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  1. Bryn athyn college is a beautiful campus with a real nice blacksmith shop. Consider taking one of the workshops they offer. Blacksmithing, stone carving and stained glass. I've attached a few pictures of the ironwork on campus. It's a real hidden gem More pictures from Bryn Athyn All ironwork is in Monel
  2. @ basher. Your saying forge welding promotes skin cancer on the hands and arms from the uv light ? Or the spatter? there is no UV light from forge welding its IR
  3. On the last striker that looks snail like. What's the rivet washer thing? Iron and steel? Decoration? I'm feeling it. Nice job
  4. Looks good! Care to explain how? All one piece? Size of stock started with?
  5. And.... Make the top half of the socket lap over the bottom half of the socket on both sides making the top half bigger leaving more metal to raise up during the socket drifting operation.
  6. Actually the bick was rectangle and then the socket was drifted into the 5 sided triangular shape
  7. When I made my goose wing I used 2 halves for the socket and welded the sides. The poll was laid in between the socket sides and the blade in between the sides up front. then the edge was steeled on the bottom side. Need to make triangular shaped drift and bick to get the socket welded and shaped up
  8. Get American axe by Kaufman it has a diagram.
  9. You need lots of hammers. How many clubs does a golfer use? and they are just hitting a dumb white ball
  10. Hey smooth bore where u from? I live next door to hopewell furnace personally
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