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  1. I have seen a lot of people using the 2x72 belt grinders, and there are a lot of plans for them. I don't get the benefit of using one vs other grinders though. Why are they so popular?
  2. Sorry It took me so long it has been a busy Christmas season, but I wanted to thank all of you for the suggestion. I will be out in the shop trying some out tomorrow.
  3. So I have a lot of splitting , drifting and fullering to do with hand tools. The problem is the anvil in the shop I'm working in is sized for somebody much taller than I am and I cant lower his anvil. So I am faced with the problem of having to find a way to hold the piece of steal in place While I use the hand tools. Any idea?
  4. Craigslist link removed I am trying to get my first anvil and was wondering if any of these looked like a good deal if so witch one would you suggest? Mouse Holes, Hay Buddens, Peter Wrights, Kolswa. Anvils located in Texas. 100 to 250 lbs. Prices start at $4.00 lb
  5. I'm trying to buy my first anvil and ran across a 132 lb Peter Wright for $600 on Craigslist. Is this a good deal, should I try and haggle, or is it not worth it?
  6. I am trying to make a morning star. I have hand foreged a bunch of spikes and am now trying to weld them to a steel shotput. My first few tries have ended with verry flimsy spikes so I was wanting some idea on how to weld these spikes to the 8 lb hunk of metal and have them stay on solidly. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. I found 400 lbs hay budden very nice anvil for $2000 on Lubbock Craigs list recently. Does any one know what kind it is and how much it is worth? I havnt taken a look at it yet because its a few hours drive from me so if any one has an idea I would appreciate it. CL link removed
  8. That is what i figured but his listing seems to indicate that he seems it has a large antique value so I am not sure how far down he will go.
  9. Ok I am trying to get my first real anvil and have finily found one nearby. Its is a fisher navy 1939 anvil the owner says it has #23 marked on it and weighs around 200lbs he is asking 1250$ for it. Is this price worth it or should i try and talk him down. pics he provided.
  10. Thank you all verry much! I will look threw all your sugestions and decide what seams best for me and look into the hammer fest. Once again thank you.
  11. Thank you all verry much for the information! i will look into all your sugestion and choose one that look like the best bang for it buck that I can get to.
  12. Ok I spent alot of time building myself a forge getting and anvil tools and saftey gear and after days of forging I have discoverd. I have absolutley no idea what I am doing. I was thinking about taking classes at the Texarchana bladesmithing school but it will be awhile till i can do that. so my question is where near the pan handle of texas can I finde a good place to get lessons or learn basic? Or is the bladesmith school worth the wait to go to? Any sugestion for some one completley new to this?
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