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  1. Cavpilot2k

    First Damascus hawk

    Beautiful work! Truly! That pattern is striking.
  2. Cavpilot2k

    Tang issues

    Are we still talking about tangs? ;-)
  3. Cavpilot2k

    Tang issues

    Schrödinger's data?
  4. Cavpilot2k

    Cremains Knife

    Beautiful blade and a brilliant and elegant design solution to the problem. Kudos!
  5. Cavpilot2k

    Knife Newb seeking input

    Relative newbie here too, but curious why you think a horizontal quench (edge-in first, not held flat) would cause warping on a blade this length. I can see the advantage to vertical quenching on something of sword-length, but I wouldn't imagine knife-length would matter. I'm really asking not to sharpshoot you, but for my own edification, because I too, use a more horizontally-oriented quench setup (a belted 40mm Mk-19 ammo can), and am moving to larger knives up to 18" overall, and I am hoping I am not setting myself up for an unforeseen problem.
  6. Cavpilot2k

    Hammer Eye Drift material?

    Piggybacking on the OP's question, I have a bunch of old jack hammer (actually pavement breaker) bits I am planning to turn into hammer and axe drifts (historical style axes and war hammers, not modern-style) . They should make decent drifts, right? I also plan on making a few war hammer heads out of some of them too.
  7. Cavpilot2k

    rr spikes

    They will, however, make a decent throwing tomahawk, or if you forge weld a high carbon bit on the end a nice working hatchet, but that is a topic for another section...
  8. Cavpilot2k


    Very nice piece! Have you done anything to coat or treat the copper to keep it from tarnishing?
  9. Also, Prospect Hill Forge in Waltham has an excellent three-day knifemaking class, where you will learn to do it without power tools. All coal forge, hammer, anvil, and file.
  10. Cavpilot2k

    Is epoxy really needed

    You just happen to have a replica of the Venus of Willendorf on your anvil? lol
  11. My grandfather’s old anvil. 81 lb by my understanding of English 100-weight. Serial number on left front foot with some number on the right that is mostly missing. No maker’s marks as far as I can see. Handling holes front and back of body AND foot
  12. Cavpilot2k

    My First Knife

    Handle: Yes, leaving as-is, but I may do a leather wrap. I'll keep that in mind for flattening hammer marks. I knew it was going to be rough finish anyway, so I'm fine with them, especially considering it is only the third thing I ever made forging (the first was a bottle opener, and the second was a mild steel practice knife to learn some basic shaping technique).
  13. Cavpilot2k

    My First Knife

    Brute de Forge one-piece blade made from automotive coil spring. All hand tools and coal forge (no power tools at all). Design concept was something between a seax and a santoku shape. That took a pretty aggressive pre-bend to end up with a straight edge. I was trying to get more of an aggressive step down to the blade to keep the hand from sliding forward on a thrust, but this is the best I could get. Steps: Forged, annealed, fine shaping and edging with files, oil quenched, tempered, sharpened (it will remove arm hair nicely). I know there are some major hammer marks that would be a challenge to remove if I were going for a clean finish, but they work okay with the brute de forge.
  14. Cavpilot2k

    Anyone near me (South Shore, MA)?

    Thanks! I was not available this weekend, but I appreciate the notice. I do not get any emails from NEB - I suppose I can contact the admin too.
  15. Cavpilot2k

    It followed me home

    Don’t call. Stop in. Establish relationship. Offer to make them something cool. Make a simple twisted bottle opener, reap the rewards.