4. price? priceless.
  5. thanks guys. will take your advise on this one.
  6. Lots of hype about this product for hand polishing - has anyone tried it on a high-speed buffing wheel? Thanks for sharing any experince you may have.
  7. yes you are. nice, effective carbine-bowie!
  8. Great information from both of you! thank you. I had been thinking about laser etching, since there's a place that does it right in my town. there's no competing with the sharp crisp lines from a laser. but I also want to mark the blades myself rather than outsource, which is why I ask. will keep this stencil source in mind if I go with the etch-o-matic
  9. Would appreciate any feedback on this item for blade marking. Tx!
  10. the adhesion to the scales was excellent. the adhesion to the metal left more to be desired
  11. Thanks. I alwasy clean and rough up the surfaces prior to glueing/epoxying. the high-temp RTV didn't work well in my tests, btw. it might keep a watertight seal, but I was unimpressed with the adhesion. will look into some of the other products suggested
  12. Thanks. if I try any of these products I will share results. my current feeling is that adhesion is secondary to a water and oil proof seal that can take some abuse and temperature flutuation, as long as there are pins to keep the pieces together.
  13. like the idea of rifle bedding - didn't know about it - thanks!
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