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  1. Nice......I'm looking forward to giving it a spin.... life is good Dave
  2. Dave51B

    two leg vise ?

    To bad we are so far apart.......I would trade you a good 6" post vice and a chunk of cash for that vice. Maybe someone near would do the same. Dave
  3. Funny you should mention that....I got the story and didn't even ask........go figure. It was a good meeting today. Had a good crowd. Life is good Dave
  4. Nice work., Gary. Practice up, I would like to see a demo on those. I plan to be in Rockville in a few hours. Take care Dave
  5. Netz, Have you been to the Parke Co. fairgrounds blacksmith shop ? Great group of guys there. Meetings are first Sat. of the month. Dave
  6. Check out the IBA website....meeting and hammer-in @ Vernon, In. Sat. Oct. 20th.... are you close? Dave
  7. Like I really needed these.......oh well..... Life is Good Dave
  8. I am kinda proud of myself this year....only 3 trips back to the truck to unload the backpack and no need for the onsite forklift......Life is Good .... Dave
  9. I'll be wearing the chewed up Akubra, "Snowy River" ......See ya tomorrow.... Dave
  10. Try to make it to Quad State this weekend.....that should help ya....... Dave
  11. I just had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Mr. Bennet on Saturday. Good learning experience........Life is Good Dave
  12. Yes the brighter bolt is a replacement. The square piece it is holding has a small locator pin to stop rotation. I think a saw set would need an indention for the "set"? This tool may remain a mystery tool.......Thanks Guys Dave
  13. Any clues on this tool? There are no identifying marks on it. It is some kind of hand anvil, I guess. The top swinging piece does have a bit of mushrooming from being hammered. It has been through the local coffee shop and shown to some old geezers. But still lacks a positive ID.
  14. Steve, are going this year? I had to miss The IBA conference. Dave
  15. With large parts I like to pressure wash, blow dry and spritz or brush on phosphoric acid. Just about anything that will attract a magnet that will fit in the tank and conduct electricity. Sheet metal works good for large surface area, but will turn to Swiss cheese pretty quick.
  16. That is a good process to clean stuff. If you have any questions let me know. The surface area of your sacrificial electrodes has a lot to do with how often they will need cleaned. Enjoy.... Life is Good Dave
  17. Thomas...we better get an IFI group photo this year, don't ya think? Dave
  18. Pappy, good to see you still have the screen in the hood scoop. I had more than one experience with driving threw a swarm of bees and no screen....sure got interesting for a bit, lol. Mine was a 50. Loved those cab corner windows, but the enclosed driveshaft led to his demise, dang-it. Speaking of trees...does yer truck have 3 on the tree or 4 on the floor? sorry for the highjack Dave
  19. AND THERE YA GO......a perceived issue is now a non issue...enjoy yer new shop. Dave
  20. johnytait, very nice.....only thing that looks questionable to me is, your forge. Sitting in a corner like that, how long of a bar can you heat in the middle? May not be an issue at all for the work you do. Over all I envy you. Dave
  21. Thanks Mc......I had another one about the horn. But it had a vowel on the end and I didn't want to get a warning form the admin.
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