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    Saranac lake N.Y. Way way far north.
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  1. Just wondering if I posted this correctly, is this post visible?
  2. Hi Folks, I picked up this tall boy as part of a guys shop i purchased. There are no discernible makers mark i can see. It’s 55” tall and 16” across at the base. It does have the slit in the side. What can you tell me in regards to possible maker, age? Thanks!
  3. Well, thanks for the help. Guess this one will remain a mystery for the time being.
  4. Thanks Doug. Up here in frozen Saranac Lake. So would your opinion be that it is indeed a HB?
  5. Yes, I do not want to ask redundant questions so I have researched this site. There are lots of discussions concerning HB anvils and serial numbers however I’m just not entirely sure I have a HB anvil here. Hope the photos help! Btw, I’m up here in Northern NY. The anvil came out of Cooperstown NY Thanks again for the help!
  6. Hi Guys, just bought this anvil and the seller told me it was a 255 Lb. There is literally no discernible makers mark on the side. Some say It’s a H-B, others disagree. The barely legible serial number on the foot under the horn reads 255 A30146. Any clue as to the maker or age or weight?
  7. Trying to get some info on a anvil lead. I’m told it says willow on the side followed by 1883 TH. TTe. Any help out there?
  8. Folks, I I have my first anvil. Believe it’s a Arm & hammer but thought you might help identify it. All it says is “warranted” “solid and “wrought”. it does have the arm and hammer stamped ito the side, stamped as a 131 lb. can you tell the age from the ser # 8875. I’m concerned about the crack you’ll see down the side. What can you tell me about it? Thanks much! Jim
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