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    Hi, I have been a member on IFI for three years and had problems logging on and had to lose my original account and start a new one!
    I have been blacksmithing since 2009 as a hobby.
    It has become a passion for me and I light the forge in any spare time I have.....simples.

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  1. Hi Gunnut, I got hold of some huge fork tines and have used them for all sorts. Even made power hammer dies out of them using nothing but a grinder. So long as the steel is hot they work fine. Great for making tongs to. Have fun.
  2. Been trying to post this about your propane torches but the post never shows up?  Deiced to send you a PM

    Just a few ideas thought might help.

    Here is a good video on using a propane torch by smith equipment.


    When I set up my propane cutting torch I did a lot of research, not a lot of information out about propane cutting torches. I'm lucky because I have a real good local welding shop. Here is a few things I learned.

    My shop put a more sensitive spring in my gas regulator because propane runs at a lower presure.

    You should have a hose rater for propane and other gasses a little more money then a stander hose.

    Not all torches can be used with propane, something to do with the way the torch mixes the gas. The welding shop explained it to me but when over my head. 

    You need a special propane tip. For my victor torch they are GPN Series (Propane/Nautral Gas) tips.

    Gas pressure charts are different for propane compared to Acetylene.

    Hope things are working better.  

  3. Yes Josh I like this! What material do you use for it? Looks like sheet steel. Well done looks great.
  4. Thank you Jim, They certainly look like the do the job. I especially like the punch set up with various punches and one holder. Good on you!!
  5. Yes, come on Jim. I am kind of stuck for ideas on my fly press too. We do love photos!!! Lots of thanks in advance.
  6. Nice work Mark, the longer punch will keep you more composed when punching hot. When using the short square punch a gloved hand is better than a burnt hand. Have fun in the snow!
  7. Your dad did good Frosty, Familiarity really does breed contempt. What happened the other day really did frighten the stuff out of me. Always aware of the dangers of gas and air but I tend to push it to the back of my mind. Guess a lot of us do this to carry on. If we worried too much about the dangers in any forge and the "what if" nothing would get done (at least not in my forge). The lesson here for me is THINK! Even with all the safety equipment things can go wrong. Very wrong. I would like to thank all of you who have commented on this post. IFI ROCKS!!!
  8. Good on you Jim, I am looking forward to seeing your ideas! Thanks.
  9. Does IFI bin old posts photos. If a older post has "post" and then a numerical code in blue I can't open them.
  10. Yes I agree but in a bonfire in the middle of a field......... not so bad.
  11. Yes I know this is an old post but want to add to it. I use an old 1/2" drive socket set. Fabricated a base plate with various spaced square 1/2" holes and bingo. Bending jig that fits in my vice. And before health and safety jump on my back the sockets were chrome vanadium coated but it has carefully been burned off all sockets. Works a treat with the variety of sizes!
  12. Frosty I don't believe you when you say you don't have many friends and you definitely don't chat BS! I appreciate everything (well almost) you say. As for shut down its always Propane first and oxy a few seconds after. Is this ok? I will ring BOC today and speak with them. They are the UK's biggest gas supplier to the commercial industry and don't deal with Joe public. There is a purpose attachment in the head of the torch to allow the heating tip to be screwed on so I assumed it was a good set up but now you still have me doubting it!! Cheers friend (of many)!! Fro
  13. Hi Frozen, I bought the set up from BOC British Oxygen Company. The fella there has been there forever and knew what he was talking about. What do you think? Hi Frosty, you've got me worried now. Ive only got a "pre set" regulator at the Propane end and it cannot be set at any pressure! Although I have got flash back arrestors on both oxy and propane. Also I do have the proper hoses for propane as I know propane eats acetylene hose material. As far as I knew the set up was good as I bought it all through the BOC. The cutting torch set up seemed fine and I needed to press the
  14. Hi again, the Propane bottle is stood up sight with the regulator up the top so it couldn't have been liquid gas. It kind of sprayed out when I opened the oxygen tap on the torch. I try not to wear gloves so the handle wasn't hot when I put the torch down and no soot about either. It's possible it was heat transfer from the tip (hadn't thought of that) but it was almost too hot to touch. I have used the torch again briefly today with no problem. That was after I removed the tip and had a look. Nothing! The only conclusion I can come up with is there was a burn back within the t
  15. Hi Alan, thank you for your reply. I bought the set up from BOC last time I was back in the UK. I told them what I wanted eg, a new torch with a Propane heating tip and the fella came out with a meter long neck (from torch to heating tip attachment) my reply was wow that's far to big so they gave me what's in the attached photo. It is a cutting torch with a propane heating tip. Defiantly for propane as they ordered it specially for me. Shut down is always fuel first and a few seconds after oxygen to allow the tip to cool a tad. I am no expert when it comes to gas and
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