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  1. Bought a mig welder, forgot chipping hammer, so I made one. Business end is a rr spike.
  2. "SpankySmith said- I use the living heck out of it, my go-to tool for such jobs. It's one of the few tools in my shop that if it ever broke down I would have to stop everything I was doing and go get another one" ​I feel the same way about mine. They are easy to mod too. I just cut some 7" lengths off of a 20' flat bar to make some shop door hinges yesterday. I like it for that much better than the angle grinder. I saw in one of the local ads this week it was on sale for 70 something, not sure if you could apply the 20% coupon to that. Good luck with it and dont forget safety glasses.
  3. 8 Flanges from lawn mower blades brazed(bronze) to a 18" tapered section of black gas pipe, with 3/4 round solid brazed into a twisted handle, skull crusher pommel. Still need to add a lanyard and to clean it up a bit. This was the first thing I really ever brazed, it needs work but looks cool. It weighs about 6 pounds, so its a little heavy. We're definitely going to make another more nimble one or two. It was harder than I thought it would be though so now I have a better idea of what I need to make one.
  4. ​ It is pretty nice. I don't know how much they would charge but I bet it would be pricey, plus materials. You could probably contact that dude through his youtube and he might have a better idea. Might be better off investing in a used or small welder and see if that's something you want to do. But then I guess there is a lot more to it than just the welding, you have to have a way to cut your material etc.. so it depends on how deep you want to get into it or what you already have. Its definitely not a quick or cheap proposition either. I've been looking at one of those 120v welders I've se
  5. Just to be clear that second video of the brake drum forge is not mine. I do not have that kind of skill and don't want any confusion. I don't know if he is on here but I thought it was worth sharing. But, I don't think I could handle those birds for very long. ;)
  6. Excellent build. Makes me want to get a new table saw so I'll have an old one just laying around
  7. ​Doh! Sorry about that. They didn't show up as thumbnails for some reason so I didn't catch it. I guess I should start taking pics to post too. Thanks for letting me know. This one is mine This one is his
  8. This may look like a rehash video but I had some one ask about how my airflow worked on my forge. So I cleaned it out, took the clinker breaker out and did a short vid of how I made it and how the dimmer works with my blower. I had made a video of my forge before but it was more of an overview of the chimney. And it was full of coal so you couldn't see it that well. This should explain the clinker breaker better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbUTulBeLxM I was going to include some footage of making split crosses since it was Easter. But after the feasting I was in a semi comatose state, I w
  9. Man that's good stuff you guys are killin it out of the gate. Makes me want to go forge!
  10. That came out really nice. Will good hanging in your shop.
  11. Hey thanks a lot for the comment, glad it motivated ya, must of been the music . I actually had it turned for the right hand but I didn't have it lined up the way I wanted when it was held. It wasn't lined up like you would naturally hold it if it was a knife or something, if that makes any sense. To me, turning those hooks is an interesting exercise in 3D thinking. I know what you mean about the southpaws though, I have at least 2 to make. thanks again,
  12. This may be the wrong forum but not sure where would be better, and sorry if its been asked before I didn't find it. I often see large amounts of cheap old silverware, typical stuff like Oneida or cheaper brands, in junk stores and wonder if that stuff can be forged into something else or used for Damascus or something? I know people make stuff out of it like figurines and what not's, but that's not what I'm talking about. Most of it says its stainless. Figured ya'll would know. Thanks
  13. Too funny mine was a throwing knife from a hay mower blade, about a year ago maybe. Sprayed it with self etching auto primer. Made the lame sheath too.
  14. Welcome and I like it! That's a really sharp looking duck! ....Sorry it had to be said. Looking forward to see ya'lls work.
  15. I haven't cut any knife blanks yet but I have cut a good many things, including lawnmover and bush hog blades, with a portable bandsaw rigged vertically with a table mod: Others have mentioned similar setups too. As far as metal cutting bandsaws go this is the cheapest entry level I could find. Good luck.
  16. Very nice shape, looks like it would be comfortable.
  17. norrin_radd

    Home Set up

    That'll work , good job.
  18. I think the demand fueling the high prices is a result of everyone being so connected via the web and this explosion of the "Maker/DYI Culture" .
  19. ​That makes sense. I will remember that on the next one. I've been collecting spikes to make these for thank you gifts for folks that helped on my shop. I'll probably get it right on the very last one thanks
  20. ​Thanks for the comments. Yeah I've picked up on BS's similarities . Its funny my first pinepple twist attempt on piece of scrap bar went ok. But when it counted I kinda blew it. oh well its all part of it. norrin, nice looking combo, turner and opener. Thanks a lot. ​I'll definitely try that next time. For some reason I have this irrational fear of damaging my horn with heavy forging, I just have to get over that.
  21. I made this for a family member. Tried to put a "pineapple" twist in it for a handle, came out a little wonky but it works. Stretched out the spike head into a bottle opener, it actually works. Actually made a video of the transformation just for kicks- fun with timelapse!
  22. Everyone has pretty much given you all the good suggestions so I cant add much. But I can tell you that I get good results out of the bathroom exhaust fan. I show it in a post about my forge, in the forge chimney section under "Video of my new forge and chimney"
  23. Zooker, glad you liked it and by all means go for it. Let us know how it turns out. ​You are very right thanks for mentioning it. I forgot to about that but I too found that out the hard way. If you look in that first pic you can see the cover laying on my bench and you can barely tell that I had cut the corner off(towards the top of the pic) of it so I could get the shavings out. I've also learned that if the blade starts to slip that a little re dressing of the bottom wheel, just enough to get some of the embedded filings out will help alot. I used the long dull edge of a wood chisel. I've
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