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  1. Glad you liked it and you're welcome. They are a lot of fun to make hopefully you can give it a shot sometime. Thanks a lot, I appreciate that. Thanks for all the great feedback.
  2. Thats a good idea. Yeah my band saw is the converted cheapo portaband but it has variable speed. No problem, glad to give back a little. I've learned alot around here, still learning.
  3. Hey, I'm glad you liked it and got something out of it. Once I got my band saw rigged up it has really become an integral tool. Funny about my anvil, I don't really notice the wobble until I see it on video. It is very solid with downward strikes, its just the lateral hits that make it move. I am going to route some feet on to the next time I go out there, maybe that will help it. Thanks again,
  4. I know there are plenty of Split Cross/Fredricks Cross tutorials. But I actually had a request so I did a quick one on how I do it. I also included a template that I made to scale up or down a few sizes from 3/8" stock, thought someone might find that useful if not the video. And yes, I know I need to get that wobble out of my anvil stump. I keep forgetting about it and its aggravating me, I'm not forging anything else until I do that.
  5. I didnt know anything like this existed anywhere but I checked out that site, pretty cool stuff. Thanks There is a cool pic here: http://www.scotforge.com/Learning-Center/Metalworking-Alternatives
  6. norrin_radd

    Huge Press

    I couldn't see where this had been posted before, maybe I didn't just miss it. Thought ya'll might like it. This kind of stuff just amazes me.
  7. That's a tough one, prayers sent.
  8. She be destined for Davey Jone's locker matey's Yup, like a rock Oh well, I'll figure something out. If I get the gumption up to try another one I may try a hollowed out handle and some foam or great stuff maybe.
  9. Very cool, seems like it needs a motor and some zombies though
  10. That is really nice. These are definitely my favorite anvils.
  11. :) Yeah, more than likely I'll be doing some retrieval from someone's cow pond. Thanks for the comments and input guys. I'll have to check into some floatation/retention mechanisms if it don't float. I'm pretty sure it will be used mainly from the bank but that doesn't mean it wont end up in the drink. Thanks for the gaff profile tip too Frosty. I had looked at several pics to get an idea, the eagle claw makes perfect sense. And I will have to come up with simpler way if I make anymore, that was just an idea that I had turning in my head for a couple of days. At least it motivated me to make a
  12. Very nice, the contrast is just right.
  13. uh..hmmm... I totally didn't think about that. I'll have to check but I got a bad feeling about it. Thanks
  14. My dad asked me if I could make him a gaff to help him out when he catches catfish. Usually eatin size ones in fresh water ponds. So I gave it a shot. I'm pretty sure I made it way more complicated than it needed to be but what the heck, it beats mowing the grass. Used 5/16" rod and treated pine handles. The handles are like knife scales on the t-handle loop. You can kinda see the "full tang" aspect of it in that bottom pic. A while back I got some blue wood stain to fool around with so I tried on this, I think it came out pretty cool. I really didn't know how to make one so I made my very f
  15. I will have to try this, make them easier to find in the grass too.
  16. Thanks, I have a BUNCH of these things. Should be fun forging for a while. I think the next one I will do a vid on is a karambit like this one I made a while back, but with a handle and an edge. Sure wish I could post a link to the heat treat and function test of that throwing knife here, it just does not like it though.
  17. Sounds like you got a pretty good handle on things snailforge. straightrazorplace.com helped me a great deal when I started using straight razors a few years ago, great forum.
  18. Tried to post link to vid but it wont take. Guess there is a limit or something.
  19. Great pattern on that blade. Does the same thing apply to band sawmill blades?
  20. I finally got to see the show and I enjoyed it very much. I was actually able to watch it with a room full of my extended family and everyone seemed to enjoy it. That doesn't happen often. I liked the contest aspect of it. Interesting to see how people with a lot of skill and talent deal with guidelines and the equalizer of the clock. Even pros make mistakes. I ditched my dish a while ago so if its not free on one of the streaming Roku channels I have to buy per episode or season, this first episode was good enough for me to consider buying the next one and possibly the season.
  21. This is the second throwing knife I have forged from a hay mower blade. Posted about it http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/42348-forged-throwing-knife/?_fromLogout=1&_fromLogin=1 I have a final video showing the heat treat and how it throws but at this time the forum will not let me add a reply to that post, but its on my youtube channel if you want to see it.
  22. That is really cool. Would look good in a rustic wooden stand hanging in the corner of the victorious smithy.
  23. I'd watch it, but it'd have to be on Hulu.....
  24. Yeah, its about 2" deep if I remember correctly. I have not had any issues with the depth of my forge at all that I can tell. It gets hot enough that I'll burn something up every once in a while if I'm not paying attention so I guess its good. I got the idea by someone's video of a portable forge that I saw where they used a disc. I have another video that I did of it cleaned out to show my clinker breaker that shows it a lot better. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/41839-clinker-breaker-build-detail/ Yeah that high carbon steel was tuff to weld in there, we didn't know about the pre heat. The
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