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  1. Debra, I'm not an authority on this. That being said, I think vacuuming it out will be fine. The dangers of this are in handling and being exposed to airborne fibers long term on a daily basis. Hope this helps, LouieIV
  2. Well keep up the good work. Looks like you've got a knack for it. -LouieIV
  3. Wow! amazing first effort. Beautiful knife. You say 'first forged knife' just wondering if you've done stock removal before? Either way great job! -LouieIV
  4. How big is it? It looks much bigger that a file . Pics can be deceiving sometimes. Pretty cool looking, thanks for sharing. -LouieIV
  5. I just put the first coat of ITC-100 on and I'm wondering if I need to let it dry completely before firing it?
  6. Thanks. The pics were just too big, they prefer thumbnails that you click on and they blow up. -LouieIV
  7. Hmmm, these didn't come up as thumbnails? I uploaded to the gallery and then linked to the gallery pics and this is how they came out. I won't post any more until I can get them to thumbnail. Sorry dial up people. -LouieIV Edit: I just uploaded straight from my HD and they came out fine.
  8. Here are a few pics of my completed propane forge build. -LouieIV
  9. LouieIV

    forge pt. 7

    Being put to use. First item I'm making is a pair of tongs.
  10. LouieIV

    forge pt. 6

    The Smithy
  11. LouieIV

    forge pt. 5

    First curing run.
  12. LouieIV

    forge pt. 4

    A view of the back.
  13. LouieIV

    forge pt. 3

    Lined with Inswool and first coat of Satanite.
  14. LouieIV

    forge pt.2

    Checking burner fit and angle.
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