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  1. I made one out of a rail road spike a while back. Works pretty good and I didn't have to do anything to one end. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38833-chipping-hammer/ Recently I started making one out of a tire iron, kept the pry end too. I haven't finished the handle on it yet though, life has been keeping me out of the shop. I haven't used it really but my taper did come out better on it. Tire irons seem to be pretty sturdy. good luck with it.
  2. Very nice I like it. I made my first real letter opener a few weeks ago. One deference I noticed from making knife blades is that on a letter opener the bade needs to be very thin and flat, at least 3" - 4" of it, to open envelopes easy. Not that I'm an expert at either but it was just an observation from the one I made. You should have no trouble transitioning to knives though. Good luck with it.
  3. thanks. I thought it came out pretty good. I want to experiment with that kind of twist a little bit more.
  4. I like the Trewax too. I actually made some half and half trewax/beeswax for the last bottle openers I made. I liked how it coated. I just heated up hot to the touch. I think the next time I will put them in the toaster over for a few minutes at a low heat.
  5. Thanks! I saw that video a long time ago too, inspired me to try them.
  6. Thanks ausfire. Actually they are from 1" x 3/16"
  7. I like the dragons! I started making some Bulldog openers: Me and my son have make a few of these together, good times.
  8. Me and my son watch this together and we are both getting pretty good at calling out mistakes, usually in the heat treat. Not that we could do any better but we've learned a lot from this forum and other places too, and tinkering at the forge. Not to mention the fact that its usually the same mistakes over and over. Being an "Armchair Mastersmith" is pretty entertaining . One of the main things I do like about the show is that they mix up the experience levels a little bit. We are looking forward to the "Fire and Iron" show as well.
  9. That's what I did and it works great.
  10. Hey thanks for the comments! Have at it, no need to ask permission. Don't worry about credit or anything either. If that makes you feel awkward you can just mention this thread or the YouTube video and/or channel. But honestly it's not necessary, really. Just let me know if you make something similar, I'd like to see it. Thanks again.
  11. Yeah that sounds like it will work good for you. I do small stuff too, for now anyway. I hope to be able to do more now that I'm not dependent on coal. Good luck to you too. Thanks Frosty, i appreciate the info too. I guess I'll be looking for some Zircopax. I plan on trying some welds sooner than later.
  12. Hey thanks man! It was fun way to practice a little MIG welding. The outside of the muffler is approximately 9"x7". The inside of the finished Forge is about 5"x3 1/2"with the 4" brick floor. Can't wait t fire it up this weekend!
  13. Thought I'd show ya'll the gas forge I finally made. I used a half of an old muffler for the shell and my Atlas Knife Company 100k btu burner, I think its the Graham Forge model on there website. I made the base out of 10 gauge and 1" angle Lined it with 2" of ceramic wool, I think it compacted a little when I put the rigidizer on it though. I have a fire brick for the floor. Then coated all of it a few layers of "Fireworks" brand kiln wash. Welded 2" angles to hold the firebrick doors. I welded a couple of pieces of pipe, around 5/8" ID from front to back to hold a sl
  14. ok, gives me a direction to go for. I appreciate it.
  15. Hey all, Probably a dumb question and I call myself searching for the answer. Anyway, I'm pretty much done with a new gas forge build and I thought I would add a thermometer just for grins, kind of an after thought. But I'm not sure of the best way to install it. I've used it a few times and the rigidzer is cured with an added layer of kiln wash, I may add another thin coat. Should I just drill a hole toward the base and insert the thermocoupler or put it in through one end or what? Does positioning make a difference? Point me to the thread with all the answers, cuz I couldn't find i
  16. That is a great looking hat rack. Very well done!
  17. Great pics! One question that I cant seem to find an answer too. Does the indention in the base directly under the hardy hole have a purpose for the end user?
  18. I was thinking something similar! Does look like cool bear armour. Great sculpture, thanks for sharing the build pics too.
  19. Good one Frosty! Merry Christmas too everyone.
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