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    Smthing, and Learning from the oldies.
    Can't get enough of that.

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  1. HammerHeart

    A new anvil

    Thanks everyone the info is great. I was always curious about the Trenton/Arm and Hammer thing. I love learning about anvil's and the history. But in the end how much use and the quality is what matters most to me. I'm happy about a good anvil in my shop
  2. HammerHeart

    Show me your shop!

    Not much to some but plenty enough for me. Everyone's shops are great by the way!
  3. HammerHeart

    A new anvil

    I haven't done a rebound test yet but I will definitely let you all know when I do. And the slots I'm very unsure about.
  4. HammerHeart

    A new anvil

    I called my local pawn shop and talked to a guy about an anvil he had, he didn't really give me any details other than that it was a arm and hammer, so I knew right away I had to go check it out. Turns out it was a 140 pounder and he told me 250$ and it's yours. So I got it out of the pawn shop and brought it home. It seems like the previous owner made some additions, or it was abuse, I'm not really sure. I appreciate the help.
  5. HammerHeart

    Badger Anvils? Any info?

    Directions all i need, Appreciate it.
  6. HammerHeart

    Badger Anvils? Any info?

    Does anyone have info on either Anvils? I'm pretty sure the one on the right is home made, the one on the left I'm pretty sure is a badger. It has the number 9 under the horn. I paid 100$ for it. Appreciate the help