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  1. It's a shame people are so stuck on the bad they can't see the good. He'll be safe from now on. From now on if you have something smart to say that doesn't benefit anyone keep it to yourself. Other than that tell them the problem and hope that they fix it. I'm done with this text arguing junk. It's a waste. Appreciate the help.
  2. Like I said I agree with safety. He was barely peddling around. If he was actually swinging the hammer it would be different. I respect people caring for my kids safety. But there's a right and wrong way to do everything. And frosty didn't go about It right. Good advise? Yes. He should have been wearing protection. Slapping people? Joke.
  3. It is no different than him throwing his toy trucks up into the air and watching them hit the ground. I agree with protection, but I also know that anything can happen at any time. I'm pretty sure a toy sword to the eye can do just as much damage. So frosty before you talk about smacking people you might want to step back and think a little harder, Might do people like you some good. I appreciate you all caring about my childs safety, to the people that do it the right way.
  4. Here's some pictures of my 2 year old boy. Me and him were in the shop and he was working hard. It's a beautiful thing sharing your passion with the most important person in your life, so If anyone else has any youngins that stick to their sides I'd love to know. Thanks guys have a good one.
  5. Very little sparks. Weakly. It is pretty soft material.
  6. It looks really well cut for a homemade anvil. They must have spent alot of time on it. And thanks for the feedback guys. It has an odd ring to it. It doesn't ring like steel or wrought, but has more than cast. It is also a really bright, almost like a mirror when I clean it up.
  7. Hey guys I've had this anvil since I first started smithing. And I've tried doing research and I can't find anything on it. I don't post much because I've learned to search the forum before posting because you guys hate repeating yourselves over and over. I'm just wondering if any of you old timers know what this anvil is. I've posted pics of it on the forum before but I never focused on this anvil alone. I appreciate any help.
  8. Thanks thomasP I appreciate your help. And safety is number 1 I agree. I see nothing wrong with warning people of dangers, that's the best way to go about it. Thanks Guys.
  9. Right. I'll do some more research and see what I can find. Thanks for the help.
  10. I dont go into mines or anything like that. I have a friend that my family has worked for for many years and I just dig a small coal vein on his land. I also pick up pieces that fall from cliffsides. It's also very safe as long as you don't hurt yourself digging it out of the side of a hill. Or hurt your back packing it. I wish I could find a resource for coal because I would just buy some instead. But it's all I have, and digging coal from hillsides is what my family has done for years. It's actually really common here in KY because alot of people heat with wood and coal with no way of buying it. (As far as I know I haven't heard of anything yet) but I do appreciate your all feedback and safety comes first! Thanks guys.
  11. Howdy guys I've been out for a while because of a plumbing job I've been in, and just recently got back into the shop. And I am curious if anyone here has had any experience digging your own coal? I haven't ever bought any but I'm sure it would be cleaner than what I have found. Alot of coal here in KY has skate in it and making it burn alittle dull. And then over the hill you could find some that is just perfect. Any experience or good stories from it?
  12. Thanks everyone the info is great. I was always curious about the Trenton/Arm and Hammer thing. I love learning about anvil's and the history. But in the end how much use and the quality is what matters most to me. I'm happy about a good anvil in my shop
  13. Not much to some but plenty enough for me. Everyone's shops are great by the way!
  14. I haven't done a rebound test yet but I will definitely let you all know when I do. And the slots I'm very unsure about.
  15. I called my local pawn shop and talked to a guy about an anvil he had, he didn't really give me any details other than that it was a arm and hammer, so I knew right away I had to go check it out. Turns out it was a 140 pounder and he told me 250$ and it's yours. So I got it out of the pawn shop and brought it home. It seems like the previous owner made some additions, or it was abuse, I'm not really sure. I appreciate the help.