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  1. You guys are right I could have scrolled them down and it would have been alot safer just with those scrolls, it does kinda look like it's going to wreck someone haha. I'll make sure I keep that in mind for next round : ) and my mother in law would just bite it off of the wall chew it up and spit it at me. She's ok
  2. FRAZER those are some nice tongs you can never have too many : ) here's a towel rack for my mother in law, she really likes it and im pretty sure it will do the job. I'm trying to find projects for all these spikes.
  3. That is cool! I'd love to have the steel to start a bigger project like that. Maybe a gate for my porch with collars and tenons : )
  4. KYCATS tongs are really fun to make. It's alot of good basic techniques in one project.
  5. I made some tongs out of RR spikes, I needed a good project that takes some hammering and thought. Iv been laying around getting out of shape lately : ) they could definitely be better but not too shabby for some spike tongs. Took me about 2 hours. But it was really fun and felt good to just make something new (to me)
  6. Prayers out for you and your family. Mothers are very precious indeed, mine had a brain tumor removed 2 years ago, it was causing multiple seizures a day. It was a rough time. She's doing great now and her hair is fully grown back out to the way she likes it. The point is prayers really help and count for something, she is a very old school pentecostal woman so prayers and faith were really important. Love to you all : )
  7. I use every part of the anvil. You can even draw out on the feet is you feel the need : ) its one big tool.
  8. You got that right man. Use anything you can find that will get the job done : ) and thanks man Iv had alot of nights where I say "I'm trying that tomorrow" sadly I realize I don't have any longer stock so here lately iv been making different projects and half way through I realize "oh man this tool would be so useful right now" so that's my next project : )
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys. And I made the handle with an angle grinder and a rasp real quick. I was alittle excited to try it but ill try that shape out forsure.
  10. Here's my first attempt at a flatter. It's made from a piece of old trailer axle. It works great but is alittle rough looking. It was alot tougher than what I thought it was going to be. : )
  11. I feel like it would have been awesome. Sometimes I watch older movies or cartoons I watched as a youngin and it takes me back
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