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  1. That is pretty amazing. Gets you thinking.
  2. Knife came out really nice! I always like a little of the file textur left on. Great job
  3. Awwww yeeeaahh. That's a great idea. Thanks! Ok thanks for that advice as well. There may be enough material to make a couple of things. Great comments, gave me a lot to consider. Thanks everybody.
  4. Hey, I get what you're saying. Seems like I should try to make something worth while from this though. I'm not in a hurry so I guess I'll research it some more. Thanks for the advice.
  5. "Willful Suspense of Disbelief" engaged... I do enjoy some "Walking Dead" so I have to go with the traumatic brain damage. That's why I liked the spike. C4 would be fun to have, probably have to save it for the "living" marauders though. "It's just for fun" I can't say that without sounding like "Nacho Libre"
  6. Hey after messing around with it I took your advice and went ahead and added a "handle". I went with a section of pipe. It's still hot but felt alot better even with a welding glove. I did the crappy looking welds on purpose to keep it in character Anyway since you said you liked it I thought I would post this. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys, I call myself searching here, guess I didnt get my wording right sorry. Shoulda googled it too. , I got that site bookmarked now. I havent tried to spark test it yet but I will tomorrow. Thanks
  8. Hopefully I haven't already asked this, but I did search. I've got this piece of a steering mechanism to an old international tractor.That main shaft is about 1 3/4" in dia. Would this make good hammer material and if so anyone have an idea how much would I need to cut off for a 4lb rounding hammer? The other end is kind of tapered. I thought about making a drift or something out of it. thanks gurus !
  9. Thanks for the advice. I did put a piece of scrap plate under it after I got a good line. I need to make something a little more secure though. thanks for the heads up on the book can never have enough info. thanks I had thought about doing something like that. My idea was to get a small section of pipe a make it kinda oval then put it over the bar and pinch the ends around the bar then weld it. But I decided against it to try to keep the weight down. I might do something with it one day. Someone suggested paracord, I'm not feeling that though. Seems like it would get slick with zombie co
  10. Hey all, I made a pretty fun zombie apocalypse tool. I used an old crowbar and a piece of a weird bush hog type blade. The blade was short, wide with a "dog leg" bend in it and had two mounting holes but it was very hard, didn't get a pic of it. Anyway, I thought it came out decent, thought I'd show ya'll. And just in time for Halloween! The forged spike is about 9"+- . The blade is inspired by one in the Elder Scrolls video game. Its basically a short halberd. It really helped out with my #vampirezombiecoconuts infestation. Posted a build video to enter in another channels giveaway conte
  11. Mine is probably my portaband, mig welder a close second. I have tried to make a hold down similar to those but it didn't come out right.
  12. This is the grinder I'm just not sure the bottom wheel was intended to be used as a contact wheel to be honest. But I have used it as such and some times its hard to do any finish work on it because there is no "cushion" and it will leave some deeper grind marks than I like. So I thought if I could get at least a little bit of a layer of urethane in there it would help that out. I half way looked at trying to replace the wheel but I think it would be more trouble than its worth. Probably just be better off building a decent grinder. Basically I'm just trying to put that off Thanks for the su
  13. Yeah, I was concerned about it coming of too. Sure would be nice if I could figure out a way to use it. I might just have to make a smaller contact wheel out of an old skateboard wheel or something. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Hey, I've got a Craftsman 2x42 grinder. I also have a 1/16" +- thick x 2" wide piece of urethane that I would like to add to the larger drive wheel to make sort of a contact wheel. Its just bare metal now. I was thinking about epoxying it on there, would there be a better way to do it.
  15. Good job on it. I guess there was a noticeable difference working with the bigger material this time?
  16. That's kind of what I thought as well. But the jaws are completely flat. I thought that farriers tongs usually had a divot or dent in them?
  17. I couldn't really tell how they might be used for buttons. I didn't know they were soldered. I thought might could use the for small stuff but I think they're too short. Thanks
  18. These are labeled "button tongs" Are these for smithing?
  19. Looks like you have a real sweet setup and know how to use it. Great video too. Thanks for sharing that.
  20. I think it looks good, especially for such a small stock in a coal forge. It would look good on some leather cord. I have had one already cut in 1/4" for a couple of weeks that I haven't gotten around to opening up yet. I'll probably "cheat" and try it in the gasser when I go to work on some others Those in Spanky's pic are really nice.
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