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  1. A bit of a drive, but I buy mine in Oden, In. good coal..... Dave
  2. how would i check to see if it is cast iron? What did the guys @ the meeting say about it?
  3. Nope no fee....just show up. Maybe bring something for iron in the hat, and a few bucks to buy tickets for the drawing. That was maybe Bill Newman? I don't know for sure. I have only been there once, and it was all good.....Got a coil spring off a train or something, I'm still making tools from that thing....awesome. If ya go, report back on how it went. Gotta move my son into his new house that day.....Don't be scared....they won't bite...lol Life is Good Dave
  4. Berkley, if you happen to check back in here. The satellite 13 group is meeting @ the state fair grounds blacksmith shop this Saturday. Take the anvil with you and you can get input on it, first hand. If your just looking to sell it, you might run into a buyer.. Life is Good Dave
  5. Rust travels to the red post....I am positive of that........ Washing soda is a good electrolyte .Find it in the laundry detergent isle. About a Tbls. per gallon of water.... Dave
  6. Dave51B

    Plow shears

    Thanks a bunch for that. Like I said, I have been asking for years...Even the old smiths at Quad-State didn't give me a solid figure...speculation, but not firm. Maybe I didn't ask right, who knows...(What was that Carlson guys name?) . Now you got me thinking I need to check in with some of the old shops to see if they have any records from years back..... I guess what got me Thinking about all this is....next month we have a meeting @ my favorite shop. It's a line shaft shop with an ideal plow sharpener in working order. I gotta round up some more shears..... Life is Good Dave
  7. Dave51B

    Plow shears

    Oh, I have been asking for years..My Dad soon to be 94 and a life long farmer, all his old buddies,multiple tractor club members, anyone at antique tractor shows, etc.....Shoot, I can't even get a solid answer to how much the b/s charged to sharpen. Let alone repoint. I was raised on the farm and have plowed thousands of acres. However none with B/S shears, until recently when I started collecting plows...I do have a few.. Oh you got that right ! What I did today after thinking on it overnight, was to take a NOS plow shear and hold it on the anvil and forge a piece of flat leaf spring on it to the face of the shear. Welded that to a piece of angle iron to clamp in the post vice for a mandrel to put the proper radius back into a drawn out shear. The point of the shear is where the "suck" comes into play on soil types in my opinion...(1 of 15).....I do have some "haw" replacement points for you walkin' guys. I just plow "gee" anymore. Thanks for the feedback Life is Good Dave
  8. Does it have a serial number? Look on the foot under the horn. I also have an A&H 100 lb. Great anvil ..... Dave
  9. Dave51B

    Plow shears

    I have abit of experience sharpening plow shears. The question I have is, does anyone know the proper radius of a blacksmith shear to create the proper "suck" to get the shear to go into the ground properly? It sure would be easier if I had a mandrel to finish the face curvature instead of eyeballing it. I can go into more detail if needed, but an old time smith out there surely knows off the top of his head. Thanks in advance Dave
  10. A few years back when starting out, I put my mark on the back of my work. As things improved I started marking the front. Now it seems I look to place it more front and center. The problem I am now finding is, it seems I need to order a smaller one for the work I am doing. I need to check with the guy out in Idaho if he can make me another one in 1/16 inch. The 1/8 inch is just to big at times. Life is Good Dave
  11. Berkley, Welcome,Have you checked out the IBA website? Check out the list of groups near you. There are some great guys nearby. If ya need something let me know..... Life is Good Dave
  12. They look like worn spike tooth harrow ( ground leveling farm equipment ) tines to me. But, most I've been around are just straight. The wear on the bottom is indicative of being drug over the ground though. Life is Good Dave
  13. Got a tractor with 3 pt. hitch? Maybe a boom pole. Shot in the dark....... Dave
  14. Ok. I'll throw out my thoughts.....Loose the dolly and design an anvil stand that can be moved with a 2 wheeled hand truck. Chasing an anvil while working is no fun.....I picked up a 2 wheeler with 8" rubber tires @ HF for $64 IIRC. Dave
  15. Sweet...yer gonna love that little lady. Can't believe you haven't picked her up yet. What's the hold up? I have her big sis @ 100 lbs. and that thin heel is perfect for the type of work I do. Keep in mind she'll be a bit loud and she will definitely let ya know if you miss strike..... Life is Good Dave
  16. Looks like a good anvil....... Why do you want to ruin it? Dave
  17. No courses here.....Just retired from moving dirt for 40+ years. Thanks Dave
  18. % of moisture in the cut verses % of compaction in the fill, makes for an interesting estimate, just sayin'..........Dave
  19. Ok....more details please. Just happens to be another obsession of mine....... Dave
  20. How about ag lime or brick dust for a floor? Dave
  21. Oh,I've been to Australia a few years back. I have a brother-in-law that lives in the ACT. Only thing I noticed different was the way the toilets flushed.......ha. Anyway, sure if you lean passed the end of said lever, you sure can lift yer self. But I have had no luck lifting or twisting a sheet of plywood while standing in the middle of it. YRMV........thanks Dave
  22. In my simple mind I'm always interested in seeing something that defies the laws of physics. Thanks Dave
  23. If someone here can post a video of someone standing on a plate of steel, with a vice mounted to it and spinning them selves around, I would be most interested in seeing it...... Thanks Dave
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