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Rasp Spurs


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I really like those. Very well done. You should be selling those. I would like to see a lot more hand made spurs around here. Keep it up.

I do sell these. It is starting to get crazy around here. Someone sees them, they want a pair and so on and so on. I am 2 pairs behind right now. I am out of legitimate work, so I have alot of time to devote to the craft.
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Those are outstanding Matt.

Great concept, design and execution. The texture is exquisite and perfectly preserved.

Hotcakes, these should sell like hotcakes.

Heck, I want a pair and I haven't owned a horse in nearly 40 years, don't even have a pair of riding boots anymore. . . Still.

Well done hardly covers it.


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Hey Matt,

Those are really nice. If you don't mind me being nosey, can you explain a little about they're made?

Our farrier has been leaving me rasps and he said I should be making spurs and bits. I've been thinking I should make him a set. I have my own ideas on how to make them, but not sure on how to size them.


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Very well done!

We see those out this away too; another trick is to braze the pattern full of brass and then surface it back down until you get brass and steel patterns on a smooth surface.

When you say it's made of one piece; do you mean that the shaft for the rowell was made by bending the stock double and welding it up there---or just that each spur is made from one rasp?

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Thanks again for the comments. The shank is stock removal. I plan to forge sahnks in the future.

Here is the quick and dirty: Usuable length on a rasp is about 14" long. Cut the rasp in half. You now have 2 pieces 7" long. Split the rasp lengthwise 4" from the smooth end. make another slit 2 1/2" from the other end leaving 1/2" of material. heat the 1/2 spot and fold the rasp. Spread the bands to 90` and then curve with heat around your mold. length and width of band is determined by boot size. 4" works well for most men. I will do a few pair in a couple of days and getr more in-depth if there is enough interest.



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I got it and it's a lot easier than I was thinking. What I get for thinking eh?

Thanks Matt.

Frosty, it took me a while just figuring proportions and ways of cutting. In another post you mentioned cutting steel with a cheap skill saw. That is exactly what I do. I clamp it in my vise upside down and wheel it outside. I built a guard from salvaged material. The skill has alot of torque and eats the rasps up.



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Double Y, I used to make my own buttons but it was really labor intensive. Now I get them from Bill Adamson in Colorado. I got these swingers from Jeremiah Watt just to try out. They are hell for stout, but I do usually make my own. I am working on forging some shanks, but I just got to where I can make these very quick this way. I usually pull a pattern out of the air and draw it on vulcanized paper to trace out. What I like about these is there are very few creative limits. here is a pair I am finishing that went to ebay. I am providing the customer with four different rowel options. We will see how it plays out. I also included some nickel silver ladies that I just cut out.






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Nice work Matt.

I have been interested in making spurs for a while and have been rat holing rasps! I like your concept.

Do you weld the two halves? I would think a bead inside where the two halfs come together and under the shank would be a good option.

Do you just flap disk the sharp rasp cups down?

Have you tried to blue a set ever?

How about just posts for attaching the spur straps? I have seen lots of spurs like that.

I look the look of the roper spurs with the slight neck to the shank.

Nice work!


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Double Y, the spurs will blue, I have just not done it. I do weld inside the band from top to bottom. the half inch of steel left between the shank and band is the initial bend area. I just weld to keep them from seperating. The bands are not forged together. Look at pics in previous posts. Buttons without swingers are not very popular around here. They are faster to make however, they tend to make to spur tip up in front.


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