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  1. it took me 2 months of free time:) cca 650x400mm...
  2. thanks for all your comments:) I hope it will stay there forever:)
  3. just a small street "example" of blacksmithing art:)
  4. thanks, I'm glad you like my work... its just a hobby, a few hours a week:)
  5. iron + bronze rivets, the square - cca 50x50cm...
  6. you will, Im sure:)
  7. thanks, Jacob:)
  8. maybe one day:)
  9. thanks for your comment:) I underestimated the amount of material, so I couldnt bring it to the bottom, but I planned to do it just as you wrote:)
  10. hello, its welded from behind... just 4 screws into the wall... these pieces should imitate needlework:)
  11. its just a small grill for basement window...