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  1. This was my first "Anvil" http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38038-side2/ Just a piece of 2" plate on end, with a few customization's, its a drop from a local steel fabricator. Since I did eventually find a "real anvil" I may turn this into a striking anvil. Don't limit yourself.
  2. Its really hard to beat Autocad but it is pricey. I have had some success with sketchup, I liked the older version better, 8 I think. I have demo'd Microsoft Visio years ago and it had potential but I dont think its as good as sketchup for the money. If you're going to buy something Id go with AutoCAD LT.
  3. Welcome from another novice. There is alot of info here and a great place to learn. Have fun.
  4. I found this at an antique mall for a buck. I say tong(ish) because they may not be tongs at all. Figured I'd try to find out before I turned them into something else. The ends are shaped differently.
  5. That is a great idea. Might be my next tool to try to make. thanks
  6. Member Kette commented on the pic in my gallery about the hot cut possibly damaging the hardy hole by using it diagonally. Should I try to upset it more at the base and try to make fit the entire hardy better or sit flatter on the anvil? When I insert it in at 90 degrees its just a little too narrow and has alot of slop. I used it, and it cuts just fine and wasn't hard to make, but I dont want to damage my anvil in the long run. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Co worker gave me an auger tooth he found. I made a hot cut out of it. My first attempt at forge welding was to get those pegs together and I think it came out pretty good. Tapered the edge, and heat treated in oil. Works good so far, fits better on a diagonal. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38678-hot-cut-hardy-tool-from-auger-tooth-ready-for-action/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38677-hot-cut-hardy-tool-from-auger-tooth/ I haven't posted much lately but I have been in the process of building a shop. I basically got it built just laying out the inside now. You can kin
  8. I forge welded the legs together and tapered the edge. That was the first time I ever tried to forge weld.
  9. Thanks for the advice. That pic was a little misleading, I thought those where grinding wheels too. But when I pulled it down I saw that they were actually the back of the guards. Its a Western Auto Wizard brand with a wire brush and a double conical shaped stone. The motor is a Fairbanks & Morse 1/2 hp 1725 rpm needs a new capacitor. Still a pretty cool find.
  10. Dad called and said he found something in the attic space of his storage shed and wanted to know if I was interested. He cant move it but I got him to text me a pic. Lived there 8 yrs and just now looked up there, glad he did. If it works it should make a nice grinder for my shop.
  11. Saw this one yesterday, seemed kinda funny to me: "vtg tool miniature railroad spike hammer sales sample / blacksmith hole puncher" Just kinda throwing anything in there to get views I guess, asking 199.99, unless I'm missing something I just don't see it.
  12. Great vid and nice tongs. I liked the "kiss" blocks too. I am planning on building a guillotine tool and had wondered if something like that would work. Nice to see some in action.
  13. I'm just a newb but I bought a bathroom exhaust fan from a big box hardware store for about 20 bucks to use in my coal forge. It works well enough to burn the tip off of a rr spike. :( I did have one of those bounce around things for kids to jump in with what I think would be an awesome blower, but I sold it like a month before I got into this, doh!
  14. Thanks, the length on that crank shaft was perfect and it adds a lot of weight. I have been eyeballin that crank shaft in a scrap pile for years. I probably should take some better pics of it and post in the vise section. The angle in that anvil pic may make it look a little weird, it may be that the distinct Star anvil shape makes it seem that way too. I made a base for it from an old creosote pole and some 2x6's screwed to the top of it to get support out to the anvil feet, the pole was just a little shy of being big enough. Its kind of ugly but gets it off the floor. I have a possible
  15. The main reason I went back for it is because I had researched it on this site and found out its history, thanks for the info. I took a my drill with a wire brush to it a little bit and the face does look a lot better. Cant wait to get a stand made and start using it. Thanks again for all the advice.
  16. I finally bit the bullet and bought me an anvil. Its a 150+lb Star I think its in pretty good shape. It is probably in the best shape of any I've seen in person. But the top is not very smooth, and the edges don't have a real uniform radius, no radius at all mostly. What should I do to this anvil, if anything, before I start to use it? http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38405-americanstar150/ Thanks
  17. norrin_radd


    'bought in South MS", typo in note
  18. This is my first real anvil. 150lb Star with the oval hole in the bottom. Edges are nice a little pitting and the horn tip is a little messed up. But I like it. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38405-americanstar150/ Here it is next to my vise and homemade stand. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38406-vise-with-homemad-stand/
  19. norrin_radd

    Vise with homemad stand

    Nice post vise with a stand I made from an old v6 Chevy crankshaft. 150lb Star Anvil
  20. norrin_radd


    150lb Star Anvil. Bought in Sough MS. Has the oval chamber up through the bottom. A little pitting but nice edges and the horn tip was mangled a little. Has been painted silver.
  21. Well then...thanks for the reality check. You've given me something to think about. I actually had wanted to make a guillotine a while ago, probably a better use for it. I may have let my desire to make a huge knife cloud my judgement. Every time I thought about it I knew it was going to be a huge pain. Thanks for all the advice.
  22. I had thought about making one that thick but I was afraid it would be too heavy for backpacking type useage. I was shooting for at least a 12" blade. I might try the first one at the 3/8" though. There is plenty of material in that blade for 2. thanks for the replies.
  23. I came across an old bush hog blade similar to this: The end of it is worn more to blunt point but its the basic same thing. I thought this would be good to make one or two big Kukri's out of, my first ones, but I think its a little too thick at a 1/2". Im still a newb, so my dumb question is should I just heat it up and start beating on it with my regular 3lb forging hammer or should I use something like a flatter to try to get it to around 1/4" thick before I start to get the kukri shape that I want. I dont have a power hammer and have never used a flatter so I thought I would just se
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