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  1. Moved to Mississippi after I retired and finally getting a few things caught up on. Tore the old gal apart and wire brushed all the gears or rather the remains of the gears. What an adventure that was as they were rusted to each other and the splines on the smaller are ate up pretty bad. I installed some nylon washers as the wear had the gears not meshing well. Now to find coal to feed the beast. I am in North Mississippi now.
  2. Thanks jwill will pass this along to my friend. Drifter
  3. Posting this for a friend and he says no identifying marks. He was told got it from a guy that worked for the city in Florida. Sure different then anything I have run across. Drifter
  4. Pulled it from the bucket a diesel after 400 miles in my truck LOL. It is still froze tight but a gang of rust in the bottom of the bucket. Next weekend will be disection time I guess. Hope to not find any fiber gears though. Drifter
  5. Had been trying that to no avail. Decided rather then forcingit and doing more damage to try the soak it route. Here in the midwest the mud dobbers and leaf cutter bees sure can clog up stuff. Maybe in a couple days I can get it apart to clean her up. never could stand to not look inside to see what makes something tick. Drifter
  6. Nice set up ironstien only probem I see is it is too clean LOL. Drifter
  7. Got it soaking now and gave it a ride for about 40 mile in my old truck LOL Kind of a redneck parts washer guess you might say. Took out set screw but fan was being stuborun so it is soaking along with the rest.the back came open about 3.16 so the diesel should eb able to get to about everything inside after removing the 5/16 bolts. Drifter
  8. I will have to locate some PB to give her a bath before putting it into th ediesel bath. I found a set screw on the fan as well. The fan housing is held on by 4 slot head screws. The back section was held on by 3 bolts 5/16. I will post some pictures but am in the middle of a siding job here at home in my spare time. I will be gentel with it as I know what broken cast looks like. Some is right down unweldable or dang near anyway. Being I am not a native I will have to leave the seals be Frosty LOL. Drifter
  9. Squirted in a whole can of WD40 most ran back out as was sitting on the face of the fan intake. Guess the seals were ate up or mabe wore out. Lot of nasty looking rust and some water came out. I got the back plate to come loose so fa but now will take the fan housing off to see if can get a puller on the fan. Will leave the WD40 to soak in some more then mabe apply some heat as I apply pressure. The wood is gone from the handle and has a counter wieght ball about 1 1/2 in diameter.The top measurements are 34 1/2 X 22 1/2 inside with about a 3 in lip and slightly shallower across the fire pot area. Drifter
  10. Not found a source here in west central Illinois. Heard an Amish guy by Roseville sells coal. I will have to go hunt him up. Drifter
  11. Bought a Canedy forge Friday. Got it home and started tinkering with the blower as it is locked up tighter then Dick's hatband. Anyone know if the gears are cast in this blower? It appears the fan will have to be pulled off the shaft to finish taking it apart to get to the gears. The rest fo the forge is in pretty good shape for being stored out in the weather for years. One small crack about 3 in long in the bottom but far from it's heart. Still has the original steel tube legs. Drifter
  12. Once Alters moved in the friendly moved out. They have bought out all but one yard in the area. They don't even sell retail steel to the public anymore. What a shame. Drifter
  13. Thanks for the information. Drifter
  14. Sevin garden dust over the entrance hole works wonders on the ground nesters. Apply after dark as they are snoozing. 1 to 2 days and even the queen has croaked. Drifter
  15. Love the looks of the pattern. Where does one aquire the 15N20? Drifter
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