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  1. Good job, I like the sheat!
  2. hello guyz, I have come across this on internet and i tough i should share. It's an auction of a lot of blacksmith items in Baden Ontario. Here is the link with pictures and everything. http://www.theauctionadvertiser.com/cgi-bin/slsearcx.pl
  3. I found this add on internet. It is located in kitchener ontario. Blacksmith vise 4 inches 80$. I find the price is good but i got one already. blacksmith vise - Kijiji Kitchener / Waterloo
  4. why did you remove the prices that were under each description of the item? :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. I think it looks pretty but you should make it so you don't use any new part composite like those screws. It kills the medieval of it. Still looks good! the_white :D
  6. Are you going to make him a sheet? It's a pretty nice knife the_white :D
  7. I would! the_white I'ill tell you today when ill see you! :p
  8. The guy sold the whisper mama. It's not really complicated, it looks like it but it's not that bad. the_white :D
  9. I was thinking doing a 18'' long forge with 8.5 ID forge. It gives me a 1021.41cu/in inside if I'm not mistaking. I wanted to have a longer forge to be able to heat variable length of stock. But if I do so I need to put 3 burners in if I use 3/4'' burner like you said. Would it work at 2 burners at a bigger size of pipe? Or am I better to build a 12'' forge wich gives 680cu/in. the_white :D
  10. Here is a website I found with a lot of knives designs with simple images. Tough it would be nice sharing:rolleyes:. New Page 6 If you click on the different menu on your left of the page you will see there is different groups of knives and it will give you more drawing. the_white :D
  11. Yeah you are right. I didn't think about it to much when I gave my measurement. It's even better. Just bought 2 7'' stove pipe. I will put them together like you said and I will get 14'' that will be just good when I will add my Kaowool like insulation. the_white :D
  12. ok so I bought 2 4 feet sonotube, one is 8-1/4" inside diameter the other is 10-1/4" I.D. I was thinking 10" and 12" but I tough maybe it would cost to much gas for nothing. I didn't choose the length yet but I'm thinking maybe 18" with what you guys wrote. I didn't count the in.cu ill have inside yet but I will and I will adjust so I can have max 2 burners. the_white P.S It's Friday now, just finished work and I have to wait until Monday to do the road trip to go buy the stuff I need to build my first forge..... I'm already going nuts, I just wish they were open on weekends.
  13. ok thanks guys.I'll think about it. the_white :D
  14. For the forge itself I was thinking doing like you said, 6 inches diameter inside. 34"-1" blue ram and 2" of kaowool like insulation. My question now is what length of forge should I build? I know it depends what you want to forge. I was thinking doing it 24" to 36" long. Considering the stuff is pretty expensive i want to buy the minimum I need. I was thinking to put 2 burners with a valve i can chose to close to run on only one burner. Any advise on that? thanks the_white :D
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