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  1. I hope this is in the right spot. I am looking into getting a Respirator with a full face shield to protect both my lungs and eyes at the same time while I am grinding on the 2 x 72. Any recommendations on a brand or model? I was looking at North or honeywell brand but none seem to be made for Grinding. I worry the full face shield may not be replaceable. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  3. I am in the market for a new angle grinder for fabrication projects around the shop. I only need it for cutting. I have some 4 1/2" Dewalts that do the trick for everything else but I would like something real durable with a lot more cutting power. What do you guys recommend? Should I go 5", 6", 7"? Metabo? Any experience or advice is appreciated.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the advice! The small tack weld is a great idea. I think that would do the trick!
  5. I have an Adams #2 Fly press that I got a few years ago (second hand). When I got it I took it apart so I could thoroughly clean everything and inspect for any damage. I noticed right away that there is one tine ¼ - 20 screw is all that is left holding mystery part A that is attached to the main thread (with one Allen head screw that I cannot remove) to mystery Part B that is attached to the ram with two push pins. Well when new both mystery parts A and B would thread together before you tightened the ¼ - 20 set screw. Well, over the years and previous owners the threading on both parts is go
  6. jfifft

    Fly press repair

    Thank you both! I will post the results in a few days.
  7. jfifft

    Fly press repair

    Thanks Jim, Is this the same thing as the drivers that you hit with a hammer and that converts the torque or is it air powered?
  8. jfifft

    Fly press repair

    Thanks Jim, I am working on getting theat stubborn allen scrw out. I have tried tapping it gently with a hammer, adding some heat and soaking it for a few days in a cup of liquid wrench, but no matter what I do it won't budge clockwise or counter clockwise. If I cant get it off I will have to come up with another solution.
  9. jfifft

    Fly press repair

    Thanks a bunch, I noticed a tapered Allen head screw at the end of the lead screw (see pic 2). I tried to remove it but it is locked on solid. It seems it has to be removed before the screw will come out of the press body. I might try to add a little heat to the screw to get it moving.
  10. Hello, I have a Adams Fly Press #2 or #3 (guessing by the size) that I have been using for quite some time with no issues, that is until the other day when the rap dropped free from the shaft. I stopped and took the press apart (which is something I have never done) and it showed the threaded insert that is pressed and pinned in the ram as well as the end of the lead screw both have messed up threads. Does anyone have a good solution to fix the problem other than machining new parts? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks everyone, I do the same theing with the 1" bolts. I have a ton of tools made so far and I have made a table with adjustable fence that I can bolt my bottom tooling to.
  12. And a few others. Can anyone give me some history on the press or its age?
  13. Here is an attempt at a photo of the painted press.
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