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  1. Hi beameupscotty, How has your TFS Anvil been working out the past 4 years. Any current pictures you can share.
  2. Thank you Everyone for your input. What I have learned is that I am spending way to much time on the what if scenario instead of enjoying the anvil. I am going to keep this one and use it plain and simple. If I have issues down the road then I will deal with them but I am sure it will be fine. Appreciate everyone putting up with my questions. Seems like I have spent more time trying to upgrade my equipment than actually forging and making things. All the Best, Gimpl
  3. Thank you everyone. I am down to keeping the Trenton or selling and buying a new Ridgid #9 165lb anvil. Would the Ridgid be a good option? I have found one new delivered to my house for 1169.00. Thanks, Gimpl
  4. Thank you JHCC. Based on your experience would I be better off keeping the Trenton?
  5. Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out if I am thinking correctly here. I bought a 200 lb Trenton about 3 months ago that I have since learned had the face surfaced and in the process flatend 2/3rds of the horn on the top. The face has about 3/16th of the top plate and about 70% rebound across most of it until you get past the hardy hole at which point it is 40% to the heel. I use it and it performs fine for me with no issues and enjoy the anvil. I have a buyer who is aware of all it flaws and wants to purchase it. What has me interested in selling the anvil is the ability to upgrade (
  6. Thank you MC & John, Makes me feel better for sure. I do small ornamental work and don's use anything over a 3lb hammer and 5/8 stock. Will actually use it for the first time tonight after I get off work. Appreciate everyone's help & guidance with this one. Take care, Gimpl
  7. Thanks Frosty, I went out and if I am measuring correctly it only has about 3/16th left of the top plate. It has great rebound (better than by 142lb Mousehole I sold to get this) and it rings well also. I guess I just thought I was getting a great old anvil. Now wondering if I should have just went with the New 120lb Nimba Titan instead. One of the drawbacks to being new into the craft and learning what to look for. Take care, Gimpl.
  8. Thank you John, Funny you would say that, I thought the face plate looked thin to me as well as the heel looking a little thin. I hope I did not make a mistake buying this one, I dont know how you would reface something like this. Would you reshape the horn with a grinder to get it back to round or leave it alone? Thanks, Gimpl
  9. Thank you, Any idea of the age? I also forgot to ask about the horn, was it manufactured with the flat portion at the top or did someone grind it flat? It does line up perfectly with the face to make a nice long level area. Sure glad I found this forum, Take care, Gimpl
  10. Hello Again, I picked up the anvil yesterday over on the Oregon Coast. Needless to say it was a bit rusty but brought it home and shined it up with a wire brush. I have attached pictures for everyone to see. The Trenton mark on the side is hard to see but I do think it is Trenton. Also came with these hardy tools. I know the cutoff tool but was wondering what the other 2 are for, if anyone can shed light on that I would appreciate it. Thank you again, Gimpl
  11. Hello Everyone, New to the forum and looking forward to learning from everyone. I am looking at a 200lb Trenton Anvil and the serial number is A43050 and wondering if anyone would know the age and/or where this was made. Thank you, Gimpl
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