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  1. Fatfudd

    Double Horn Anvil ID

    Nice little south German pattern anvil. There are/were a number of German anvil makers but given that its cast steel I would suggest that it might be a Kolshwa from Sweden. They are still in business and you can google their website to see the various styles they offer.
  2. Fatfudd

    What kind of anvil is this

    Its an early Trenton anvil that weighs approximately 111 lbs. The value of the anvil is highly dependent on your location. If you are in South Africa, Poland.or New Zealand it price would be in the local monetary unit. Without knowing your location its anybody's guess. Since almost every country in the world is represented on IFI you'll need to be a little clearer on where you are at..
  3. Hay Budden made after 1908, with the whole top half being tool steel. Nice!
  4. Fatfudd

    A new anvil

    MC I'm afraid they were made by Arm and Hammer a Competitor to Trenton. To be clear Arm and Hammer anvils were made by Columbus anvil and forging Co. and Trenton anvils were made by Columbus Forge and Iron Co.
  5. Fatfudd

    Trenton or arm and hammer?

    Is there a number stamped under the horn ?
  6. Fatfudd

    Identity help!

    Congrats- its an early Hay Budden. Nice score!
  7. Fatfudd

    Unknown Anvil

    The 26 was put on by Hay Budden and indicates the tool steel batch number. That is the give away for identifying a post 1908 anvil.
  8. Fatfudd

    Unknown Anvil

    Its a Hay budden made after 1908 and the upper half is tool steel. It should weigh in the 400lb range.
  9. I would assume that 1939 is the manufacturing date, German makers made anvils right up to the end of the war and then restarted production afterwards. Pedinghaus and Reffinghaus are examples that are are still being produced. Your best bet for finding out who manufactured your anvil would be to contact Josh Greenwood or you could look up anvils4sale, they import quality European blacksmithing tools.
  10. Fatfudd

    Hay Budden Anvil Date

    ChrisPTF is spot on. If it has an "A' in the serial number then there should be a number stamped on the back of side of the heal.
  11. I'm kinda surprised that Blackfrog hasn't weighed in so i will. The underside of the base is an early Trenton style before they went to the caplet style which Trenton and Arm and Hammer both used. Hay Budden had a inch rim around the edge to provide even support and to prevent tipping but it was a very shallow build up and subject to being lost over time. Early Trentons had a similar edge but it went much deeper and couldn't be lost. Its a Trenton and a nice one at that. I have had several of the early Trentons with an identical base. I hope that satisfies your curiosity?
  12. Fatfudd

    Anvil identification

    It Looks like a 1st variation of the Hay Budden anvils. The 2"s under the horn are the giveaway as to the maker. As to weight you are correct at about 300 lbs based on dimensions. Its probably made pre-1908 but the only way to know for sure is to see if there is a serial number on the front foot.
  13. Fatfudd

    What is this anvil?

    Its a cutler's anvil and there are many different variations. A fellow on ebay had a very similar one for sale for several months. The anvil fire gallery has one that has a few more slots for tooling. If you look on youtube for Alfred Craven Sheffield knife maker (Blade forger) you can see a cutlers' anvil in action. if you do a google search for iforgeiron cutlers anvil you'll find more like this-
  14. Fatfudd

    50lb little giant dies

    Try contacting Roger Rice at little giant power hammers. com He has several types in stock including the quick change type.