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  1. Amazing. Great work all the way around. Wasn't someone asking how to make these awhile ago? I couldn't find it but hopefully whoever it was will see this. There is a lot to learn in this video.
  2. Spoiler alert I thought that fight was killer! I was amazed at how fast Icewave's blade could get back up to speed. Dude! The last fight when Nightmare obliterated that one mini bot in a ball of flames we lost our freakin minds! It was pretty late, my wife was not happy.
  3. Just a pair of down and dirty quick flat tongs I made using Swallow Forge's Youtube video.
  4. That's pretty cool. They had a couple of people from the original in the first episode. I had actually started to design a bot a looooong time ago, still have my old cad files. Might be time to start it now that I have a shop. Just got to get the bank roll part of it figured out, and take a sabbatical from work.
  5. They have brought back one of my all time favorite shows! http://abc.go.com/shows/battlebots Now if we can just get them to bring back Junkyard Wars!
  6. I'd like to participate, but I dont think I could do ya'll justice and be that committed. Nothing worse than a no show, especially if he's supposed to bring the pizza. I hope that ya'll do have it available to non players to follow, I have a feeling it will be epic.
  7. Great thread! I will have to keep this link ready to paste when ever I see someone using just an old mundane slab of track. I have been tripping over a piece of track just about this size in my shop for a couple of weeks planning to make a post anvil, this is definitely some great inspiration. Looks really handy.
  8. That is a beautiful bellows. This one of the many things on my list to make. Got plans to start with a smaller one. Do you know when that series will start? You'll have to let us know when it will be on air.
  9. ​My first response to "RPG" was also an image of one of the original "Wolverines" taking out the Cuban invaders with a repurposed RPG. That was probably my first introduction to them and it still pops up in my mind. Coincidentally is also about the same time that I started playing the RPG's that you were talking about, that should qualify as old school. But no coffee stained rule books in my case. For me it was flashlights and an overcrowded tent out in the woods late at night, I started playing when I was in the scouts about 30yrs ago. Usually started out at a table under a tarp. Then would m
  10. This is part 2 the grinding. Not much to it, not near as cool as the forging, but I just wanted to show my whole process. IMHO grinding knives is a lot like baseball. Pretty fun when you're out there doing it, but a real snoozer when you're watching someone else do it on tv. No offense to any baseball fans, or knife makers.
  11. Nice score and good job on the restoration.
  12. ​ I got the idea to do the pineapple twists from Gary Huston's video a while ago. He has alot of good videos.. I tried using the 4" chisel but didn't like it as much as using a handled hot cut. I may have to work on the cutting edge or something.. In my post about that "Salvaged Grilling Fork" I put a link to the vid I did of it and the first 3 1/2 minutes of it is pretty much a close up me attempting a pineaplle twist at about 3x speed. It didn't come out perfect but its better than my last one.
  13. Good job on being involved with your son. Clay is also a good learning tool especially for kids. It works similar to hot steel, better when its cold. Brian Brazeal had some youtube vids on working with clay for practice. Have fun with it.
  14. I did think it was an interesting video once they got into his shop. I only watched it once and the knife making was a little over my head, but I liked the old world feel of the work. And that grinding wheel was pretty cool. Been watching a lot Grimm lately so I half expected him to "volge" into something
  15. Really good for a first knife, set the bar pretty high off the bat. I like the way you shaped the butt end of it too, would be a cool looking makers mark, kinda tribal-ish.
  16. Hey thanks! Never heard it called that but I like it. Yeah, over the years there has been quite an accumulation of rusty things around here. Makes all my mistakes a little less painful on the pocket book
  17. Last year I made this throwing knife from a hay mower blade. I did a quick slideshow/video on it. It throws good enough for me. Had someone ask if I was going to do a vid on how I forged it. So I decided to try to make another one. Also got me to thinking about the couple of other knives that I have made out of these mower blades( karambit, viking/blacksmith ) I intend to try videos of those too, just for grins. So if you have 21 minutes to kill watching a newb hammer hot steel, I got ya covered.
  18. Thanks for the comments guys. I actually have one or two spikes currently, and those already have spoken for projects. I think I have a line on somebody that has some locally though, I just got to get off my tail and get them. Going to see if he might trade for some mower blades. On a semi related note I just found out that the local ACE hardware is closing its doors this week and everything is 1/2 off. Sad in a way,but by the time I found out it had almost been picked clean. But there was still alot of the various mild steel tidbits left in there bin so I might hit that up for some stuff to h
  19. Thanks Jim! Might be awhile for the hole grilling set. I need more spikes.
  20. Thanks man. Yeah, I thought the handle was a little short for normal forks, so I made up for it I with longer meaner looking ones.
  21. I was making a flux spoon out of a rr spike. I broke the bowl off trying to shape it. I think I went about the whole process backwards. Anyway thats for another post. I was left with a pretty cool handle so I made a grilling fork out of it for a buddy of mine. Came out pretty cool, now his father in law wants one.
  22. Those are gorgeous. I made the mistake of showing this to my wife, now she wants me to maker her some.
  23. I'll have to find some that's not so rusty. I know the basic loop is the most secure. I was just wanting something for like a small boot knife type sheath, or something you could grab quick and just tuck in/on your waist band. On one sheath I made I harvested a clip from an old cheap shot shell holder, worked ok. But I wanted to see if I could make one to fit. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Do you think 1/8" is too thin or thick? thanks for the advice.
  24. Hey, I want to try to make a belt clip to incorporate in a knife sheath. I know that I need some sort of spring steel. I have an over abundance of used large band saw blades from a portable sawmill. They are about 1 1/2 wide maybe, aggressive teeth. If I cut that into the size strips I wanted could I use that? If so what would be the proper way to heat treat and temper to get the spring tension needed? Or any other suggestions? Thanks
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