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  1. Nice little axe. I glad to know. I am not the only one uses flat edges with round corners on my slitters. People always looks at them and roll their eyes. It seems I can keep it straighter with them. Been using them like that for 25 yrs.
  2. Thanks for posting. I could not make it but your pictures are the next best thing.
  3. Better be on the look out for another swage block. You may have lost that one to your boy. :D
  4. Nice one Butch. I was just thinking, after we talked about the tire hammers the other day. Wondered how many hits those hammers have made.
  5. I got mine off ebay. There're usually tons of them on there. Just do a searh for gun drill in the industrial and metalworking catagory. Here's a picture of what they look like. Stuart
  6. I have tried ever possible way in the world to drill by hand with consistency. Given you have a sharp and straight bit. It still tries to wonder around because of the chips and the heat. I have lucked up on a few, but ruined alot of nice hawk handles. The best way, if you are set upon doing it yourself is the laminated way like has been mentioned. Or buy from Dunlap. I do drill my own. But I do it on the lathe with handle in the chuck and turning , and the drill bit in the tail stock. I use a 1/4 gun drill which has a hole down the middle that I blow air thru. There is a groove down one side to evacuate the chips and I still have to go slow.
  7. Unbelievable!!! I would sale any of mine for half that.
  8. Welcome. Great to have another NC guy around. Wayne that should be in Morganton for the Big Blu shop. (3-17-12)
  9. About the same price here. The 1/2 ton of coal will last for months . The same dollar amount of propane will only last for hours.