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Found 20 results

  1. Dos anyone know where a fella could find something from which to make an anvil suitable for a 40-60 pound power hammer? I live in Mechanicsville, VA and was thinking maybe the shipyards in Norfolk would be a good starting point but most scrap yards I contacted are "Single-Contract Sellers" and can't sell me even so much as an old rusty nail. Any help would be welcomed. Bill
  2. I found a few of these near the railroad tracks in my town and I was wondering what kind of steel they are. Once I get a forge and make some tongs, I plan on making some knives out of them and other railroad scraps. Here are a couple photos, including a spark test:
  3. Hello all. I want to ask anyone if they know what what kind of steel would be common to find in a scrapyard, but grade enough to make a hammer. Ive been doing some minor smithing at a local shop for a few months now, and I think it’s time to make my own hammer. I’ve read articles saying 1045, 4130, 4140, are some of the better steels for hammers. 1045 seems to be a particular favorite amongst smith’s. So here is my question, when I go to the scrap yard, what should I be looking for? What are some applications of some of the metals mentioned above, and does anyone have an specific example about a piece of scrap they turned into a hammer? Any info would really help. Thanks all!
  4. Hello all! My first post here so bare with me. I hope this is the correct area for this post. I am currently melting down copper scrap into solid 5 pound copper ingots. Everything is going well and really I am just fine tuning the forge and switching over to a forced all burner right now. What I am REALLY after is making a wire granulator, it basically just chops up wire into rice sized pieces. If I wanted to buy one it would be several thousands and would much rather make one of my own. Could anyone help with some plans? I have made several attempts at it but isn't that easy I have found out. Does anyone on this site have any experience or tips? I can make a lot of things but I seem to be wasting my time with this one. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Okay so please some help me.....I feel weird and creepy but it's worth it. If anyone is willing to teach my younger brother he's 37 what you know or just let him have someone to talk to I would appreciate it SO MUCH!!! I talk too much so....I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any questions I don't mind answering any questions. I just feel like the older nosy sister who has posted some ad on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for her brother. So please don't make me regret this....
  6. Not too long ago I found an old cast steel bar buried near a house. This bar is about 5" square and 20" long with a loop at the end and a broken section at the rear. I asked around about what it was and the best answer I've gotten is that it's some sort of counter weight. I've used this as an ASO without much issue. Is there someone who may know what this piece actually is and wether it's safe to use while forging?
  7. Hello all, I came across a scrap pile by the side of road and found a couple transmission shafts. After taking off the boots and taking them apart, I ended up with a couple of 12 inch shafts. I've got a couple of questions. 1. What type of metal could these be? I don't have a set of samples to spark test so I'm just looking for a general idea. 2. The rods have a long grooves at either end. Should I grind these off before I forge or should I be able to hammer them in. Thanks for any help.
  8. Ok I'm starting a new hobby hope to make a few hunting style knives myself. I'm hoping to keep the cost down at this point so salvaging and reusing parts as much as possible. I been collecting parts I believe are necessary. So far I have, 1. Big old anvil and assorted mini sledge hammers. 2. Used freon gas tank. Planning on fabbing a propane forge. Pretty much getting ideas off you tube. (Is it to thin?) 3. Motor for belt sander (need to know best way to make this. What size belt? How do I make the pulleys? Pulley tensioner?) 4. Black pipe and assortment for burner. 5. Working on making 2 burners as of today. See what works best. 1st. will be a high pressure line to a benzo nozzle, using tank 20lb. pressure. 2nd style is regulator with gauge to fabbed up nozzle using assortment of 1" and 3/4" pipes with reducers and nipples, stoppers etc. Guess I just looking for tips and ideas of how to get my shop together. What's am I missing? What mistakes can you guys and girls help me avoid as a complete novice. I will check this any post for questions I can answer to help you help me. Any info is much appreciated and look forward to learning more about this timeless skill. Happy
  9. Just getting my studio set up and looking for sources for scrap iron in NH. Went to a scrapyard last week and was definitely overcharged. Looking to get a wide variety of scrap pieces in various sizes, shapes and forms on a regular basis at market price. I'm in Nottingham NH. Anyone have a scrapyard they like that sells to individuals? All help is appreciated! Ken
  10. Hey all, I've recently come across a large batch or 1.5" Malleable Iron lock-rings (nuts, threaded washers, depends who u are). I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever worked with malleable iron before? I know the rough details of it, it's a white cast iron, no good, etc,etc..... but I have been able to hot-cut, bend, twist, and shape one of these as a test. I found that at anything above a dull red or maybe up to an orange shade, it seems somewhat useable, above that it can crumble under the hammer. Any thoughts or experience with this? I have 675+ of these... So I'm hoping to make them useful in the shop beyond their original use, which I don't need them for. Thanks to anyone that can help!
  11. this is probably a weird question but am curious if anyone has thoughts or knowledge ... i found a few pieces of the steel pictured below at a scrap yard. did a spark test and it appears to be your generic everyday mild steel. when I used a chop saw to cut it the first 1/2" or so cut just like mild steel ... easy to get through, long sparks - no problem. then as i get closer to the center it's nearly impossible to cut through and giving off short sparks that look more like spring steel ... blew my 25 amp breaker a few times trying to get through which i finally did after a while. my question ... is it possible or common that two types of steel were combined into a single piece? there's lot's of things i dont know about working with metals but i definately know how to use a chop saw and this is the first time i've run across something that behaved in this way. ** the top picture is another piece as found it in the scrap yard, the bottom is a cross section of the piece i cut. any thoughts or comments would be great. thanks
  12. Ok, so this one is inspired from Frosty from the last elephant I made. Can't say it's exactly what he was talking about but with his story and ideas it inspired this. ( new attempt at pictures, still need a good diffused light source and a better/ bigger back drop. ) yes I have an ironing board and iron. No, I haven't used it yet. might turn it into art muahahaha. So quality of pictures aside.... Here is a circus elephant riding a unicycle while holding an umbrella with a mouse along for the ride.
  13. Hello iron-forgers, I have been away for many months because I was researching and writing and haven't lit my forge at home since last May. Well I have finished my master's program so now I am taking a couple of weeks off to just do whatever I want. Does anyone know where if there is a scrap yard in Richmond, VA that sells to the public? I need some material to make a few machines and jigs like c channel, i beams, box tubing, etc... Thanks, Bill
  14. I'm looking for a place near Pasadena, CA where I could find scrap/junk metals, and if anyone is familiar with any local coal suppliers that would be great! Will
  15. I've been asking myself what I would use to up the Ni in crucible steel if I wanted to make my own high contrast crucible steel damascus. I'd like something high in Nickel, and low in everything else, so I was looking at SAE 2515. In what kind of applications would this be found as scrap? Roller bearings? Other suggestions? I doubt I can find any FeNi or pure Ni locally. And I haven't been struck by any meteorites lately. We are the knights who say Ni!
  16. So, today I stopped by the house of one of the people we buy eggs from (we run a small hatchery), and the owner asked if I wanted some scrap. There's more garden variety stuff not shown, tools, lawnmower blades, etc, but I love these three wee little hammers. The ballpein is about a half inch wide by 2 and a quarter inches long. I didn't tell him I don't have the heart to repurpose these little guys and a couple of the wrenches. The long pointy spanner appears to be handforged, and a couple of the others were definitely modified by his father (the man I got them from is about 70). Not sure what it's for exactly. The wrench end is just that, but the other, dunno. He mentioned his father using it on bridges and that it was possibly 90 plus years old.
  17. Been working on it for a while and was hunting down parts for it for a fair time. Managed to salvage the 2 wheels from a scraped belt sander, made the shaft out of a bit of bar and added 2 bearings I found to it. The welding is rather crude as it was my first welding project (they seem to hold) and first welder I have used. Just needing to attach the platter thing to the tool and I have since added a stick off my lemon tree to provide tension for the motor and the main spindle. Over all I am happy with it seem to have enough power to bite into material. Waiting for the ZIrconia belts to arrive to get into some metal grinding. . Open to criticism on all fronts of this project, I know it is not fantastic or good looking, but at this stage it is functional and cost me peanuts, If I only found a scrapped trampoline it would have cost me $0 to build. Here is a video as everyone loves videos:
  18. I'm trying to find a large piece of steel for a makeshift anvil. I live in Northern Virginia and we don't have a lot of "junkyards", just metal recycling centers who don't sell their scrap. I've found a 4 inch diameter by 6 inch long steel cylinder on eBay for $30, but I would rater have a square block of steel. How and where might I get one in my area?
  19. MobileHomeMiner

    Little Giant

    It's a Little Giant vise that I found in a barn that had no base... so I welded it one from a rail section that I've had for 10 or so years now and some trailer park scrap. The rail section was my first anvil so the face furthest the anvil is reasonably ground from it's original usage. It stands firm on the most uneven of ground due to it's three legged construction and has a hole in each foot so it can be more reliably secured. One of my most valued possessions.
  20. I am making a version or Prince Naulas Magic Spear this week. Yes, THAT Prince Naula. From Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. I was given a lawnmower blade so & cut, sanded, sanded more, and came up with what you see in the picture. The 16.9 oz water bottle was added for scale. The entire blade measures 13 inches long. Of that, 4 inches will be embedded into the wood. The wood will be carved to approximately 22 inches long x 3.25 inches wide x .75 inches thick. I am using wood that I think is too long because i am going to be able to keep trimming it back until the balance feels right. The original http://www.nitrocomi...es/39104023.jpg My version: The handle I am carving by hand to look something like this, but with burned in filigree http://www.handaxepr...aded/FS1201.jpg Inserting the blade into the wood using this method http://www4.gvsu.edu...nifemaking1.htm However I will be using two, 2 inch Chicago Screws like these to secure it instead of a but cap. http://ak.buy.com/PI...0/218913383.jpg Then making something out of leather decorative to cover the part where the wood meets metal, this http://i964.photobuc...er/75221e7a.jpg http://i964.photobuc...er/ca0ad10f.jpg I am going to Temper and Anneal next. My plan is to temper it in the forge as evenly as I can until its “straw yellow” then quench in motor oil, three times. Then bake it in the oven at 400 degrees and let it cool overnight, three times. Why three times? I am shamelessly going to copy Stormcrows technique and see how it comes out. Questions for you all: 1) I am “guesstimating” that the 4 inches and two, 2 inch Chicago Screws will be deep enough to support the weight of the blade. 2) Should I add epoxy when i insert it or is that overkill? Suggested brands? 3) I can already tell that sharpening this is not going to be easy or fun. I’d like to sharpen it before i mount it. Any advice on how to get a good sharpening with just my hand tools and a few table clamps? I want to get it as even as I can over the entirety of all four edges. Thank you for any input!
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