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  1. Kinda what I was thinking, but I have no real idea. I think the Hardy tools come close to covering the purchase price, so as long as we don't kill it I think we will be ok. Back half of anvil has great ring, front half not as good already, but better than what we have been using. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Bounce test is real good which surprised me. Figured for the price with hardy tools I couldn't go real wrong. What is downside of welding up the crack?
  3. Ok, experts newbie here that needs some advice. Just bought this Mouse Hole and Hardy Tools for $250. Been looking for 2 years and this one fell in my lap. Has damage and has been welded, bounce test is good. Looking for feedback on the crack and how to repair, and previous repairs. Thanks in advance for this great forum and wealth of information.
  4. Ok, total newbie here, and sure this is a dumb question, but here goes. we recently purchased an anvil, with the hardened steel face totally missing, bummer but for 140 bucks the tuition wasnt too bad. It is working ok in its present condition, but the question is how long would a new hardened steel top stay attached if attached with JB Weld?
  5. Ok, major newbie here. Had read about Harbor Freight Ball Pein hammers being good to make tomahawks out of. I bought several of the ones that were carbon steel, but didnt purchase some of the cheapest ones made of "steel alloy". First question, would the "steel alloy" products also work for Hawks, would they harden? I also notice they had drilling hammers, 2 and 3 pounds made out of carbon steel for like 6 bucks. Could these be uses to make tomahawks as well? Thanks for the help, enjoying getting started.
  6. Thats awesome, thats what I paid for my 1 by 30. Will keep looking
  7. Any insight on the 115# forged steel anvil from Old World Blacksmiths? Wondering if it makes sense just to buy one of these and stop chasing around auctions?
  8. I have a couple more in me before I recalculate the value of my time versus the value of my money, lol.
  9. Thanks all, will be on the prowl for a 2 by 72
  10. Looking to step up from just using an Angle Grinder, Any recommendations on an entry level Belt Grinder that will get the job done? Thanks in advance, newbies, still finding our way.
  11. While leary, I am going to try a few more, have a couple within a 20 mile drive coming up that have some decent looking prospective anvils, will see what happens.
  12. Just heard from auctioneer, the anvil went for $850. Not exactly the bargain I was looking for.
  13. Thanks to all of you, great input. Must have been something wrong with it. Someone elses problem now, lol. I will stay on the hunt. I very much appreciate the input.
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