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  1. https://youtu.be/-3O_iV_YZfk Sheet Metal Drawing and Pattern Developement-A.Dickason-The Holy Grail of Sheet Metal Developement...The Original Rare and Expensive 1967 Hard Cover.
  2. My Son and Heir suggested we should retain the bark as long as possible so today I finished the top band...The Red Gum bark varies fron 3/4" to 2" thick so had to do some smoothing out to the vertical to use a 4" wide 14# gal. band...Will also allow Brkts,Hooks,Pins etc to hang /rest from.My neighbour has a bobcat to roll and prop for the Bott. band...Cheers.
  3. 10.25 X 800 ÷ 3400 =2.41" 2.5" Off the shelf.
  4. 10.25 X 800 ÷ 3400 =2.41" 2.5" Off the shelf.
  5. 2 X 1750 ÷ 500 = 7" Driven pulley.
  6. PWS

    6" Post Vise

    Cheers and Thanks Marc1.
  7. PWS

    6" Post Vise

    Further update pics...Chees from Peter...It certainly has a ferocious grip...6" jaws 155lb.
  8. Howdy Frosty,I finished cleaning up this 6" jaw 155lb pole vise on Friday (8/5/2020) It has a Ferocious Grip....Cheers Hope Your all fit and well over there.
  9. PWS

    6" Post Vise

    Howdy to all,Finished cleaning up the pole vise to a state i'm pleased with....I will now chase down a piece of suitable Red Gum and Plate steel as a mount...It certainly has a ferocious grip...6" jaws 155lb...Cheers.
  10. I like that Thomas.Eric,one of the toughest half back flankers to haven played the game...Cheers.
  11. The Algebraic Expressions for Drive and Driven R.P.M. and Diameter.
  12. One for the AUSSIE'S...Eric the Anvil...Self Explanatory...224lb (102kg's) BK Aussie made Anvil...200lb (100kg's) Red Gum Stump.
  13. Thanks for the help and encouragement,regards Peter.
  14. Howdy to All...I'm aware that some don't like painted Anvils...This is My 1st Anvil and I needed the learning curve...So I'm sharing the journey 1-Bare 2-Masked off 3 & 4-Prime Etch 5-Paint 6 & 7-Paint Job.
  15. After My working life as a Ventilation Design and Construction Engineer,I had a Mate ask could I help him out....This was it...This is a very Sad story.As Sad as the story is true.I was working Casual for a mate (now deceased) who bought household Lots....Deceased Estates-Separations-Moving-Down Sizing....He was interested in Furniture-Jewellery-Collectables-Cars and so on...In terms of his business Grandads tools in the shed were useless time wasters...The Metal Merchant would not take anything with wood on it,so it would be separated into a skip and then plain metal into another skip for t
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