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  1. What is this anvil?

    Its a cutler's anvil and there are many different variations. A fellow on ebay had a very similar one for sale for several months. The anvil fire gallery has one that has a few more slots for tooling. If you look on youtube for Alfred Craven Sheffield knife maker (Blade forger) you can see a cutlers' anvil in action. if you do a google search for iforgeiron cutlers anvil you'll find more like this-
  2. 50lb little giant dies

    Try contacting Roger Rice at little giant power hammers. com He has several types in stock including the quick change type.
  3. New mystery anvil

    No need for more pics its a Hay Budden 3rd variation. The whole top half is tool steel. Nice score!
  4. Help ID this anvil

    It could be an ASO, does it ring when struck, does it have a decent rebound? Where are you located? It could also be cast steel because the horn is too well formed.
  5. Big ol post vise

    Probably a Columbian
  6. There are lots of relatively cheap alarm systems available, even some from harbor freight,
  7. Duracast Steel 150 Anvil

    That is no Arm and Hammer anvil. if anything it might be another vulcan.
  8. French Leg vise

    Hmm, maybe, I'll see when I get it mounted but it appears to be able turn somewhat further.
  9. Duracast Steel 150 Anvil

    The one in poor shape is a vulcan, very different from an Arm and Hammer. I would take a ball bearing and check the rebound on all of them, but the Duracast looks like a cast iron anvil shaped object. You might also read this thread-
  10. French Leg vise

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I had in mind to make the attachments similar to Wayne's suggestion. This vice is a few inches taller than my other vises so I'll need to adapt the mount to go above the level of the bench. I may however simply make stand to fit the whole vise. One interesting thing is that each side of the vise is marked with the number 30 which I initially thought might be the weight in kilos but that would equate to only 66 lbs. the actual weight is over 80lbs.
  11. French Leg vise

    I have a French leg vise and was hoping someone might help with the mounting bracket? I can see many ways to mount it to a stand/bench but I am wondering if someone has a similar vise and has mounted it? Any suggestions/pics would be helpful.
  12. Info on anvil

    Black frog is going to like this one. It's a very early Arm and Hammer. Trenton didn't make A&H they were two seperate companies. Good score!
  13. Opinion on this anvil?

    If you can afford to spend that much on an anvil then you should either wait until you move and buy a good anvil like a rhino anvil for just a little more or search for one when you get to CO. Personally I'd suggest as others have said, make really sure you are going to stay in the blacksmithing field by before dropping a bunch of bucks on a lower grade anvil like a vulcan.
  14. Anvil identification

    Altho unproven there are those that believe that Boker was contracting with PW to produce anvils which were then branded Trenton.
  15. Anvil

    Then try this-