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  1. We are just starting out and this is our first decent anvil setup. I'm sure it will evolve as we progress.
  2. Well I installed my "anvil" in its stand this weekend. I removed my rr track and hobby anvil from the old weight bench that I had them mounted too and the 2x9.5x28 plate slid down in it perfectly. I braced it with a couple of 1x4's and it is firmly on the ground, maybe a little bit "in" the ground. I made a post to mount the half round to. I think I need shorten it to use as a hardy. This gives it a very stable platform and its all recycled stuff. The plate has a real nice ring to it and I knocked the edges down a bit with a polishing wheel on an angle grinder. I started on a pair of tong
  3. I went out and got a pic of it, cropped it to the cutouts: It weighs about 129lbs. Funny story about the cutouts, when I paid for it I didn't know it had them nether did the seller, it was on the bottom of a stack. The guy felt bad about it and gave me a dozen 3/4 x 4' round stock, about a 20" piece of I beam and 2' of 4" angle iron. Lesson learned but at least we got some stuff to beat on. I wasn't concerned about it and was just going to put that end down. This may sound stupid, but then I got to thinking if that fine zig zag cut would have some adverse affect when striking. I woul
  4. I get your point. But I am not familiar at all with power hammers. Are you suggesting something along the lines of what was mentioned in this >post by macbruce? Cut it and "laminate" into more of a pillar? I 'm not familar with the "simple bolt/socket combination" either I will research it. I appreciate the replies. I need to post a pic of actual slab, maybe I can tonight. Its actually about 28" long but it has 2 rectangluar cutouts toward one end about 2x4 each, with a fine zig zag starter cut if you will, from the edge to get to them. I wonder if thats an issue and if I should cut it
  5. Hey thanks for the quick reply. I like the idea about welding the structural steel for the hardy hole. I was set on using the 2x9 end for my striking surface then I started to second guess that after looking around some more. We'll probably start using it that way and see how it does, that would be the quickest option too. Now I just have to engineer a stand that will hold that monstrosity up! thanks
  6. Hey All, My son and I are just getting into blacksmithing as a hobby. We've got access to a decent shop with welders and we modified a forge from a homemade hand crank deal we found, we just added a bathroom vent fan and it seems to work pretty good. The thing we really lack is an good anvil. We have a small cast hobby anvil, a 8" piece of rail, and a chunk of steel that looks like this its about 10"x6" maybe +/-20lbs. It has a hole in it and it works ok I just havent taken the time to mount it right, I just have it wedged on a 2x6. I have no idea what its original purpose was. Anyway, a
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