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  1. Actually Chieflittlebear I think your right on the date. Postman's Mousehole Forge book does say M&H / Armitage/ Mouse/ Hole is circa 1820-1835.
  2. The Sorceress is a time traveling wonder. She only reveals what she wants you to see.
  3. Anvils in America says: M&H / Armitage/ Mouse/ Hole is circa 1820-1875. If it also had "forge" after the mouse then 1830 to 1875. But it also says the dating of Mousehole anvils by their trademark is subject to change as new information is obtained.
  4. I think 1901 is correct -- and I think it looks super nice for 1901. As long as that's not bondo on the face -- kinda looks like a piece of cardboard and a little gray paint on the heel. The point on the horn isn't even blunted -- pretty sweet.
  5. Hello Davidfaith, I'll take a guess and say it's sometime between 1952 and 1961. I don't see the Eagle logo so maybe this is from the time they shipped out with a paper tag that said "Eagle Anvil". You could try looking under the base as well but there's probably nothing there. This anvil looks really excellent. I don't see hammer or cutting marks and the edges look mint. Congratulations -- nice find. Joshua A. Kavett published a book on Eagle anvils in 2020. It's a really excellent read. Unfortunately, I have only read it ounce and I'll need to read it many more times to get the infor
  6. I don't remember seeing a picture of Frosty's 1933 Sorceress #5 but I did recently see the pics of Anachronist58's 157 pounder and that one appears to have the numbers "1332" on the reverse side (not sure) -- and I think that one is from the year 1906?
  7. There are no stampings of any kind on either foot. The end of the heel; however, appears to have an "Sd" stamped in it. I'm guessing inspection stamp.
  8. I picked up this sweet little 66lb Soderfors recently. It was covered in silver paint that was covering gold paint, so, I couldn't make out the markings until I cleaned it up. It has the traditional Soderfors Crown and Shield crest, also stamped Soderfors and Sweden. It does not have Paragon or the Razor symbol stamp. The anvil does have a parting line and a handling hole under the heel. Interestingly, the reverse side has the numbers 1807 stamped in and I am curious about what this number could refer to. I don't believe it to be a date or a date code. In AIA Postman writes, "...every S
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