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    I'm a41 year old pain in the rear "thats how the wife describes me!"
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    custom work, glass etch, gold leaf, mechanics, body&paint,welding, bicycle building, blacksmithing.
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    industrial mechanical maint. aka "millwright"
  1. you might also save the engine pulleys, the v groove is good to bend rod or tubing, or if it has flat pulleysyou can also shape flat or square bar with it.
  2. Great tutoral Dave, I've done a few and just guessed at the measurements, I also have done the patterning with the ballpeen, and chiseled lines for a wood look, the melted glass and brass brush work are also nice effects. many people ask "how do you do that?" and it's cool to explain the thechnics. keep up the great work! :D
  3. Nice tutorial Clinton, and beautiflul work. I've only made one bottle opener and not as pretty. But hey it's for me so I got a lot to learn. Keep up the great work! :)
  4. All I have to do is use my hammers and the dang heads will fall off but otherwise I just cut it off reshape it and reinstall it. or if it's to short get a new handle. :D
  5. We had a hammer that size when I worked at Austal ship yard in Mobile Ala. It weighed about 15 pounds, "it was aluminum":)
  6. The h/p might be a bit low, but good for polishing. If you run a belt drive arbor you can change the pully sizes and change the rpm's. Might be worth trying.
  7. Hey Phil, You might try Grizzley Industrial, www.grizzley. com, or Travers, www.travers.com. Travers has far more tooling at a wide price range that may help. also, as for using a drill press for milling you may be dissappointed. I have an Anco drill press and a cross slide vise and it's fine to line up marks for drilling, but for milling it chattered so bad that the chuck would fall out. I hope you have better luck.
  8. Hey everyone. Sorry I've been away for so long, Last summer my wife was diagnosed with stage3 breast cancer and with that and work I haven't made anything new in a long time, now she is cancer free, so far so good. I have missed alot and want to get back into the art. However back to the topic. A coworker asked me if I could make a garden hoe and I made a nice looking one I'll post a pic or two if i can figure out how to get them from my phone to the computure to here. has anyone made any garden tools? I'd like some ideas to make more tools for my wife. Sorry for being long winded. thanks.
  9. Nice cross Clinton, the texturing with the hammer gives it a nice weathered look. I've used that technique also. Some thing new I tried a while back was to take a chisle and create a "grained" look on a cross that turned out nice. Again, nice work!
  10. Welcome Robert, A web site I used before I found this site is anvilfire.com - Blacksmithing and Metalworkers Reference for Metal Artists. I still use it from time to time to get ideas and some good tech answers.
  11. On a side note, when I made my crosses I used the ball end of a ball peen hammer to give them a rough texture, and like other members have said, I hit it with a brass brush and it leaves a hint of brass highlites on the high spots! Again good luvk to ya!
  12. Rick, I've made a few of them crosses as gifts for friends and family, I learned how on a web site called anvilfire. go to the section called iforge. scroll through and you'll find that cross as and instructional lesson step by step. that whole section is very educational. good luck to ya! cross 1 cross 2
  13. Fine looking knife Kevin, the antique look is great! like something grandpa would have had!
  14. Fine lookig piece Brook, It's always a joy to see a work of art crafted from iron, and the compliments make it worth the effort. Keep it up!
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