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  1. If this has already been posted I apologize, I searched around and didn't see anything. I discovered Thak Ironworks Youtube a while ago. He does some really great work, especially in the sculpture department. Thak started this Chess Set Challenge last year before the "rona" kicked off real good and the set was finally complete earlier this month. Definitely a bright spot of 2020. He did all the big pieces and asked for help from the community to do the pawns in the form of critters. He got some really cool entries from some talented smiths. I think my favorite pawns ar
  2. Actually I made it for my American Star anvil. Its 160+lb and pretty thick at the heel. Gary Huston is the one that made it for the rr track. The link to his video is Iin the original post. When I made this I didn't have any stock big enough to make one for my Hardy hole. So when I saw his video I figure I could pull that off. I figured people use the pritchel to punch holes etc. It should hold up to some light hot cutting. Especially since it has a big nut sitting on the top of the anvil to help disperse energy and no pressure pushing from the inside of the hole, like some Hardy tools I
  3. Yeah, I was just a noob, still am I guess compared to most here. I made it out of what I had with what skills I had just to get a quick hot cut for the small stuff I use. Actually turned out better than I expected. Doesn't make any sense to hot cut when the piece is cold so I don't Anyway, still use it regularly, no problems works great. Thanks for commenting. Carry on.
  4. I had been a few times in 2013-2014 and I enjoyed it. But I know what you mean about free time. I have a hard enough time getting few hours in the shop on the weekends, let alone a full day for a road trip. I'd like to go back soon though. I've been looking at that Treadle for the same reasons as well. I sure would like to see it in action first though. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. I actually sent them an email a few weeks ago and asked them if they knew of any videos of one in operation. The lady responded very politely that she did not know of any but they had been asking for some. I would really like to see a detailed video of one in operation myself. I've only been able to find a few references of people that have used them and said they like them. You ever go to the MS Forge Council meetings in Jackson?
  6. Hey E.M. I hate to drag up old threads but I'd like to see the pics of the tongs you made based of the ones in the A Craven video. Have you posted them anywhere else since the new software lost them? Thanks
  7. Here is the latest K.S.O. I made from a hmb (hay mower blade). Still a little rough but I was happy with it. The one pic shows my cardboard mock up I was trying to go for, inspired by the CRKT minimalist knives, came close. First time I tried a tapered tang too. I did some tests on this one after heat treating. I dropped it on its tip on concrete from about 5.5' and it didn't bend, I did feel a little rough spot with my finger nail. I got it shaving sharp and have been cutting all manner of things with it for 3 days, paper, cardboard, whittleing hardwood sticks etc. It seems to be holdin
  8. took me a minute but I see what ya did there LOLz
  9. Glad you didn't get hurt. I grew up in "Beachy" atmosphere wearing flip flops and shorts pretty much exclusively. Since I've moved out to the country I almost never wear shorts or sandals/flip flops anymore, unless I'm not planning to leave the house. Found out early on that Its just not worth it.
  10. Hey thanks. I've watched a few videos of people training with them and it is a very interesting style. I'm not knowledgeable in the different disciplines though.. I thought about making a dull trainer version, I did poke a nice hole in my forearm with this one, and that was before I sharpened it.
  11. Hey prevenge, thanks for the great info. I'm with ya on that last paragraph too
  12. Well I guess he got his point across! I was already thinking about making something small that I could carry and see how it holds up to my commercially made pocket knife. I've got a lot to learn still too. As a side note, I made a quick little bottle opener out of one of these mower blades and gave to a visitor, sadly didn't get a pic. So as for the hay blade challenge it doesn't have to be a knife. Like Nacho Libre said about a grown man wearing stretchy pants, "Its for fun"
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