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  1. Have you met Rob Weber from Dewey ?? He is a member and also journeyman smith with the ABS. mike
  2. How many twists did you do on each bar? It looks very nicely done and should make a nice blade. Mike
  3. It seems like somewhere in the distant past there was an article about Daryl Mier (sp) working on some project like that. He did basically a center core with industrial diamonds to see what would happen. Nothing ever came of the end resulsts or not that I ever saw.
  4. I see the first blade is damascus. What mix are you using . It looks very nice and has a different flow to it. Mike
  5. One of many places to look would be chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation- Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation- Quails Unlimited-Pheaseants Forever- There are many chapters that have many educational opportunitiesf or people. Your Wildlife or Conservation Dept of the State Government would point you in the right direction. Mike
  6. It is always nice to see all the different patterns that show up when you do cable. The foreman should really appreciate what you have been able to do . Now they will all be asking for one. Very nice blade very comfortable looking handle and should be a good cutter.