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  1. That's the reason why i wear a glove on my tong hand , so it does not smell like burnt pig.
  2. Went out to get milk, first thing i know i lost one hour driving around for garage sale. Everything for around 35$ .
  3. It sound more like the shipping was the problem and not the actual product.
  4. Wow that's a great design. When is the firs production model coming out ?.
  5. Really nice, I alwais wandered how does it work with Kydex sheath when the tip of the blade is larger than the base. Does it just spread the top of the sheet until it reach the right spot? Does it mean that the whole sheath spread open when pulling the blade out ?
  6. Really nice blade design, i like the handle a lot.
  7. i also notice this and when you see the replay you can notice that the angle of the blade is not totally perpendicular to the bungee cord when Doug try to slice them. I don't see those bungee being cut without a back and fort slicing motion witrh the cord resting on a hard surface.
  8. They needed a winner and i think that the judges had to chose the best of the worse. i kind of agree when they said that a bent sword can be repair but not a broken one.
  9. wow, nice and detailed build. Great job.
  10. Is it really that bad to let the files touch each other? I might need to consider a better storage solution for my files then.
  11. I got my burner in the mail only 2 weeks after i ordered it it was really fast shipping. I orderedt the whole connection kit but in the end i use the regulator that i already had and connected the hose with a barb fitting. This thing is a beast, in the video i only used around 5 psi and the roar was crazy. https://youtu.be/Olr91GpleWU
  12. Just bought one of their new burner with all the connection kit just before Christmas. Waiting for it to be delivered, i<m building the rest of the forge myself but i wanted to get a good burner.
  13. Power tools. Angle grinder, press drill, belt sander, Bench Grinder, Tool: A good drill bit set, Tap and Die set, Files, Bench vise, Blacksmith Vise, So many choices.
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